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Spy hive uncovered by ASIO reportedly linked to Russia

Parliament cyber hackers asio

Australia has spies but is not very good as far as the craft. Even our allies have been known to spy on us. Israel’s Mossad and America’s CIA to name two have been spying on us for years. We on the other hand spied on Timor Leste much to our shame and embarrassment. We got caught and tried to cover it up badly,  It’s the very nature of ASIO to keep secrets misinform and practice the art of fakery. So is this what we are seeing being done here in the name of openness? It’s a pity our spy chief bears the name of Burgess another notorious Russian spy in the UK,

A hive of foreign spies busted by Australia’s intelligence agency in the past year was reportedly linked to Russia.

Source: Spy hive uncovered by ASIO reportedly linked to Russia

Top spies unaware of Morrison’s ministerial appointments

Top spies unaware of Morrison’s ministerial appointments

Even the nation’s top spies were unaware of Scott Morrison’s ministerial grab of five portfolios, it has emerged.

Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neill has confirmed Australian intelligence officials did not know about Mr Morrison’s secret appointments, which she described as “damaging” to the nation’s security.

“What I can tell you is that the secretary of my department, the intelligence chiefs, including the head of ASIO, did not know he was the minister for home affairs,” she said on Wednesday, according to a report in The Australian.

Top spies unaware of Morrison’s ministerial appointments

ASIO director-general tells of foiling foreign attempt to interfere in election


“Australians who were targeted by the foreign intelligence service included current and former high-ranking government officials, academics, members of think tanks, business executives and members of a diaspora community,” Mr Burgess said.Mr Burgess said while terrorism remained a key threat, espionage and foreign interference – sometimes by “friends with sharp elbows” – were the agency’s main security concern.

A diaspora (/daɪˈæspərə/ dye-AS-pər-ə) is a scattered population whose origin lies in a separate geographic locale. Historically, the word diaspora was used to refer to the mass dispersion of a population from its indigenous territories, specifically the dispersion of Jews.

ASIO fails to name the Foreign State that has attempted to interfere in our elections. However, the term “diaspora ”  was used and it is commonly applied to Jews in their relationship to Israel. We have previously been told Israel is extremely eager to become a part of AUKUS. Their history is that of “friends with sharp elbows”.  Is ASIO simply stating the obvious at a time when their budget might be under review? Israel’s Mossad has spied and been caught previously. Israel has a history as an influencer on Australia’s elections for years both Labour and Liberals their target. Is there some other “diaspora”?

Source: ASIO director-general tells of foiling foreign attempt to interfere in election

Australia’s Spy Agency Saw Climate Crisis Coming 40 Years Ago – Mother Jones

Morrison is doing what was done 40 years ago NOTHING and he’s calling that PROGRESSIVE and a world-leading strategy.

The report was stamped CONFIDENTIAL twice on each page, with the customary warning it should “not be released to any other government except Britain, Canada, NZ and US.” About 40 years ago this week, the spooks at Australia’s intelligence agency, the Office of National Assessments (ONA), delivered the 17-page report to prime minister Malcolm Fraser. The subject? “Fossil Fuels and the Greenhouse Effect.” Michael Cook, the agency’s director general, wrote in an introduction how his team had looked at the implications of rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere “with special reference to Australia as a producer and exporter of coal.” Cook wrote: “Scientists now agree that if such emissions continue it will some time in the next century lead to a discernible ‘greenhouse effect’ whereby the Earth’s atmosphere becomes measurably warmer with related climatic changes.”

Source: Australia’s Spy Agency Saw Climate Crisis Coming 40 Years Ago – Mother Jones

ASIO bill reforms aren’t enough, say MEAA and Greens – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Wedged between the recent passage of legislation expanding Australia’s spy agency’s powers and a date for a Senate inquiry into press freedom after the New Year, Attorney-General Christian Porter and the Morrison government announced on Wednesday a range of measures aimed at enhancing public interest journalism and the protection of whistle-blowers. However, both the Greens and the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) have criticised the government’s announcement, claiming it doesn’t go far enough to prevent the persecution of journalists and others acting in the public interest. And those bodies collectively warn that such persecution can ultimately lead to prosecutions unless further revisions are taken.

ASIO bill reforms aren’t enough, say MEAA and Greens – » The Australian Independent Media Network

ASIO questioned Chinese journalist in Australia over Shaoquett Moselmane

AFR journalist Mike Smith with ABC journalist Bill Birtles as they prepared to leave China on Monday night.

This article seems to be misinformed saying the Chinese forced two Australian journalists out. The left on the advice of the Australian government which has had an increasingly tenuous relationship with China since Abbott came to power. A relationship politicized by the demands of the USA and domestic politics. Australian Foreign policy has shifted dramatically in the last 7 years noticeably for the worse. The LNP cut in foreign aid and Abbott’s eagerness to be more involved in Europe created a vacuum and opportunity for China which they now seem to be paying the price.(ODT)

The Chinese Communist Party’s international state media mouthpiece, Xinhua, published a report overnight claiming the Australian intelligence agency recently raided the residences of Chinese journalists in Australia, questioned them and seized their computers and smartphones. Current Time 0:45 / Duration 2:10 Two Australian journalists rushed home from China Two Australian journalists rushed home from China Scott Morrison wants ‘graphic’ TikTok video taken down Two Australian journalists rushed home from China Two Australian journalists have landed in Sydney after being pulled out of China by their news organisations for fear they were no longer safe. Scott Morrison wants ‘graphic’ TikTok video taken down 2:06 Up next Scott Morrison wants ‘graphic’ TikTok video taken down LIVE: Marise Payne addresses the media Greg Hunt addresses the media Treasurer outlines changes to JobKeeper PM and Home Affairs Minister address the media LIVE: PM and Home Affairs Minister address the media Senior Australian government sources confirmed questioning took place, but said it was normal procedure and it shouldn’t be compared with the treatment of Smith and Birtles who had been forced out of China.

ASIO questioned Chinese journalist in Australia over Shaoquett Moselmane

Spies kept busy by increase in suspicious internet activity during coronavirus lockdown – ABC News

An IS fighter fires his weapon during clashes with the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

Finally they have turned on Sky After Dark (OD)

ASIO says it has detected an increase in extremist activity online during the coronavirus lockdown period
Officers say there has also been a rise in “anti-China” and “anti-migration” sentiment in communities
Peter Dutton introduced a bill to allow ASIO to question 14-year-old suspects of extremist involvement

 Spies kept busy by increase in suspicious internet activity during coronavirus lockdown – ABC News


Rio Tinto blasting of 46,000-year-old Aboriginal sites compared to Islamic State’s destruction in Palmyra

ASIO worried about the Right Wing Nutters – aren’t we all ! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

For those of us on the Left we need to heed the warning from the ASIO chief and sharpen our antennae for spotting any of these rightwing nut jobs before they wreck the joint. Should you spot any of the aforesaid rightwing nutters, call you mum she’s the only person you can trust – but keep an eye on her particularly if she starts saying things like ‘I do so miss Gerard Henderson on Insiders, he’s so balanced’ !

‘Ooroo !

via ASIO worried about the Right Wing Nutters – aren’t we all ! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Looking for moles | The Monthly

I once asked a former ASIO officer to describe what it was like trying to expose KGB agents who operated under diplomatic cover. He recalled that in Canberra in the early 1970s one suspect diplomat would occasionally drive to the top of Black Mountain and sit and wait in his car. “Was he trying to draw us out? Or divert us, while his associate did something else? Or because it was a good place to send radio transmissions? Or was there a signal in chalk marked somewhere on the road to the top?” The ASIO officer never found out.

Source: Looking for moles | The Monthly

Asio finally admits it was infiltrated by Soviet spies in the 70s and 80s | Australia news | The Guardian

Historian John Blaxland says he would have refused to write the agency’s official story if it had denied its ‘embarrassing and emoralising’ failure

Source: Asio finally admits it was infiltrated by Soviet spies in the 70s and 80s | Australia news | The Guardian

ASIO asks for detention powers without warrant from judge|

ASIO has proposed scrapping the need for judge-approved warrants to detain and question Australians for up to a week without charge in terrorism investigations, in a watering down of safeguards that has alarmed lawyers and rights advocates.

Source: ASIO asks for detention powers without warrant from judge

ASIO monitoring of right-wing extremists uncovered alleged plan to attack radical left

An alleged extreme right-wing activist charged with terrorism offences is suspected by authorities of plotting to attack the far-left political movement.

Source: ASIO monitoring of right-wing extremists uncovered alleged plan to attack radical left

Snowden Docs Expose How the NSA “Infects” Millions of Computers, Impersonates Facebook Server

NSA has masqueraded as a fake Facebook server to infect a target’s computer and exfiltrate files from a hard drive.

Australia’s metadata grab will create modern-day Stasi files Keeping phone, internet and location metadata for two years will allow modern-day Stasi files to be created for all Australians

Laptop computer

Blanket data retention is no less than state-sanctioned mass surveillance. As a country of immigrants, many of whom came to this land seeking a fairer, more democratic society, Australia would do well to recall that democracy does not easily flourish when governments employ mass surveillance in the name of protecting national security.

The Stasi collected 40 binders – somewhere in the vicinity of 20,000 pages – on Poppe over 15 years. In 2010, Austrian Max Schrems made an access request to Facebook, asking the internet giant to provide him with a copy of all data collected by the company about Schrems since he joined in 2008. He received 1,222 pages relating to his activity on the site over a three year period, including information Schrems believed he had deleted from the site.

