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Scandals call into question Guy’s political judgment

The latest scandal again raises questions about Guy’s integrity and judgment.If, as Guy insists, the deal didn’t go ahead, why did he accept the resignation of his chief of staff? And if, as an email seen by The Age indicates, Guy was aware of the proposed contract why did it take him 10 months to act?At best, Guy is a victim of his own carelessness. But in both cases he let ambition or ignorance cloud his political judgment.

Scandals call into question Guy’s political judgment

Guide Dogs scandal deepens with donations to Liberal Party revealed

Guide Dogs Victoria’s “capital fundraising” boss Paul Wheelton made over $87,000 in donations to the Liberal Party before the Federal Coalition gave millions of dollars of taxpayer funds to his charity.

Source: Guide Dogs scandal deepens with donations to Liberal Party revealed

Rapid Antigen Test scandal reveals Morrison’s cruelty – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Morrison in one breath says he trusts all Australians to be responsible but not with any Government Welfare programs like Jobseeker or NDIS. Unless of course, we need to bring JobKeeper back when he will once again show how he trusts business. Morrison has walked back on his announcement and withdrawn the RATs he promised to provide for us to “pay for” unlike the US and UK. He keeps saying they are available even now but refuses to say where ,how or why they aren’t universally free. Simply showing he doesn’t trust us.

Persons”. Like me, you might have been labouring under the misapprehension that the purpose of R.A.T.s is social, in the sense of individuals taking responsibility for the larger society in which we live. We use R.A.T.s (or would, if we could get them) to ensure we aren’t infected with COVID-19 before we go out and about, mingling with family, friends and strangers. They are the cornerstone (or would be, if we could get them) of personal responsibility, that moral virtue urged upon us by a government itself so bereft of moral virtue and responsibility, personal and collective, that one can only howl with bitter mirth when they speak these words out loud.

Source: Rapid Antigen Test scandal reveals Morrison’s cruelty – » The Australian Independent Media Network

In Sworn Testimony in Inauguration Scandal Case, Donald Trump Jr. Made Apparently False Statements – Mother Jones

Advertise with Mother Jones On February 11, Donald Trump Jr. sat in front of his computer for a video deposition. He swore to tell the truth. But documents and a video obtained by Mother Jones—and recent legal filings—indicate that his testimony on key points was not accurate.

Source: In Sworn Testimony in Inauguration Scandal Case, Donald Trump Jr. Made Apparently False Statements – Mother Jones

The Morrison Government: Scandal-ridden to the core – » The Australian Independent Media Network

My thought for the day I feel people on the right of politics in Australia show an insensitivity to the common good that goes beyond any thoughtful examination. They have a hate on their lips, and their hate starts with the beginning of a smile. PS: Might I remind my friends that it is they who we are fighting, not ourselves?( John Lord )

The Morrison Government: Scandal-ridden to the core – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Hillary Clinton email scandal: James Comey’s fitness to lead FBI questioned

FBI Director James B. Comey’s stunning announcement that he has directed investigators to begin reviewing new evidence in the Clinton email investigation was yet another troubling violation of long-standing Justice Department rules or precedent, conduct that raises serious questions about his judgment and ability to serve as the nation’s chief investigative official.

Source: Hillary Clinton email scandal: James Comey’s fitness to lead FBI questioned

The scandal in the Northern Territory is not youth crime but imprisonment rates | Frank Brennan | Opinion | The Guardian

In the midst of a budget and upcoming federal and territory elections, a cheap and nasty amendment to the Bail Act was introduced to the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly last week

Source: The scandal in the Northern Territory is not youth crime but imprisonment rates | Frank Brennan | Opinion | The Guardian

This could be Australia’s next financial scandal – The Drum (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The Big Four banks will be quaking in their boots as they wait to see if the corporate regulator will take legal action against ANZ over alleged interbank interest rate rigging.

Source: This could be Australia’s next financial scandal – The Drum (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

HSBC tax scam: Whistleblowing email to UK govt agency uncovered: But they lied. When the Wealthy,Accounting Firms,Banks,Lawyers and even the Tax office participate in the tax avoidance industry we understand why governments turn to austerity economics to pay the bills.

Herve Falciani.(Reuters / Andrea Comas )

An email sent by HSBC whistleblower Herve Falciani to British tax authorities, which they denied ever receiving, has been discovered by a French newspaper.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) denied contact with Falciani, 43, who is at the center of one of the biggest financial leaks in history.

But French newspaper Le Monde has since uncovered the email, which Falciani sent to HMRC in 2008 informing the authority about HSBC’s alleged tax avoidance scheme.

It supports his previous allegations that HMRC did not act on information he provided the agency.

It proved I’m right,” Falciani told the BBC. “It required seven years of battles to get the point we are just now.”

Liz Nelson of the Tax Justice Network told RT HMRC’s missing email sounded “disingenuous.”

The former IT systems engineer for HSBC’s private banking operation in Switzerland stole the details of 30,000 bank accounts, totaling £78 billion, in 2007.

Swiss authorities issued an arrest warrant for Falciani for breaching their banking secrecy laws. He fled to France in 2008. The Swiss government continues to seek his prosecution.

