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Old Dog Thought- Matthew Guy control of his party amounts to “I never knew” and ” I totally disagree with that” “It was a back room decision”

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Friendlyjordies’ house ‘firebombed’ in suspected arson, lawyers say

NSW Police has confirmed that a fire has caused significant damage to a house listed in public records as the address of Friendlyjordies.

Source: Friendlyjordies’ house ‘firebombed’ in suspected arson, lawyers say

ClubsNSW’s private criminal prosecution against Friendlyjordies

The latest display of power by the gambling industry over a whistle-blower and a YouTuber should disturb us all. Managing editor Michelle Pini reports

Source: ClubsNSW’s private criminal prosecution against Friendlyjordies

Old Dog Thought- If they drove Yassmin an engineer & Aussie of the Year out of the country for just speaking to reality. It’s no surprise they have crowned this racist buffoon their leader

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Old Dog Thought- Morrison the magician pulling dead moggies out of his hat. The latest, building a “we must have” Nuclear sub base on the East coast so we can rent and pay for American nuclear hardware.

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Friendlyjordies allegations against Dutton met with silence

An exposé on Peter Dutton by independent journalist Friendlyjordies has been ignored by the mainstream media, writes Dr Victoria Fielding.On Friday last week, independent investigative journalist, Jordan Shanks (Friendlyjordies), released an explosive video about one of the most powerful Ministers in the Morrison Government. Since then, the story has sunk without a trace. What is going on?

Source: Friendlyjordies allegations against Dutton met with silence

More than $1 million raised for friendlyjordies legal battle

The overwhelming response – which followed a plea for donations on Shanks-Markovina’s YouTube channel – showed the public was on their side, he said.“We have received more than 24,000 individual donations – that’s more people [than] who first voted John Barilaro into parliament,” he said in a statement.Among his supporters is former prime minister Kevin Rudd.

Source: More than $1 million raised for friendlyjordies legal battle