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As Saudi-led War Grinds on, 2.2 mn. Yemeni Children Suffering Malnutrition

Trump and Netanyahu support this and assist ther Saudis doing it. (ODT)

Hodeida (Yemen) (AFP) – Over seven million children face food insecurity in Yemen and ending the country’s war will not save all of them, the UN children’s agency said.

“Today, 1.8 million children under the age of five are facing acute malnutrition, and 400,000 are affected by severe acute malnutrition,” said Geert Cappelaere, regional director of UNICEF.

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Saudi-UAE coalition admits Yemen school bus attack ‘unjustified’ | Yemen News | Al Jazeera

Forty children were killed in the coalition air raid on Saada province [Naif Rahma/Reuters]

Following the attack, individual members of the Congress in the United States also called on their country’s army to clarify its role in the war and investigate whether support for the air raids could render US military personnel “liable under the war crimes act”.

The US has been the biggest supplier of military equipment to Riyadh, with more than $90bn of sales recorded between 2010 and 2015.

Out of the 16,000-plus raids they have launched since the start of the conflict, only a handful have been investigated, despite nearly a third of all bombs hitting civilian targets.

Last year, the UN blacklisted the Saudi-UAE alliance for causing the majority of reported child deaths and injuries in Yemen.

The global body has described the situation in Yemen as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

It has also said that least 10,000 people have been killed since the start of the conflict. However, analysts say the death toll is likely to be higher.

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‘We Just Bombed a SCHOOL BUS’: Outrage After US-Backed Saudi Coalition Slaughters Children in Yemen

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At least 29 children were killed in the latest attack on civilians by Saudi and UAE forces, which are supported by the United States

43 people were killed and 61 were wounded in the attack, the majority of whom were children.

social media, critics noted that other coverage of the air strike in the US and Britain—which also supports the coalition—failed to acknowledge the countries’ involvement in the war.

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The War In Yemen Is Turning To Genocide, And Australia Is Quietly Supporting It – New Matilda

An airstrike in Saana, Yemen. (IMAGE: Ibrahem Qasim, Flickr)

Our silence as a nation is destroyed – and innocent men, women and children slaughtered – is deafening, writes Michael Brull. Yemen is being destroyed. Perhaps half a million children face severe malnutrition. Almost seven million people are on the brink of famine. This is happening with Western support. The Australian government quietly announced itsMore

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Israel brings Jews out from war-torn Yemen in covert operation|Jews in the Muslim World

The operation transporting them to Israel almost brings to an end the Jewish community in Yemen, which once numbered around 60,000 people and dates back some 2,000

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A former Al Qaeda operative turned Yemeni-government informant steps out of the shadows to speak with Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit.

He reveals a sinister double game played by Al Qaeda and the former Yemeni government of Ali Abdullah Saleh.


Al Qaeda Informant


“Have Yourself A Merry Little Drone Strike” Andrew Bolt is the bastard son of General Ripper and never listens to what Pakistani officials might have to say about provoking revenge attacks


Have yourself a merry little drone strike, let your heart be light

From now on our victims will be out of sight

Have yourself a merry little drone strike, make the Yuletide gay

From now on our pilots will be miles away

Here we are as in olden days, happy golden days of gore

Faithful rebels who were dear to us, are not near to us anymore

Through the years we all will be together, if the courts allow

Hang a bloody corpse upon the highest bough

And have yourself a merry little drone strike now

ISLAMABAD-As Christmas Day approaches and millions of Americans are celebrating the birth of Christ by purchasing presents from Walmart, our military marked the occasion by obliterating a few suspected militants in Yemen and North Waziristan. Although administration officials declined comment on the strikes, we managed to reach General Jack Ripper USAF (Ret) for his thoughts on the matter.

Iraqi Freedom

“It has become a sort of Christmas tradition,” said General Ripper. “The holidays are the perfect time to hit the enemy because we can target weddings and other gatherings during the slow news cycle back home. Most Americans are more concerned with the mythical “War on Christmas” than with innocent people being vaporized in the name of democracy. Drone strikes are great because they are the most cost-effective way to provoke the locals and swell the ranks of our terrorist opponents. If we face growing numbers of terrorists then it is much easier to justify a bloated defense budget and intrusive information-gathering programs.”


General Ripper continued, “These savages living in mud huts thousands of miles away constitute a clear and present danger to our way of life and our republic, and the startling truth is that there are at least a few dozen of them. Furthermore, these guys are believed to be the masterminds behind the evil worldwide plot to sap and impurify our precious bodily fluids,” said Ripper. “Our nation is a righteous one founded on Christian principles, chosen by God and Jesus to lead the free world, and if we have to blow up the rest of the globe to prove it, then by God that’s what we’re gonna do!” General Ripper had to end our phone interview at that point because it was time for the night nurse to distribute medication.

Pakistani and Yemeni government officials have protested the drone strikes as being counter-productive, saying they serve only to provoke lunatic religious fanatics. They have advised citizens living in tribal areas that during traditional infidel holidays a trip to a large town may be in order, and all New Year’s Eve celebrations should be held in caves deep underground.