‘No ifs, no buts, no more lockdowns’: Matthew Guy launches campaign

Opposition Leader Matthew Guy.

With 95% of Victorians vaccinated and 60% in support of Dan Andrews Matthew Guy is attempting what Custer did HIS LAST STAND. Like Morrison he sympathises with the misdirected “me” crowd. The crowd currently walking the street yelling “fuck you” to 95% of Victorians that support this state. “We” you see don’t want our hospitals over run by Pandemic lovers and spreaders. “We” who for thier sake got vaccinated so “we” won’t come running and banging on our hospital ED doors expecting to be treated before those that are vaccinated. “We” that don’t want to witness the ramping that their selfishness creates.

Matthew guy, and how many like him are simply weaponising lockdowns and vaccine mandates for political gain? How many of these limp dicks marching are are actually but secretly vaccinated. Credlin, Kelly and the 5 members of the LNP seen at a previous demonstration certainly were. Yes, Matthew Guy seems born to lose out on the fringe in Dandenong away from the centre of town were The Base, Proud Boys, Nazis, and misguided drops of water are that will over time simply evaporate leaving Victorian ocean without really altering it.

Meanwhile the EU, UK,USA are suffering a resurgence and are returning to the actions that Dan Andrews has taken and will continue to take to make all Victorians not just feel but be safer, and ensure that our Frederally under-financed Public Health System keeps working for all of us.  LNP mandated 18 year olds force and sent to Vietnam to save us and “free” us and we marched and demonstrated. This is certainly not any “freedom” march to liberate us or anyone from government oppression that’s for sure. Greg Hunt is resigning…wonder why?

Mr Guy made the promise as health authorities around the country debated how to respond to the new Omicron variant of COVID-19 and a daily “freedom” protest at the Victorian Parliament swelled to thousands.

Source: ‘No ifs, no buts, no more lockdowns’: Matthew Guy launches campaign