Vic opposition leader pledges ‘No more lockdowns, not ever‘

With the resurgence in the EU, UK, USA bigger than the first wave, coupled with the coming of the Sth African strain Omnicron mutation Matthew Guy has planted  “a Lie in waiting”. Dan Andrew is a world-leader ahead of the game, a collaborative forward thinker and an attentive witness to what lies over the horizon. He is preparing for the worst possible outcome. Matthew Guy is on the bleachers in Dandenong, not in the City, vaccinated, bantering to the cries of a very mixed minority of the self-indulgent far-right QAnon, the Base, Proud Boys Australia Party Nazis and totally misguided extremists who aren’t all “unvaxxed”. When more than 90% of Victorians have been jabbed 60% have openly said they support Dan and the rest obviously LNP supporters do too. How thick is Mr Guy?

As a vast crowd assembled in Melbourne’s CBD to protest vaccine mandates and the Labor government’s stalled Pandemic Bill, state Opposition Leader Matthew Guy has vowed there will be no more lockdowns under a government led by him.

Source: Vic opposition leader pledges ‘No more lockdowns, not ever‘