Matthew Guy is a veritable souffle in the sun | The Shot

Yes, Rob B is ex- Lib Premier Ted’s son. He was campaign manager for Monique Ryan’s downing of Josh at Kooyong in the last Federal Election. He is now working in the same capacity to ensure Matthew Guy loses in Victoria  By

Under Matthew Guy, the Victorian Liberal Party is a souffle in the sun, collapsing in on itself. When it comes to scandal it doesn’t get much worse than your top lawyer quitting over concerns that you’re breaking the law. Except maybe your Chief of Staff resigning over a major donation scandal. The near-constant scandals have ruined Matthew Guy’s attempt to campaign on integrity. Not that it ever had a chance. When the most common refrain that follows your name is ‘lobster with a mobster’ then you probably shouldn’t campaign on integrity anyway.

Source: Matthew Guy is a veritable souffle in the sun | The Shot

One thought on “Matthew Guy is a veritable souffle in the sun | The Shot”

  1. Yes, Matthew Guy is a soufflé in the sun. Georgie Crozier should be leader of the Libs. She’d soon put some spine into that pathetic party and she would soon expose the many sins of the corrupt premier and his acolytes. That voters preferred that super hypocrite, Monique Ryan over Josh Frydenberg, (even her mother in law can’t stand her) shows, as I’ve long believed, that voting should be a privilege and not a right. That it’s the despicable Rob B who had a hand in downing Frydenberg and is now working on Matthew Guy makes me long for a complete overhaul of the disgusting, dirty political system.


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