One need only consider the many other internet services all Australians use, and the many telecommunications providers who facilitate those individuals’ access to internet services, in order to get a sense of how much metadata exists, and what exactly it might reveal about them. The Stasi’s files pale in comparison.

If I sent money I’d be raided by ASIO. We saved Christians and Yzidis on humanitarian grounds where are they Scott Morrison?

Kurdish refugees who evacuated the Syrian town of Ain al-Arab, known as Kobane by the Kurds, sit on the side of the road after crossing the border into Turkey at the town of Suruc on October 5, 2014
Last updated: October 10, 2014

Kurdish super entrepreneur gives $2 million to Syria and Iraq refugees

Banner Icon Refugees The founder of US yogurt brand Chobani said Thursday he has given $2 million for Iraqi and Syrian refugees massed along Turkey’s borders.

The money from Chobani creator Hamdi Ulukaya will go to items that are urgently needed as winter approaches, such as tents, blankets and food, a statement said.

Ulukaya, a Turkish Kurd, arrived in America in 1994 to study English and went on to found a yogurt-making empire.

“I am close to what is happening, it is personal for me,” Ulukaya told AFP.

“I can’t sit and watch these kids and women walking through mountains to flee wars.”

Thousands of refugees fleeing violence in Syria and Iraq are seeking shelter on the Turkish border.

Ulukaya purchased a small feta-cheese factory in 2002 and the business quickly grew. In 2005, he bought a dairy food plant that was owned by food giant Kraft.

He went on to create and market Chobani, a protein-rich Greek-style yogurt. According to the Chobani website, sales passed $1 billion last year.

The donation will be given to the International Rescue Committee and the United Nations’ refugee agency.

“We are going to make sure (every) penny reaches the people,” Ulukaya said.

Plastic sword is the least of ASIO’s bungles in the ‘terror raid.’ Lack of intelligence is a greater issue coupled by a lack of public apology. leaving us to believe the raid was a successfull excercise. The silence is propaganda.

ASIO has more money and more opportunity to showcase their incompetence

ASIO’s showcase raid was on the Dirani family who  are Afghan-born Shiite Muslims. Why, then, was Mustafa Dirani being raided in connection with the IS, a Sunni group notorious for massacring as apostates any Shias who fall into its clutches?

How can we have an intelligence agency that hasn’t even a clue about the basics of what it’s doing. We accept the divisions between the followers of Jesus as doctrinal differences that need to be taken seriously. But  Muslims remain tarred with one brush and then differentiated according to temperament:  whether they’re wild or tame.

The NSW Police Commissioner said he was perplexed and any wonder why  his men had just raided Dirani and his friends on the basis that they supported a group that wanted to kill them.

Did ASIO, an organisation with an annual budget of nearly half a billion dollars, really think that Shiites would belong to an organisation dedicated to massacring Shiites? Or were they simply happy to let the Diranis be swept up in the hysteria that, resulted in extraordinary new powers for ASIO?

It’s hard to know which option is more disturbing.

Anti-terrorism bill: police to get power to secretly search suspect’s house. Secret Police Just like Nth Korea makes me feel really safe

Anti-terrorism bill: police to get power to secretly search suspect’s house

  • AFP to be allowed to enter through neighbour’s property
  • Suspects do not have to be told for six months
  • Media companies protest prison term for reporting on searches
  • Lawyers tell Senate the six-month clause should be shortened
  • Federal police will gain the power to secretly search a terrorism suspect’s home, enter through an innocent neighbour’s property and impersonate people, without having to notify the subjects of the warrant for six months or more.

    A coalition of Australian media companies, in a submission published on Wednesday, argued an associated two-year jail term for unauthorised disclosure of information about such searches could further erode press freedom.

    The Law Council and civil libertarians also told the Senate inquiry into the laws that the proposed the six-month waiting period for notification should be shortened.

    The delayed notification search warrant provisions are part of the Abbott government’s second national security bill, which aims to make it easier to detain and prosecute terrorism suspects and investigate such offences.

    Currently, the Crime Act requires an officer carrying out a search warrant to provide a copy of the warrant to the occupier and to allow that person to observe the search.

    The counter-terrorism bill’s explanatory notes said the changes would allow the Australian Federal Police (AFP) “to conduct searches of a warrant premises without the occupier‘s knowledge and without notifying the occupier of the premises at the time the warrant is executed”.

    “Notice of the search will be required to be given to the occupier of a searched premise at a later date, generally within six months,” the explanatory notes said.

    This notification deadline can be extended for up to six months at a time up to a limit of 18 months, at which point further delays would require ministerial approval.

    Officers would have “the power to impersonate a person where reasonably necessary to execute the warrant”.

    “This is intended to be utilised to allay the suspicion of other residents of the area,” the explanatory notes said.

    “In addition, the executing officer or a person assisting is empowered to leave a warrant premise temporarily and subsequently re-enter to continue the execution of the warrant in certain instances where, for example, the occupier returns home and the covert nature of the warrant is at risk.

    “The executing officer or a person assisting is also able to enter the main premise via an adjoining premises, if this is expressly specified in the warrant, where it is required to avoid comprising the prevention or investigation of the relevant offences. This power is limited to accessing the warrant premise and does not allow for the search and seizure of things in that adjoining premise.”

    The government said the measure would be used in limited operational situations but it was “critical to enable covert investigation of terrorism offences”.

    It could only be used in dealing with commonwealth terrorism offences with a maximum penalty of at least seven years in jail.

    The laws are currently being considered by the bipartisan joint committee on intelligence and security, ahead of parliamentary debate later this month.

    They are the second tranche of national security changes, after the passage of a first bill expanding the powers of Australian spy agencies and criminalising publication of information about special intelligence operations.

    A coalition of media groups – including AAP, ABC, APN, ASTRA, Bauer Media, Commercial Radio Australia, Fairfax Media, FreeTV, MEAA, News Corp Australia, SBS, The Newspaper Works and West Australian News – raised concern about an offence in the second bill which also criminalises disclosures.

    Under section “3ZZHA”, people could face a two-year jail term for disclosures relating to an application for a delayed notification search warrant or the execution of such a warrant.

    There are exemptions to this offence, including for the purposes of legal proceedings, for the performance of official duties, or if the disclosure occurs after the occupiers of the premises have been officially notified.

    The media groups said the section “would see journalists jailed for undertaking and discharging their legitimate role in our modern democratic society – reporting in the public interest”.

    “Such an approach is untenable,” the submission said.

    The media groups called for the disclosure provision to be removed from the legislation, or alternatively insertion of an exemption for a news report that was in the public interest.

    The Law Council of Australia questioned the delayed notification warrant proposal, saying law enforcement agencies already had significant powers to combat serious crime.

    “Such a scheme would constitute a substantial departure from the ordinary search warrant scheme, which ensures that a person whose premises are searched is aware of the basis and the authority for the search, and is a position to challenge or make a complaint about the issue of the warrant and/or its method of execution,” the council said in a submission.

    “A covert warrant denies those individuals with the greatest interest in ensuring that the issue and execution occurs strictly in accordance with the law this ability.”

    The council suggested a number of amendments, including a shorter wait before warrant targets were notified, but acknowledged such a scheme was recommended by the former independent national security legislation monitor, Bret Walker SC.

    It said the bill already included important safeguards such as authorisation by an independent issuing officer: a federal or supreme court judge or an administrative appeals tribunal member. The legislation also set detailed reporting requirements including annual reports to be tabled in parliament.

    In a separate submission, civil liberties councils across Australia said they were concerned the scheme involved “a significant departure from established principles” and argued notification should occur no later than 90 days.

    The AFP said in its own submission that regimes for delayed notification search warrants or covert searches were “in place in NSW, Queensland, Victoria, WA and the Northern Territory, as well as Canada, the UK and the United States of America”.

    The proposal would allow the AFP “to identify and collect information about other suspects involved in terrorist activity, the proposed location of and methodology for any planned attack, and the means of communication among suspects”.

    “In addition, the proposed … regime would give the AFP the opportunity to identify and decipher any encryption techniques a suspect may be using to protect electronic communications,” the AFP submission said.

    “The ability to examine and potentially overcome these techniques without the knowledge of the suspect would facilitate the ongoing lawful monitoring of communications while preserving evidential material.

I know this is a 2007 case but has ASIO changed that much? They were doing this in 60s and 70s. Why do we belive they have changed?

Terror case thrown out

Terrorism charges against Izhar ul-Haque have been dropped.Terrorism charges against Izhar ul-Haque have been dropped.
Photo: Dallas Kilponen

Justice Michael Adams said one ASIO officer had committed the crime of false imprisonment and kidnap at common law

ASIO becoming unaccountable: watchdog

Tom Allard
November 12, 2007 – 2:19PM

A high profile terror case was abandoned before it got to trial today after a judge found that two ASIO officers had kidnapped and falsely imprisoned a young medical student, Izhar ul-Haque.

Mr ul-Haque’s lawyer, Adam Houda, later accused authorities of launching a politically motivated and “moronic prosecution” against his client.

In a scathing judgment, NSW Supreme Court Justice Michael Adams found that two ASIO officers had broken the law in a deliberate attempt to coerce answers from Mr ul-Haque.

