Spy hive uncovered by ASIO reportedly linked to Russia

Parliament cyber hackers asio

Australia has spies but is not very good as far as the craft. Even our allies have been known to spy on us. Israel’s Mossad and America’s CIA to name two have been spying on us for years. We on the other hand spied on Timor Leste much to our shame and embarrassment. We got caught and tried to cover it up badly,  It’s the very nature of ASIO to keep secrets misinform and practice the art of fakery. So is this what we are seeing being done here in the name of openness? It’s a pity our spy chief bears the name of Burgess another notorious Russian spy in the UK,

A hive of foreign spies busted by Australia’s intelligence agency in the past year was reportedly linked to Russia.

Source: Spy hive uncovered by ASIO reportedly linked to Russia

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