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Old Dog Thoughts- There is no progress without criticism but not all criticism is progressive

Cuts to JobSeeker, Jobkeeper: out of the frying pan and into the fire

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 28/9/20; JobSeeker, JobKeeper, We aren’t a Public Service; The technology isn’t to blame; Fake News,

Zero Carbon Electric Air Taxi 5-Seater Completes Maiden Flight in Germany


The government’s 2014 Climate Action Programme suggested that increasing energy efficiency could cut emissions by 25 to 30%. Lilium says future passengers will not pay more for a flight than they do now for a regular taxi ride. The company expects its product to be ready for commercial use by 2025.

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How Israeli Tech Firms Act as Global Agents of Repression | The Nation

NSO Building Israel

Two Israeli companies are at the forefront of this commercialization of dirty ops: NSO Group and Black Cube. Those following the Harvey Weinstein scandal will remember that Black Cube was the cyber-surveillance firm that Weinstein’s lawyer, David Boies, hired after former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak introduced Weinstein to the company. Black Cube employed covert schemes to trick Weinstein’s accusers into exposing themselves so that his legal defense might have more ammunition to discredit them in court and in the public realm.

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UNSW professor Martin Green bests Elon Musk to win $820k Global Energy Prize – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Professor Martin Green standing in front of a solar-panelled roof holding a solar panel

Australia’s most uncelebrated Academic ignored by our LNP government and the  IPA who preferred to bribe universities to create space for Dr Bjorn Lomborg a globally ignored academic. Tony abbott’s view of progress was to cut funding to the likes of Professor Green (ODT)

“His fundamental and applied research has transformed the global energy sector and will continue to produce major economic and social benefits, both in Australia and worldwide.”

UNSW Dean of Engineering Professor Mark Hoffman said: “The global impact of the work of Martin and his research team has been profound. They have created the highest efficiency solar cells using techniques that have made them accessible to the world through commercialisation. And all of this has been achieved in Australia.

“We are proud of Martin’s inspirational leadership and pioneering research which is helping address the challenge of climate change.”

Professor Green said receiving the award was “a great honour”.

“The efficiency of solar modules is an area whose progress has been faster than many experts expected, and this is good news,” he said.

“We need to maintain the pace of research in Australia, not only to keep our international lead, but also to benefit society by providing a cheap, low carbon source of electricity.”

via UNSW professor Martin Green bests Elon Musk to win $820k Global Energy Prize – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Chinese Developer Builds 57-Story Skyscraper In Just 19 Days (Time-Lapse Video): What will Globalization and TPP agreements do with this building technology to improve lifestyle choices of Australian workers?


When imagining the timeline for constructing a skyscraper, most people probably think in terms of months or even years. But for the Chinese construction firm Broad Sustainable Building, that’s simply too long.

BSB’s newest building, a 57-story tower in Changsha, China, was erected in a mind-blowingly fast 19 days – a rate of three stories per day!

BSB Architect Xian Min Zhang released a promotional time-lapse video showing the construction of the J57 tower – check it out below! (The time-lapse itself begins at around 1:55)

The J57 is a multi-purpose building, containing 800 apartments and office space for up to 4,000 people.

According to Gizmodo, the 80,000-square-meter skyscraper was built entirely out of, “energy-efficient, factory-produced, Lego-like blocks”, making it the world’s tallest prefabricated building.

BSB also took China’s pollution problem into account when constructing the building, using quadruple-thick glass and tight “99.9% sealed” construction to keep air pollution out.

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