“I am satisfied that B15 and B16 [the ASIO officers] committed the criminal offences of false imprisonment and kidnapping at common law and also an offence under section 86 of the Crimes Act,” the judge said.

He said this misconduct meant subsequent police records of interview with Mr ul-Haque were inadmissible as evidence.

The judge’s findings forced the Crown to withdraw its case against Mr ul-Haque, just before a trial jury was to be empanelled.

Mr ul-Haque had faced charges of training with the Pakistan-based terrorist group, Lashkar-e-Toiba since April 2004.

He was accused of receiving weapons and combat training from the organisation during a visit to Pakistan in January and February 2003.

“This is reminiscent of Kafka,” Justice Adams said in a lengthy judgment in which he derided the misconduct of both ASIO and Australian Federal Police officers.

He detailed how ASIO officers had confronted Mr ul-Haque, forced him into a car and then taken him to a park where he was threatened with serious consequences if he did not co-operate fully.

Justice Adams said Mr ul-Haque rightly believed had no choice but to comply with all their demands.

The student was taken to his home where as many as 30 plain-clothes intelligence officers and police conducted a search while his family watched.

Mr ul-Haque was then interviewed again amid continuing threats against him, even though ASIO only had a search warrant.

It was a “gross breach of the powers given to the officers given under the warrant” Justice Adams said, adding later that at least one ASIO officer had broken the common law and legislative protections against false imprisonment.

He also heavily criticised two AFP officers who had demanded Mr ul-Haque become their informant against Faheem Lodhi, a Sydney architect who was found guilty last year of terrorism offences. That verdict is now subject to appeal.

The police officers also threatened Mr ul-Haque with adverse consequences if he didn’t comply.

However, Mr ul-Haque refused to wear a wire and to spy for the authorities, and was charged three months later with a single terrorism offence.

Justice Adams detailed evidence of how law enforcement authorities had told Mr ul-Haque all along they accepted that his brief training with Lashkar-e-Toiba was linked to the Indian presence in the disputed state of Kashmir and had nothing to do with Australia.

Mr ul-Haque declined to to comment to the waiting media after today’s case ended.

However, Mr Houda said his client had been unfairly persecuted.

“This has been a moronic prosecution,” Mr Houda said. “From the beginning, this was no more than a political show trial designed to justify the billions of dollars spent on counter-terrorism.”

What we have is of no useful purpose. A frenzy of supposition that has divided us.

 The Cold War, and Vietnam were ASIO’s hay day they lied and made things up then. There is no reason to believe they won’t do it again coupled with the media what chance do we have in this illusion of democracy.


It should never have come to this

about recent incidents involving members of Australia’s Muslim communities. The media is not making any effort to minimise the hysteria that is developing.  To constantly speculate about aspects that have no foundation will cause great harm.

Publishing the wrong photo of the man who attacked two police officers in Melbourne’s South-East by the Fairfax media this week was disgraceful. The ramifications of such an error could have been enormous if any subsequent harm came to the innocent man concerned.

Prior to the 1990s, there was no issue in our country with Muslims. There may well have been an underlying, simmering degree of discontent in certain quarters.

dark sideThere are people among us who continually harbour a suspicion that those who are different and culturally unusual, are somehow a threat to our way of life.  Ignorance breeds contempt. Many in the community are already spooked enough.

A man paying too much attention to his iPad causes Sydney Airport’s Terminal 3 to go into lockdown. A Virgin Airlines low level fly over at the MCG on Saturday, caused an AFP officer to reach for his gun.

What has made our country so tolerant and so successful at peaceful integration in the past has much to do with our egalitarianism, the absence of a class structure and our layback approach.  Up until 1996, immigration was always managed on a bipartisan policy agreement.

It enabled a post-Vietnam War exodus of refugees to seek a safe haven here with not so much as a whimper of opposition. They came in their thousands and in a matter of a few years had established themselves as hard working, diligent members of society. It was just what we needed.Our already broad cosmopolitan make-up was richer for the experience.

hansonPrior to the 1996 election Pauline Hanson tapped a racial intensity of feeling in the electorate and won her seat even after the Liberal party disowned her.

When her One Nation Party had won over a large chunk of Liberal voters in a Queensland State election, that was the beginning of the end of immigration bipartisanship in Australian politics.

Just 5 years later, John Howard seized an opportunity to win an election with the Tampa incident by appealing to the same racially minded mentality. From that point on, to our national shame, the issue of immigration and management of refugees has become a game of political football.

But it wasn’t Asians that bore the brunt of this new degenerate attitude. Greatly assisted by our engagement in a falsely contrived war in Iraq, the fear of Muslims became a dark, festering disease covertly encouraged by certain sections of the media. Its nakedly, aggressive manner is a blight on a once welcoming nation and is covertly urged on by vested political interests.

morrisonIn 2011, Scott Morrison, as Opposition Immigration spokesman, “urged the shadow cabinet to capitalise on the electorate’s growing concerns about “Muslim immigration”, “Muslims in Australia” and the “inability” of Muslim migrants to integrate.”

And, we know the mindset of Scott Morrison. We also know the mindset of Cory Bernadi. Who else in government thinks this way? By their actions, or lack of them, we will know them. How can we possibly begin to reverse this attitude when government members are so vocal?

Democracy does not serve us well when elected representatives act in a manner that creates division. It is counterproductive. It may suit the interests of some but in the long term, everyone pays.

Australia State of Terror. Lies and Misconceptions


Like many things our prime minister says, it is simply a convenient lie.These are not good laws. They are not even laws to make Australia safer.These are cynical, opportunistic laws. Laws barrelled through under the spurious guise of protecting us against a fanatical foreign Islamic beheading cult with apparent links to Muslims in this country.

They are appalling laws, built on a lie.

There has never been an act of domestic terror in Australia. And no, a lone teenager committing a seemingly unplanned act of violence is neither a terror attack nor a retrospective justification for foreign military intervention and ramped up “counter-terrorism” powers.The so-called Islamic State ‒ a ragtag bunch of rebels occupying a chunk of land about the size of Tasmania half a world away, is hardly a threat to anyone — except if you happen to live in Iraq or Syria. American Homeland Security are quite clear on that

Yes, there may indeed be 50 or 60 Australians fighting with them, but that doesn’t make them a threat here in Australia — particularly after ASIO summarily cancelled their passports. Any supporters these foreign fighters have in this country ‒ a miniscule number at most ‒ are surely able to be easily monitored using existing laws and, if they commit a criminal act, arrested and prosecuted under the existing criminal law.

The real reason for these new powers has got nothing to do with Islamic State, or ISIL, or ISIS ‒ or whatever they are called this week ‒ but they are to do with closing down scrutiny of Australia’s spies and the Government unpublicised activities.

ASIO have been caught with their pants down on two majorly embarrassing occasions since the Abbott Government took power last year.

The first occurred when the ABC and Guardian Australia published leaks from former U.S. intelligence operative whistleblower Edward Snowden that our spies had tapped then Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s mobile phone for 15 days in 2009. These revelations caused a major rift with Indonesia and is still a lingering source of tension.

It was not long after this event, on January 28, that Abbott first used his famous “team” epithet, while denouncing the ABC in an interview with on 2GB with his friend, right wing Sydney shock jock Ray Hadley [IA emphasis]:

“It dismays Australians when the national broadcaster appears to take everyone’s side but our own and I think it is a problem.

“You would like the national broadcaster to have a rigorous commitment to truth and at least some basic affection for the home team, so to speak.”

Abbott went on to call Snowden a “traitor”, saying the ABC “seemed to delight” in publishing his information:

“And of course, the ABC didn’t just report what he said, they took the lead in advertising what he said. That was a deep concern.”

Abbott reaffirmed his position in a subsequent doorstep, going on to condemn the ABC for working with the Guardian, or as he put it:

“… touting for a left wing British newspaper.”

There were no surprises when the vindictive Abbott left it for his broken former rival Malcolm Turnbull to announce an efficiency review of the ABC a couple of days later. This review has now called for the ABC’s budget to be slashed with some important investigative news programs, such as Lateline, in the firing line. Turnbull has also flagged cutting $200 million from as ABC budget already cut deeply in the May Budget, blatantly breaking a clear election promise.

These terror laws will stop whistleblowers exposing the Government’s undercover operations through the media.

The problem with this is that the Coalition ‒ under Tony Abbott, avowedly “open for business” ‒  is seemingly not above using the security services in an improper way to assist private individuals and corporations. Under the new laws, any whistleblower seeking to expose the security services, for instance, helping an Australian big business on the behest of a cabinet minister looking for a cosy post-parliamentary sinecure will now be shut down and any journalists assisting locked up for a long time.

These security laws, therefore, can be seen as the next stage in the Abbott programme to hamstring the ABC as an effective source of scrutiny of Government activities.

But, even more importantly, they will make Australian journalism generally reluctant to expose the Government’s undercover activities, as this could lead to them being sent to prison for a decade.

Australia’s spy network was again in the spotlight in December last year after Attorney General George Brandis ordered ASIO to raid the Canberra offices and home of barrister Bernard Colleary, a former ACT deputy chief minister, who was representing East Timor against Australia at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague.

This is not democracy. No wonder they don’t want a Federal ICAC.