Falciani then leaked the details to French authorities, who refused to extradite him to Switzerland when they realized the data could help identify thousands of French tax evaders.

The files have since been handed to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

Falciani, who claims his family has received death threats since he made the leak, now lives in France under police protection.

The files reveal how HSBC Private Bank not only helped clients dodge taxes in their home countries, but also aggressively marketed the schemes.

Reuters / Arnd Wiegmann

Reuters / Arnd Wiegmann

HSBC in Switzerland actively contacted wealthy clients in 2005 to suggest ways of avoiding a new tax levied on the Swiss accounts of EU citizens, The Guardian reports.

The documents also reveal how HSBC Private Bank provided accounts for relatives of heads of state, people implicated in African corruption scandals, arms industry figures and others.

An HSBC bank branch in France laundered drug money collected from the sale of cannabis to immigrants in the Parisian suburbs, depositing the cash in the accounts of respectable clients in the French capital and reimbursing the drug dealers via their Swiss branch.

The leaks have caused a row in the UK over accountability, with Britain’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) challenging HMRC over its inaction.

In a hearing Wednesday, it emerged that of the 150 files seen by the tax authority only three were sent to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). Of those, only one case was taken by the CPS.

Jennie Grainger, HMRC’s director general for enforcement and compliance, said it was extremely difficult to prosecute individuals for offshore tax evasion.

In the case of stolen or leaked data, guilt could only be proven using supplementary evidence, she said.

When probed on whether ministers were informed about HSBC’s practices, she initially said she was unsure, but later conceded concerns were passed on to ministers at the time.

Speaking to RT, Liz Nelson of the Tax Justice Network said: “These so called missing email – sounds disingenuous to those people [and] businesses that work hard and pay their fair share of tax.”

There seems to be a culture at HMRC of tolerance towards tax avoidance because to be other would be anti-business, and that taxing the very wealthy is somehow anti-business.”

Lord Green, who was CEO and then chairman of HSBC during the period which the leaks cover, was later made a member of the House of Lords and then trade minister by the Conservative-led coalition government.

READ MORE: Crime and punishment: Confiscate rogue bankers’ salaries & bonuses, says UK regulator

Green was appointed to a Cabinet committee on post-banking crisis reform by Prime Minister David Cameron, all of which happened after HMRC received data detailing the extent of HSBC’s tax avoidance schemes.

The Conservative party has come under fire after it emerged several of its key donors avoided tax in Swiss bank accounts.

Lord Fink, who donated £3 million to the Tories and was appointed a party treasurer, said he took “vanilla” tax avoidance measures.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Fink said, “Everyone does tax avoidance on some level.

Only 38% of Australia’s Ebola funds have made it to Africa, group claims. Is there anything noble about this government?

A healthcare worker dressing in protective gear before entering an Ebola treatment center in the west of Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Advocacy group One says the global response to the virus has been too slow and funds are stuck in treasury departments

Only 38% of the funds pledged by Australia to fight the Ebola crisis have been distributed to stricken west African countries, an international advocacy organisation has claimed.

Campaigning group One, which boasts over six million members worldwide, has created an online Ebola tracker tool which shows how much funding, equipment and health personnel have been pledged by donor countries and large foundations.

Australia has committed a total of $42m to tackle the disease, $20m of which will go to private Australian company Aspen Medical to operate a UK-built medical centre in Sierra Leone. Another $18m has gone to the United Nations’ Ebola response.

Spokeswoman for One, Friederike Roder, has told Guardian Australia that less than 40% of the money Australia has already committed has made it to Ebola-stricken communities.

“We don’t need words, we need action,” Roder said. “Australia’s response, like the response of many other countries, has been too slow.”

But Roder admits there’s a “lack of clarity” around how and when the money is distributed, saying after countries make their pledges, “no one knows if it is then left in Treasury departments”.

Labor said the government’s response to Ebola leaves Australia in danger of being internationally isolated.

Tanya Plibersek, the opposition foreign affairs spokeswoman, said: ”As the current president of the UN security council, the Abbott government must explain exactly how it is providing leadership on the fight against Ebola, especially given the security council resolution Australia co-sponsored and voted for back in September calling on all nations to do more,”

Australia co-sponsored a UN bill to call for a better global response to the virus, which has killed more than 5,000 people worldwide.

“At the G20 in Brisbane last weekend, the world’s most powerful leaders called on the international community, including Australia, to do more to get the Ebola crisis under control,” Plibersek said.

G20 leaders issued a statement on Ebola following the two-day conference, despite Tony Abbott’s efforts to keep the international meeting focused on economic issues.

Roder welcomed the statement but said the meeting failed to deliver substantive goals in stopping the spread of the disease.

“It [Ebola] made it onto the G20 agenda way too late,” Roder said.

World leaders needed to set out a timetable for how services and resources would be delivered to disease-affected communities, she said.

The comments come as aid agencies defend the slow rollout of services at a newly-built hospital in Sierra Leone. The 80-bed facility, which has been functional for the last fortnight, has only seen 18 patients so far.

Roder said there needs to be more transparency of how resources are being used.

“We need better international coordination. There’s very little information about what’s happening on the ground in west Africa,” Roder said.

The advocacy group has released a video featuring celebrities such as Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon to raise awareness of the disease