Mitch Catlin: Matthew Guy says chief of staff received no extra money

It seems Matthew Guy is twisting what was initially reported. He agreed to the corrupt proposal and a contract was drawn up between Caitlin and the unnamed donor. However, the contract was reported to have been rejected by the said unnamed donor, and not by Matthew Guy or Caitlin. Everyone knew that the contract constituted a transgression of the rules, and whilst it didn’t eventuate the conspiracy nevertheless did. The unsigned contract remains evidence of the intended corruption. Guy should stand down. Conspiracy to commit a crime is a crime no matter if it didn’t occur.

A question remains who leaked the email to The Age, why, and just how divided and corrupt is the current Victorian LNP?

Opposition Leader Matthew Guy says his former chief of staff never signed a contract with any donors to provide funds in addition to his taxpayer-funded salary.

Mitch Catlin: Matthew Guy says chief of staff received no extra money

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