The Islamic State is a mirage as far as we are concerned here in Australia. It is not an existential threat to us. The grave threat, in truth, is new security laws that stifle freedom of speech, remove privacy protections, gaol journalists and serve, in the end, to limit scrutiny of the Government and its operatives.

Moreover, providing new powers to secret agents, which also provides them with civil and criminal immunity is an outright danger and threat to us as citizens. It makes these shadowy figures immune to prosecution and therefore, effectively, unaccountable for their actions. Under these laws, frankly, spies can kill us and fear no recourse.

Under these laws, there is no-one to watch the watchers. Now that is truly terrifying.

In truth, we probably expect our extreme right wing Government to implement these sorts of outrageous and unwarranted laws; certainly we can see why they are doing so. It is, however, the weak acquiescence by their so-called Opposition that is most criminal part of this affaor.

We know the ALP under Bill Shorten do not want not a cigarette paper between themselves and the Government on immigration and security matters. This is the exact small target strategy using so brilliantly and effectively by former Opposition leader Kim Beazley during such events as the Tampa Affair and Children Overboard.

However, politicians who unnecessarily sacrifice the rights of the people in the interests of popularity and power show themselves up as unsuitable for high office.

By supporting these so-called “anti-terror” laws ‒ which have nothing to do with preventing terrorism ‒ the ALP, under their current milquetoast leader, have followed the Coalition so far to the right, they are no longer truly a progressive Opposition.

And now more than ever, as the Government shuts down scrutiny and proposes gaoling journalists, Australia needs a progressive Opposition


I do hope but doubt that ASIO focuses on Andrew Bolt for incitement of hatred


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Spy laws passed in Senate: ASIO given new powers

Australia has no specific laws that protect privacy, so innocent people who may be monitored have “very little by way of redress in legal terms”.

The Palmer United Party managed to attach an amendment that means anyone who publicly names an ASIO agent could be jailed for up to a decade, which is a 10-time increase in the existing maximum penalty.

“Everybody condemns what (terror group) ISIL is doing, it’s horrendous, it’s barbaric, but we do not want to see the fabric of our own society here in Australia torn apart.”

From the mouth of Melbournes worst vilifier government supporter and Abbott’s mate…. Andrew Bolt.

“I say “myth” because of one telling fact above all: this country actually has as many Buddhists as Muslims. Yet where are the Buddhist terrorist plots? Where are the angry complaints about “alienation”? Where the warnings to change our foreign policies … or else?”

The buffoon opens his mouth and out come the flies so filled with Islamic hate he must have a gut full of maggots. Andrew Bolt this government isn’t waging war in any Buddhist,Hindu,Sikh or Confucian country. The last time we did we got into a lot of shit and lost. It was called Vietnam and you would have rushed in if you wern’t too young wouldn’t you. Europeans were at risk sitting in public places and soldiers took off their uniforms then in Saigon. A young Mike Carlton was and  experienced the brutality of war up close and personal, unlike you. How do you think we’d go if we entered the fight in Punjab ,Amaritsar  at the Golden Temple and we started taking out the rebel Sikhs that were crying out for independence?

“It is that belief which has already landed 21 Muslims in jail for previous terrorist plots against Australians.”

You make thing up  as you go along its bullshit. Who are the 21 convicted persons in jail cretin are they some of the ones found  not guilty Mr Bolt. As for deaths caused by these conspirators none. Maybe you need to be reminded of Andrew Knight  he was not a Muslim. He was a trained cadet though from Melbourne High who knew the meaning of alienation.

With regard to 1000 bombs a man like yourself calls Obama piss weak and Abbott strong a true blue world leader  who you openly encourage to humanitarian bomb (an oxymoron) another nations citizens in the hope of degrading a criminal element without UN sanction. Bombing in itself is indiscriminant and your up for it. Your  far more dangerous because you incite a mate who has the capacity however you wont do it in public  will you only behind the security of locked doors.

You accuse  the multitude of critics of the terrorist raids as being conspiracy theorists. What a lode of cock  and it’s all in your mouth. It’s common sense  when you give a government department $650 million  that it’s going to be eager to show that spend was justified. If that justification seems like an overkill in the secret operation of 800 personnel raiding Australian citizen houses in a public televised and photographed event 3 days after the PM announced “we have no specific intel”. The questions are reasonable. Particularly when the Murdoch Press falsely headlined plots of beheadings when there were none. That the raids were instigated on one phone call the information withheld due to “operational matters” and more so  that the departments running the gig have fucked up so badly in the past. How Dr Muhummed Haneef at the behest of Kevin Andrews under the Howard government was put under control in jail. How Kevin Andrews refused tell where his information was sourced from. Tht the court findings revealed that ASIO and the AFP had given Andrews contradictory reports due to the cock up of an over zealous agent wanting to please. Then yes Andrew Bolt we are entitled to ask questions and make suggestions on how this all seems to fit so well for the government. Andrews thought it did back in 2007 as well.

Climb back under your rock Bolt. Why doesn’t this government lay Section 18C charges against you? That’s every days question


When government uses the words intelligence service you can rest assured tosteterone fueled buffoons rise to the surface


Would airport security stop the ex Archbishop of Sydney George Pell’s personal assistant   for two hours in an enclosed room and refuse to tell him what was happenning or that of the Anglican Archbishop? I don’t think so

The Australian National Imams Council expressed anger that one of its most senior members, an assistant to the Grand Mufti of Australia Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, was pulled up at Sydney airport on Thursday on the way to the Haj, a religious pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

The Imam, who met Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Attorney-General George Brandis recently, was stopped at the boarding gate, stripped of his mobile phone and iPad and kept in a room for two hours without explanation, the general manager of ANIC Samir Bennegadi said.

Mr Bennegadi said the Imam was treated in an unprofessional manner and he wondered, if this could happen to one of the most senior Imams in Australia, what could happen to the rest of the Muslim population when, “especially during this time, the Haj, we have hundreds of people leaving Australia every day”.

Anti-Muslim sentiment has been felt around the country and people are reporting graffiti on mosques and attacks on homes. Threatening letters have been sent to businesses, bookshops and religious leaders with handwritten messages such as “we will fight you … terror for terror … blood for blood and … bomb for bomb”.

Cars, and houses have been vandalised  women threatened but true to form the man in the fruit salad uniform

NSW Police Superintendent Mark Walton said

officers would not “stand guard” outside mosques that received bomb threats, purportedly from the Australian Defence League.

He said that, other than the letter from the league, there were no credible threats to security being investigated during Operation Hammerhead, a NSW operation to increase police visibility that was launched after terrorism raids on Thursday.Despite a car damaged with offensive comments and women threatened to be set alight.

Passenger ejected from flight over notebook doodles

Oliver Buckworth's notes.

A Melbourne man was hauled off a Tiger Airways flight by federal police on Saturday after claims he was seen doodling and writing sentences in a notebook satirising the current terrorism threat.

“The irony is I was writing a sentence about the absurdity of the fearmongering when we live in such a happy country of ice-cream and beaches and fluffy things,” he said.

Other doodles include a sketch of a chandelier – Mr Buckworth is an interior designer – and the play on words: “Terrorismadeup.” In a cartoon of a child clutching his head, Mr Buckworth wrote in a thought bubble: “Tyrannosaurus Rex. Terodactyl. Tarantula. Terrorist.” The interior designer has now been blacklisted by the airways. Don’t fly Tiger!!!





Great excercise in Community relations Police hitting Women and kids at 4.30am

                                                                                                                                                                              Australian women of different faiths gathered at Sydney’s Lakemba Mosque show of community solidarity


Terrorist groups have one thing in common. They seek to shock, while simultaneously portraying themselves as victims via the “propaganda of the deed”

Public and government reprisals against any defined group is precisely what terrorists want. It legitimates their standing as victims.

This is at least one reason why launching military raids against Islamic State is so risky. It is also why large-scale invasions of homes  must be managed carefully to avoid creating deeper community divisions.

1960s and 1970s, Canada faced the FLQ Britain the IRA. Crackdowns on communities rarely work without serious consequences. A good example of the failure of a heavy-handed approach can be seen in how successive British governments tried to “solve” Northern Ireland’s violent 30-year conflict with military crackdowns, without addressing underlying community concerns.  Ultimately it was patient political negotiation that won the day.

Canada faced a terrorist plot similar to what has been alleged here in Australia this week in 2006.Local and federal police forces succeeded in tracking and infiltrating the group, partly thanks to cooperation from the local Islamic community. Canada has since reviewed its terrorism sentencing and brought in life sentences. In many of the recent cases of radicalized young men both in Canada and in Australia, members of the Islamic community have often helped to identify the radicals. Last year, two Canadian men were arrested for plotting to derail a passenger train travelling between Toronto and New York – and it was a tip-off from a prominent Toronto imam (Muslim community leader)

“This was a tip that came from the Muslim community because they had good relations with [the Canadian police], because they had this long-standing bridge-building long before this incident ever took place.”

It’s that close connections with any self-defined community is a key to effective policing.

At present, radical Islamic terrorists do not appear to have the capacity to develop well-organized cells in places like Australia or Canada, and will most likely dissipate as previous anarchists and ultra-Marxists did decades ago. This group if it is a group at all seem little more than disaffected with their feet in two cultures. Australians who feel included in the broader culture about them. If welcomed by both the chances of radicalization of any sort would not succeed.

My name is John Abdul. It must be hard for Sunnis at the moment mate. How can we help?

The fight against Islamic State is a battle for young minds

Governments around the world are trying to come to terms with the fact that their nationals – and young people in particular – are leaving to join extremist groups such as Islamic State.

The battleground against radicalisation is waged in the mind. It is here that persuasive arguments and passionate discussion appeal to the hero inside us to rise up and do something, be someone or make history.Foreign policy often provides a fertile bed of manure in which the seeds of radicalisation can grow.

What is the Australia’s foreign policy on Iraq? Those seeking to radicalise others will be able to summarise it in a single sentence. The more negative the policy is perceived to be, the less human the government or even the Australian people are perceived to be. Abbot is insisting it’s humanitarian. 6 Hornet fighters are hardly gonig to drop aid. 600 SAS troops ,our top killers, to load these fighter planes and train locals hardly seems believeable.

Radicalisation involves getting us to focus on the negative experiences we have had and the negative experiences of those we love or feel we  should love.These things happen to us because some enemy wants them to, chooses them to and allows them to.It focuses on the difference between us and them and emphasises the wrongs that they do. Australia is going to help kill Sunnis no matter who they are. They don’t care, want to distinguish or want to understand anything about the history of what’s occurred on the ground. Yesterdays raids reinforced that perception. What’s more with lazy media frenzy . Was there anyone report from the families of the raided?

Isis recruiters  lay the blame for each of the killings squarely with British and American foreign policy. The more human we can make the enemy, the less we will feel separated from them to us IS is the ‘devil cult’. Only when we stop seeing the opposition as completely different to us, can we start to be reconciled with them.The British government, on behalf of the taxpayer, donated £11.4bn in aid  with £600m set aside for the Syrian crisis alone. These kinds of figures provide useful ammunition in the battle of the mind. The apparent enemy becomes less hostile and more human. What has Australia done other than offer war cries  and identify our selves as the enemies. Does Abbott understand over 100,000 Sunnis were killed since Bush ousted Saddam. Mothers , fathers children families he created a bitter sectarian power vacuum and gave birth to ISIS. It can’t be stopped with bombs.

Some young people see no opportunity to get involved and make a difference other than by joining the jihad. It’s positive that young people are passionate about inequality, just not that they see violence as the only way to address it.  We need ways ways to counteract the messages being sent to young people by those who wish to indoctrinate them.

“If, in order to defeat the beast, we become the beast; then the beast has won”.

It’s not easy to rid people of firmly held prejudices but a consistent and reasonable argument is a better way to start than threats about removing passports or prison sentences. Todays effort just pushes young people away. 800 to lay alleged charges on one 22 year old is farcical. Why with all the media didn’t we hear the other side of the story? The families side how lazy and complicit was the media.

Picked up for “planning random acts of violence against people” Bogans sucker punch people every saturday night. You can’t find a cop.

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione arrives at the Sydney Police Centre in Surry Hill

  • Pre-dawn operation in Sydney and Brisbane involving 600 officers
  • 15 people arrested, one charged
  • Suspected terrorist cell was ‘close to an attack’
  • Scipione: ‘intended to hurt random member of public’
  • Raids follow suspension of firm suspected of funding terrorism

HUNDREDS of ASIO and heavily armed police officers swooped in anti-terrorism raids to prevent a mass casualty shooting in Sydney and possible beheadings.


Here in Australia ASIO,AFP,&Police will only apply this profile to young Muslims. On any Saturday night random acts of violence are carried out.  Threats of violence against the public, against women, against children and even property are the norm. Generally done by Christians during and after the religious ceremony of getting drunk or pissed as Muslims don’t drink. Bogans  run free around Australian cities and are left to sucker punch,abuse and threaten whoever they want.

Terrorist raids aren’t generally media events they are done in secret.  This raid is an advertising promotion  a politicized and event was and intended to be so. If not how  dumb are the directors of operations? So much press  and television crews were present it seemed far more like a reality show than any security operation. It’s  a celebration to show well the government is spending our money on expanded policing and the show is coming to your street soon. It reminds me of the Cedar Bay raid in 1976 in Qld on some hippies in a rain forrest. Demonstrate loudly on a university campus,March against the G20 or just yell  random abuse at anyone in authority and you will sitting in the back of a divvy van as a suspected terrorist. At least if you were Christian there would be some equality. Tony Abbott would dearly love to see the second coming of the Cronulla riots as it keeps all his other fuck ups off the front page. I might be charged with vilification of the government or a government officer but you can be sure Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones wont.

Australia is asking for Sunni support in Iraq if you donate any money collected for humanitarian reasons to be sent to any Sunni organization you will be deemed a terrorist even if these organizations are allies of the current Coalition of the Concerned. If you donate to  the Shiite Militias who have killed 60,000 Sunnis in the past 10 years on the Iraqi governments behalf you should be ok as they are goverment supported. Any wonder the sectarian war is so vicious.

I  have some faith that our justice system and that it will make a laughing-stock of todays craids and government supported actions. If they don’t then there wont be sufficient jails to hold people. Whatever this seems the most counter productive action imaginable and the most alienating approach possible targeting a minority Australian group. It’s the greatest recruitment drive for ISIL we have seen to date.

The NSW police BearCat returns to police HQ in Surry Hills.


Mr Abbott are you a dual citizen? You are definitely two faced.



 Given deep commitment that many fighters have to their idea of martyrdom and the Caliphate, then the few who chose to leave and return home will mostly be the disillusioned and the unfaithful. These individuals will have to escape in secret to avoid execution on charges of spying or desertion. It is these that will be of most use to Western intelligence and deradicalization programs. ASIO must have considered this and informed Abbott who however insists they are the most dangerous. Ones that haven’t left remain a closed book and it’s up to us as a community that will or wont determine their radicalisation. Abbott’s public war announcement is not going to help our security. Abbott’s continual TV appearances can only exacerbate things.

The bottom line is that the Islamic State group has learned the importance of operational security and the dangers of allowing western intelligence contact with its members. That is not to say that there will be no Islamic State-backed attack plots targeting the West and that western governments need not worry. But the selection of suitable operatives to carry out attacks will be highly problematic for the group, leaving only a tiny pool of possible options. Its commanders will have to choose individuals with a proven track record of competence, loyalty, independence and determination.Gauging those characteristics without exposing the individuals concerned to operational information will be very difficult. The Islamic State group is unlikely to take a risk in most cases and will probably only attempt to release a few trusted individuals for uncomplicated suicide missions.

 The challenges of making and deploying suitable bombs without detection back in their home countries will probably be beyond most of these few. So, while the threat is real and must be taken seriously it must also be seen in context; one that is not as numerically great as the assessments of officials and experts have so far indicated.Failure to put the threat into context has dangers of its own. Firstly, the Islamic State group monitors the media and will be encouraged by the fear-mongering aspect of the debate. It might be tempted to amplify its terror impact by encouraging attacks in the West, having so far been regionally focused. So what the logic of Abbott’s public alarm is he making a public invitation to for ISIL to do more?

 Abbott has achieved more headlines announcing a threat that, even if it materialises, will have a transient impact on the country compared with the Budget, Health ,Education and Pensions. Abbott and his cabinet aren’t stupid they know this and realise how problematic these issues are for them. It appears preferential for Abbott to avoid the serious internal issues and go down the path of raising a terror alarm despite the probability of radicalising more locals and inviting the further interest of ISIL.

There 16 & 17 19 & 20 year olds some are now dead where is your suppository of intelligence ASIO?

He was a funded  recruiter ?????

 Where was our alternative recruitment drive Mr Abbott ? 

 ASIO is just a suppository for your intelligence!!

Policing with a heavy club is Neanderthall $650 Mill will take rights from all of us.



16 and 17 year old Feiz & Abdullah secretly ran away from home last June to join the fight in Syria and Iraq. Feiz has returned home. Their parents did not know where they were. When they left they told them  they were off to go fishing. It’s anybody’s guess where Abdullah is, Iraq most likely. A spokes-person for the Department of the Attorney General said  all 60 should come home

“there are safer and more legal ways of helping the people affected by these conflicts than travelling overseas to fight”

Wow this is a significantly different sound bite coming from a government department than we have heard recently. Are these really the words of the Attorney Generals Department?Is this really policy? Expanded and driven by a community of Muslim  parents you just might  have a competing and alternative recruitment agency that supports these young idealists. Yes idealists not radicals they want to accomplish some good. They needed a good reason  to stay here and help not just join your ‘death cult’. However you and ASIO had nothing to offer.

What could they do here to help? The war in Syria has been going 2-3 years in Iraq longer. ASIO has been fully aware of this.  They know that revolution against repression always attracts young idealists wanting to help and not old people. Where were our intelligence advisers? What have they been doing trying to stop these young people seaching for meaning?  If there was genuine help as the spokes -person was alluding to. Those boys and others like them would still be here and not over there. Is Abbott recruiting young Muslim boys to work in is Humanitarian Aid Drops.Probably not.

Instead the PM and all the voices behind him merely talk of increased surveillance and policing and stopping them. It’s a wonder he hasn’t put them all in detention camps as is his want with asylum seekers.

Please tell us who the above spokes-person is!!  Put them in charge  with a far smaller budget than the $650mill  and most of the 60 Australians over there now would probably still be here  helping in other ways instead of on their unwise boys own adventure. What is Abbott doing to help on the ground here? What is he doing in recruiting help from  the community most affected? Nothing!!!!!!.

ISIS Recruits do we?

What’s the most useful thing Australians can do in response to any increased terrorism alert?

The first thing is to recognize that Australia in a good place in terms of security because of the high degree of community solidarity that exists here. That means anything we do – especially any loose talk that rashly demonize entire communities based on their faiths or ethnicity – is a threat to our national security.

Shut 2GB and Newscorp down. Recharge Andrew Bolt for religious, ethnic and racial vilification again

Trust between different ethnic and religious groups across Australia and with our security authorities is the bedrock of our security, it is of vital importance. As above threaten Andrew Bolt with incitement of terrorist activity and radicalization

In making this announcement about possibly increasing the terrorism threat level, the hope would be to encourage more people to speak up, rather than keep their concerns to themselves. And if you do speak up and report those concerns, you will get a more receptive response from the authorities at the moment..This is  tantamount to dob in a friend.  One needs to trust communities and empower them not go over their heads

It might be something you see on your social networks, or in the community: if your gut reaction is that something isn’t quite right, then speak up.This is fair enough

That’s not asking people to peek through their venetians and spy on their neighbours. It’s just asking people to be thoughtful and observant; for instance, if you see a truck on your street for a couple of days that looks out-of-place, you can get someone to check it out.Talk to your neighbours first. You may offend

Or if you’re worried about your brother, or your son, or your friend who hasn’t seemed themselves lately – maybe they’ve broken off old friendships or suddenly changed their views. Be family know who your kids mix with even after they have left home

People speaking up about their loved ones and friends has been the front line of defence, saving those young people – especially young men – from going overseas and likely harming themselves and possibly others. In many cases where passports have been withheld in Australia, the tip-offs have come through the community.

When it comes to terrorism, prevention is far better than cure.

Address youth unemployment, hope & opportunity it might go a longer way in prevention than policing.  Most of the radicalized have already experienced enough policing and are looking for  better. Hope and opportunity would help. We could learn a lot from Punchbowl High

So why would you suddenly and very dramatically advertise it now?

“Then he said with a look of concern that we had to raise our level of public alert because of David Irvine …Brilliant!!!”


“There are people with the intent and the capability to mount attacks,” he said. So what is new about that? We have always known that. You only have to go back and have a look at some of the news broadcasts of 2001 and 2002 to see that. There is no logic for this public alert.

So if we look at the man and where it’s coming from the Prime Minister Tony Abbott.It smacks of political skulduggery. Our existing security organisations engaged in fighting terrorism are highly trained, well equipped and properly briefed. They have had over a decade to train and prepare. They are the ones who will maintain a vigilant presence and foil a terrorist plot, not you or I. They don’t need a nervous public overreacting, spreading fear and uncertainty, peering curiously at Muslim women dressed in the hijab; people who are simply going about their normal business.

As a cynic I believe it’s a dumb plan by a political party and its leader to strike fear into the heart of the Australian community. However not all of us are it’s a cruel plan the kind of  plan a student political bully might go for if his ranking in the polls was lagging

Terror threat level has been raised from “Concerned” to “Get my poll numbers up now”.

The Chicken Little-in-Chief’s Big Scare

Bob Ellis 13 September 2014, 1:00pm

The terror threat level has just been raised in Australia from medium to high — but Bob Ellis isn’t buying it.

It’s interesting what the Liberals think is a popular thing to do. Spending a billion looking forever, fruitlessly, for bits of a downed plane. Spending a hundred million looking for bits of bodies on a downed plane and ‘bringing them home’. Inviting Protestants, Buddhists, Jews and Muslims into a Catholic cathedral to speak before a crucified Christ. Going to war, again, in Iraq if the guys who lost the last two Iraq Wars ask them to. And, lately, a Terrorist Red Alert.

There may be ‘inconvenience’ at football finals, we hear, and airports, as if the ‘terrorists’ would go anywhere near such places. The last terrorist outrage at a sporting event was the kidnap and murder of some Israeli weightlifters at the 1972 Olympics, which set back Arafat’s PLO by fifty years, and no-one has done any such thing since then; you don’t kill sporting heroes, you don’t do that. The last terrorist incident on a plane was the Underpants Bomber, and full-body imaging makes it hard for that cock-up to be repeated.

What ‘terrorists’ often attack is suburban trains (London, Madrid, Tokyo), and they do it for the obvious reason that they can bring suitcases, backpacks, shopping bags on to them, can leave them on shelves or under seats and detonate them remotely.

Curiously, this particular Red Alert makes no mention of this. It’s in part because it’s impossible to police. If random electronic searches hold up four trains each morning and nothing is found, and five school buses, the Government falls.

If the government is serious, they must do random searches on every opening night a politician goes to — the Wharf Revue, The King And I, the Bob Dylan concert. They must upend, disrupt and inconvenience every political party conference. Labor’s conference in Sydney Town Hall, which had a pro-Gaza demonstration next door, could be entered by anyone, and observed from the gallery upstairs. Carr, Shorten, Plibersek were at it, Clare, Rees, Firth, Robbo, Albo, Faulkner, any one of whom could have been seized at gunpoint and beheaded on Facebook. So could a similar cast at Neville Wran’s funeral in the same crowded venue.

Abbott’s biking and Iron Man events must be discontinued, clearly. Joe Hockey’s visits to his Queensland farm must be overflown by vigilant thumping helicopters. Julie Bishop’s visits to Geneva must be accompanied by armed motorcades.
Do we believe any of this? Well, no, we don’t. The reason is that the terrorists’ resources are limited, and the people they want to terrorise aren’t living here in Australia. People wanting to set up a Syria-Lebanon-Iraq-Egyptian caliphate are not going to bomb Newcastle Town Hall. They are not going to kidnap and behead Peter Hartcher. They are going to concentrate their efforts round Mosul, Baghdad, Samara.

The ‘terrorist virus’ theory the Liberals are trying on lately – that young men, infected in Syria by beasts who want to overthrow Assad, will come back here and blow up a cricket match – lacks what Poirot would call

“… a believable motive, ’Astings. What do they ’ave to gain by doeeng zat?”

They have a lot to lose — their lives, their intimacy of their young wives, the love of their children, the suburban contentment of their mothers, cousins, old grandfathers. Why would they do it? What lost homelands would they liberate in Strathfield, Logan, Collingwood? Why would they do it?

And why haven’t they done it already? Muslim Afghans have been here since 1830, Muslim Pakistanis, Indonesians, Somalians for twenty, twenty-five years. And the last terrorist attack on our soil was by Martin Bryant, an Anglo-Saxon, in 1996, and the one before that, the Hilton Bombing, in 1978, was contrived not by terrorists but ASIO.

Oh, similar things do happen here. Bikie gang wars, Underbelly assassinations, suburban ‘incidents’ where the crazed fathers of kidnapped children shoot it out with the police. But nothing of the kind we know as ‘terrorist’ – the Bali bombing, the Tube train massacre – on our soil since the Battle of Broken Hill in 1916.

How much money will this nonsense cost us? Where’s it coming from? The shelved GP co-payment? What? And what evidence is there for alarm? None, evidently. Apart from two young men who are about to go to Syria to fight, as Obama advises, against ISIL.
Abbott, caught in a moral tangle as usual, says going to war with ISIL is a criminal offence if boys from Logan do it, but an heroic act if Diggers do it and it won’t endanger Australians at all — we won’t provoke the ‘terrorists’ by going to war with them.

And he won’t go to war unless the Americans tell him to — the Americans who got it so right last time, destroying six million lives, and causing ISIL while they were there. He’ll consult the Americans, but not the Australian people. And he’ll body-search Australians at football finals in case they’ve got atomic weapons up their clackers.

Dare we call this excessive? Deluded? Hyperbolic? Demented? Wasteful of, ho ho, the taxpayers’ money?

More Australians have died from backyard pool drownings in the last five years than ‘terrorism’ in the last hundred, on our soil. Fifty times as many from funnel-web spider bites. Twenty times as many, each day, from cigarettes. Four times as many, each week, from road accidents.

What you have to do in Big Scare politics is make the people believe you. Believe you, Tony Abbott. And one of the ways you do that is behaving as if you yourself believe it. And unless there are full-body searches of every foreigner at the Crown Casino, or The King And I, or the Melbourne Cup, or the corridors outside ICAC, no-one will believe you believe it.

Abbott says, ‘Carry on with your lives as usual’, and ‘Look, look, the terrorists might be strapped with bombs at the next Grand Final’ simultaneously.

What an oaf he is. What a creepy, Americanised, frantic fool.

What a Chicken Little-in-Chief.

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Coming to a place near you Cedar Bay. No police convicted It. There will be repitition.

Cedar Bay


 On the 29th August 1976, Queensland police raided Cedar Bay with the help of a naval vessel, and destroyed houses and rainwater tanks before taking those arrested to Cairns…Queensland police said they had done this raid in support of the NSW police

Cedar Bay

Cedar Bay is about 100 miles North of Cairns. The commune is a series of gardens and huts with communal kitchens built behind the beach along the three mile stretch of sand.

At the North End, the huts stretch along a track which leads from the glistening sand to the towering North Queensland rain forest.

The police began their raid several hours before dawn on August 29, 1976, by taking over a farm with an airstrip some distance inland. They brought in a helicopter to attack the commune from the air, while a naval boat came from the sea and a land party moved in along the land track.

Twelve of the inhabitants were captured. Some were handcuffed with their hands behind their backs around trees. Others were tied up with fishing nets. Others the women were whisked away by helicopter.

While the inhabitants were helpless, the huts were set alight with baby clothes used as kindling. The vegetable gardens were trampled, the water tank shot up, the paw-paw and banana trees slashed.

The charges brought against these people living 40 miles from Cooktown on private property were mainly of vagrancy. Eight were charged with vagrancy, three with possession, one with growing marijuana.

The magistrate from Cooktown was on leave so was the Clerk of Courts so the next clerk down the line found the 12 guilty and fined or gaoled them.

When it was decided he had no power to do so, the gaoled were freed and then re arrested on the same charges.

The Queensland Council for Civil Liberties has set up a fund not only to give legal defence but to give legal aid to civil action against those who burnt and destroyed the communes property.

Killer Hunt In Hippie Commune

The Sun Herald

Sunday December 13, 1992

Ted Howes

ON August 29, 1976, police and customs agents, wearing paramilitary gear, swooped on an isolated hippie commune in thick scrub between Cairns and Cooktown.

The raid cost more than $50,000 and involved a helicopter, light aircraft and a Navy vessel.

The result was the arrest of 12 young people on drug and vagrancy charges.

But some police involved in the operation were later accused of taking part in an orgy of wanton destruction, which led to 25 charges, including arson, being laid against four officers.

The allegations opened a can of worms within the police force and thrust the then Queensland Premier, Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen, into a slanging match with Church groups, civil libertarians, the State Opposition and even his own police commissioner.

The public began to wonder why such military-style planning, enormous expense and considerable State and Federal police manpower had gone into a small-time drug raid.

Queensland’s Federal Member for Leichhardt, John Gayler, who represented the Cedar Bay residents during the inquiry, claims hippies were arrested on”trumped-up” drug and vagrancy charges to cover up a blunder by Cairns police

Mr Gayler, breaking 16 years of silence, said the real target of the raid was a murderer who had escaped from Cairns watch house earlier that month.

Bernard Wilton, in his early 30s, was facing drug charges when he escaped from the lock-up through a hole in the roof.

A furore erupted within police circles when, hours later, Interpol revealed Wilton was also wanted for drug-related murders overseas.

“The police went ape when they found out they had an international murderer in their grasp – and let him escape,” Mr Gayler said.

“When police received information that Wilton was being looked after by hippies at Cedar Bay they planned the raid with Federal Police and the Navy.

“The raid had nothing to do with cannabis but the police were not going to admit their blunder.

“When they found Wilton wasn’t at the camp at all, they needed to justify such time, effort and expense.” Wilton, who was believed to have been involved in a drug-smuggling operation from Indonesia, is still wanted by Queensland police.

Former Queensland Chief Superintendent Don Becker said his investigations with Inspector Syd Atkinson into allegations of police arson and destruction of property at Cedar Bay led him to believe the raid was intended to snare drug smugglers.

“It’s possible the raid was solely intended to capture Wilton but, if so, it would make it one of the biggest fiascos I’ve ever heard of,” Mr Becker said.

“To try to capture one man – a very cunning criminal – from a helicopter is absurd. Whichever way you look at it, whether to capture Wilton or break a drug-smuggling ring, the entire operation was a fiasco.”

HIPPIES involved in the raid, and former Queensland Police Commissioner Ray Whitrod, who insisted on an inquiry into police conduct during the blitz, remember the bitter Cedar Bay affair with regret.

Former hippie Charles Gifford, who was a key witness at the Cedar Bay inquiry into police misconduct in 1977, describes the time as an “intense period of frustration and anger”.

Mr Whitrod, now living in South Australia, was then fighting for police reforms and said he was sorry the controversy “didn’t do more to raise public awareness” of the extent of police corruption during the Sir Joh era.

At the Cedar Bay inquiry, police were accused of burning huts, smashing personal belongings, destroying clothing, chopping down fruit plantations and, ironically, consuming alcohol at the site following the drug raid.

Police, in their defence, tendered evidence of squalid living conditions and described the commune’s inhabitants as “filthy, criminal hippies”.

They maintained they had done the right thing because it was “in the public interest” to burn the settlement to the ground.

Mr Gifford, however, believes the anarchic streak police displayed during the raid was fuelled by an “intense fear of people who chose to adopt an alternative lifestyle”.

He now lives with his family at Bloomfield, 10km south of Cedar Bay, and says his occasional visits to the site spark bitter feelings over the incident, the inquiry into police conduct, and the acquittal of the four police officers who faced arson charges.

“We were just harmless people living the way we wanted to,” he said.

“The raid started with a helicopter buzzing our camp, then came a troop of about 20 guys wearing paramilitary gear jogging up the beach, taking cover, then jogging up again.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes; it was just so weird. I dashed into the bush, hid, and watched.”

Mr Gifford said police trashed the camp, shot coconuts out of trees with their service revolvers and ripped out fruit and vegetable plots.

He said the most frustrating aspect, as a witness at the inquiry, was”knowing what really happened but not being able to do anything about it”.

“The police had done a great injustice and we just watched in amazement as they got away with everything,” he said.

“The stories and lies they told about us during that trial were absolute rubbish; they made it up as they went along, and they got away with it. I keep in touch with people who were involved with the raid and I think they feel pretty much the same way.”

Mr Gifford said he was living at Cedar Bay with friends in a “bush camp”arrangement at the time.

He said there “may have been a bit of smoke” (marijuana) at the camp but he had never envisaged a full-scale drug raid involving the armed forces.

“It’s pretty scary when people become so angry and resentful of others who choose to live differently. Perhaps they see it as a threat to their own way of life,” he said.

Mr Whitrod, 78, said the Cedar Bay episode was one of the most traumatic experiences of his life.

He said a great source of his angst lay in his terse relationship with the Premier, Sir Joh.

“My relationship with Joh at the time was severely strained because he felt he was acting as a perfectly reasonable person who was doing the right thing. I disagreed,” Mr Whitrod said.

“I insisted on an inquiry into the affair because I felt that police had acted improperly in destroying dwellings.

“I knew there had to be something more to the Cedar Bay business than just a drug raid but at the time I was in the dark about it.

“To my utter frustration, all police who were charged were acquitted – but then it was very difficult to get a conviction against a policeman in those days.”

Mr Whitrod said he believed Sir Joh “wasn’t acting in the best interests of Queensland” when he tried to stifle the inquiry.

“But he (Sir Joh) steadfastly believed he was acting in the best interests of the public and probably still does,” Mr Whitrod said.

“The potential for an incident like that to happen again in Queensland is certainly there. It will be only a matter of time before history repeats itself.”

Safe Keeping is our plan for you says Abbott ; $650mill increase in National Security ( Youth Watch)

Missouri Passes Strict Anti-Abortion Legislation; Rejects Similar Law Protecting Unarmed Black Teens

Legislators also rejected an amendment to the law that would have called for a “five-minute cooling off period” before cops gunned down unarmed black teenagers on Missouri’s city streets. Lawmakers expressed concern that the amendment would sow confusion among “them negras,” and create an atmosphere of disrespect in cities where all white police forces lorded over majority black neighborhoods.

“We just can’t take away an officer’s right to choose,” said Jeffrey Jingo, a state senator from Bigot Bluffs. “If we let young black males freely roam our streets without showing them who’s boss, then all hell could break loose. I mean, you saw what happened in Ferguson, right? The last thing we need is all them colored folks thinking they enjoy the same civil rights as respectable members of our community.”MISSOURI-master1050

Legislators pointed out that Missouri cops feel threatened by unarmed black males, who might hurt them in some way

So no specific intel on terror threats but we can expect a larger security presance.


More police at airports to slow things up Our airports will look and feel like Heathrow it will insure anger levels do rise. If anybody complains they won’t just be warned they will be taken aside and prevented from flying simply because your quick tongue offended security. Industries like jewellery will find onboard luggage will be banned and therefore lose what ever insurance cover they have. As to be insured their merchandise must travel with them at all times. If that’s not bad enough what about our education industry. Students from Indonesia, India,Malaysia & China will be checked coming and going more so than even Australian citizens. They already pay more than anywhere else for a fifth rate degree. The increased training drills alone of the AFP increase the chances of plastic explosive being left behind or gone missing. The prevention of people going on and coming on holiday will increase just because some over excited security . Abbott will blame the economic consequences of this change on his imaginary increased terror. Who is going to want to go to the MCG or any major event.

However there is a plus for Christopher Pyne  an increased presence of police and security for politicians visiting university campuses. Student leaders can be apprehended before any visit why to diminish the possibility of  lone Wolf terror. Student meetings will now be even more closely monitored. Topics up for discussion & lecture topics  carefully watched. Waleed Aly and his wife dismissed on National Security grounds. and Andrew Bolt will smile.

The social media  and campaigns like March  against the government can be conveniently silenced  as a possible vehicles for the internal radicalization of Australia.  Lone Wolf radicals  can be found anywhere, previously regarded as criminals not part of any terror group but now they can be redefined as terrorists. This government can use this argument for any nefarious means and will get ASIO support why? Increase any government department’s budget for any reason it’s in the nature of the beast to substantiate the reason for the increase. There’s little or no reason you will find any department to justify it’s  budget reduction . The next government would have some difficulty in doing so as well . Besides Bill Shorten playing politics seems advised to support Abbott in this. They are brothers in arms on security. Obviously the polls are telling him scare mongering is good.

If all of this extra surveillance does not happen none needs to ask why?Why was this announced so publicly in the first place?  Why is the normal goings on in daily life been called on to be treated as suspicious what was  once thought of as single acts of crime being raised to an acts of terror. School burnings, phone threats, union action can all now be redefined. Join ASIO’s newly formed dad’s secret police, put your sunnies on and go dob in a neighbour.



Anti Terrorism needs to be tackled on a lot more levels than profiling and spying on people Mr Abbott

The stronger terror assessment scenario painted by ASIO  seems rather odd. Irvine chose to speculate publicly about the threat alert needing to be raised to the second-highest level, ostensibly however before giving any formal advice to the government.

Based on ongoing assessments, either a threat is likely to occur or it is not. If so, why the delay in advising the government? If not, why prematurely raise a “worst-case” scenario? Citizens remain stuck in terror limbo.

All the National Security precautions  in the US didn’t stop 9/11 or the Boston marathon. Any incidents that have been interrupted in the US were by accident and an alert public. Australia has just experienced a near miss not at the hands of terrorists but at the hands of the AFP creating a dangerous moment during a drill at an airport. How would Abbott have explained that away?

Further, this drip-feed of vague warnings is being packaged by policymakers with a hyper-legislative insistence on introducing another round of “tough” terror laws. While some measures appear justifiable – such as up-to-date powers to suspend passports – many others do not. Some proposals remain decidedly inconsistent with past recommendations by watchdogs like the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor. We seem to be stuck on a rinse-and-repeat cycle to keep terrorising ourselves. The more immediate hazard is pointless overreaction and political exploitation of public fears. The build-up of these kind of tensions have had a track-record of leading into knee-jerk and totally counter-productive policy initiatives – like the unnecessary Iraq invasion of 2003. That had no clear national security benefit and contributed to much of this latest mess.

This type of “alert and alarm” scenario tends to lead in a couple of directions: it either creates wider public paranoia or greater public scepticism. Neither is particularly helpful for an effective, sustainable and clear-eyed counter-terrorism strategy.

In short, IS is a nasty piece of work, but it is not a global game-changer The instinct to “do something” and heroic calls to strong vigilant action might be good politics. However, such heavy-handedness is a careless and unhealthy national security stratagem. The good news is that the threat of foreign fighters is both manageable and marginal.Another bottom line is that these Australian foreign fighters do not represent the wider Islamic community – IS is keen to kill all Muslims who they deem to be “infidels”. (This makes many calls for “community” solutions by the overwhelming moderate Muslim majority in Australia overly simplistic and stupid. This is not a clash of civilisations as Andrew Bolt would have us believe. Australian citizens still have more chance of being killed by bee stings or car crashes than by a rare, albeit conceivable, home-grown terrorist attack.

Interestingly, former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger recently warned that traditional state-based threats remain a much more serious and long-term security headache.

” I consider Iran a bigger problem than ISIS. ISIS is a group of adventurers with a very aggressive ideology. But they have to conquer more and more territory before they can became a strategic, permanent reality.”

We are being scammed by Abbott who has quid pro quo arrangement with ASIO the AFP and security forces who will gain extra funding. Abbott get’s press to attack  his negative standing in the polls.

We are being scammed at the expense of the Australian Muslim community and the increased possibility of further radicalization.



There is a terrorist group in this country that’s beyond suspicion

Explosives mistakenly left at Sydney Airport by federal police during sniffer dog training

Updated about an hour agoThu 11 Sep 2014, 8:06pm

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has been left red-faced after an explosive device used during sniffer dog training was left in a suitcase at Sydney Airport.

The AFP apologised after the suitcase, containing about 230 grams of plastic explosives, accidentally ended up in the hands of a female passenger on Tuesday afternoon.

The device, which was not live, was hidden inside the unclaimed suitcase during what the AFP said was a “routine canine exercise”.

The suitcase containing the explosive device was then mistakenly given to the woman whose luggage was damaged during her flight.

The woman only discovered the device once she was in Cessnock. She took it to the local police station, where officers evacuated their building as a safety precaution.

AFP Sydney Airport commander Wayne Buchhorn said the AFP was taking the error seriously.

“The canine instructor who inadvertently left this device behind has been identified and will be the subject of a formal Professional Standards Investigation,” he said.

AFP = Awfully F***ing Pathetic

Australian Enemy or Ally? ; US Ally ; Is US now our Enemy or Ally? ; = Brisbane Bookshop owner ?????

The Syrian opposition coalition rebels are prepared to join the US in opposition to ISIS. Will the two Australians   arrested in the Brisbane bookshop be charged with consorting with the enemy or congratulated with helping our allies in the fight  against ISIS?  If charged  will the USA become our enemy?  Well done ASIO  & Scott Morrison keep running around in circles pointing out the baddies. Scott maybe you can turn this into an ‘on land’ operation or have them found dead in custody in order to start a 2year inquiry.

The USA will support a coalition of terrorists in Syria to fight ISIS. Will ASIO and Scott Morrison face a case of false arrest and have to prove themselves innocent?

Obama has been forced into a difficult choice who will get guns hands up if you know

Syrian Kurdistan Kurdish self-administration
and allies
Syria Syrian National Coalition Armed Forces

Allied armed groups

Armament support:

Non-lethal military support:

It’s started and in Qld too. Clowns dressed as Police raid a book store we didn’t notice until now

Logan Islamic centre raided by Australian Federal Police

Federal police raid an Islamic book cafe at Logan, which is featured in this presentation video made by the iQraa Islamic Centre.

Two men have been arrested following an Australian Federal Police raid on an Islamic book store south of Brisbane.

The iQraa Islamic Centre on Logan Road at Underwood was raided on Wednesday morning, with police still on site through the afternoon.

Police said the pair was arrested “in regards to terrorism offences” as part of a Joint Counter Terrorism Team investigation by both the AFP and the Queensland Police Service.

A photo of the iQraa Islamic Centre on the store's Facebook page.A photo of the iQraa Islamic Centre on the store’s Facebook page. Photo: Facebook

“It will be alleged the men were involved in recruiting, facilitating and funding people to travel to Syria to engage in hostile activities,” the agencies said in a joint statement.

Calls to the iQraa Islamic Centre went unanswered.

Outside the store, iQraa Islamic Centre customer Abu Amaan came to the centre’s defence.

Australian Federal Police have raided the iQraa Islamic Centre in Logan, south of Brisbane.Australian Federal Police have raided the iQraa Islamic Centre in Logan, south of Brisbane. Photo: Facebook

“It’s just a simple bookstore selling perfumes to Qu’arans,” he said.

“There’s nothing radical whatsoever. I just don’t understand all the hysteria.”

“Every Tom, Dick and Harry goes in there. They’re very welcoming.”

Mr Amaan said he believed the raid was unfounded

“I think it’s just instilling fear in the Muslim community,” he said

Read more:

Australia is about to introduce new security laws and let the clowns out

Something about those Bolt readers they are everywhere

Very funny if it wasn’t serious this will be happening somewhere near or to you



ORLANDO-Citizens of the “Sunshine State” were left stunned this week after federal law enforcement agents took time off from drug-interdiction duties long enough to round up a group of miscreants in central Florida’s Osceola County. In a shocking deviation from the norm, federal agents participated in a well planned and effective sting operation that netted around a dozen members of a white supremacist group, “The American Front.”americanfront1

The U.S. Justice Department has long considered central Florida a hotbed for white supremacist recruiting. A spokesman for the FBI, Corporal Robert ‘Bat’ Guano, stated that “We keep a close eye on central and northwest Florida because of the low average IQ of its citizenry. It’s really easy for a charismatic leader to convince these idiots that all sorts of weird conspiracy theories are actually true. They actually believe what they hear from Fox News pundits and Tea Party candidates. Combine that with the native population’s hatred of minorities and love of firearms and you have a volatile combination.”
Over the weekend FBI and ATF agents posed as rodeo clowns in an operation code-named “Roundup” that took place at a barbecue and picnic held at the American Front HQ in rural Osceola County. The headquarters consists of a modified 1986 vintage mobile home and an above ground swimming pool (stocked with catfish) resting at the center of around ten acres of partially wooded property.


The agents cleverly ingratiated themselves by entertaining kids at the event while the adults were attending mandatory automatic-weapons drills and a grenade-toss contest. The miscreant offspring were treated to traditional Cretonian children’s games such as “pin the crime on the nigger,” “kick the Jew into the minefield,” and “beat on the fag with a baseball bat.”
After a laid back afternoon of barbecue, draft beer, and plotting the overthrow of the U.S. government, the group members were surprised to learn the clowns they had hired to entertain the kiddies were actually highly trained undercover agents from the FBI, DEA, and ATF.
“We certainly did surprise them,” said Special Agent Matt Helm, of the Orlando Field Office of the FBI. “We recovered AK-47’s, grenades, night vision equipment, and a lab apparently set up to manufacture the nerve agent ricin, among other things.” Agent Helm was quick to point out that there was no threat of a chemical weapons stockpile in the area because all the group had managed to manufacture so far was a particularly impure batch of methamphetamine.


Local law enforcement officials were not surprised at the haul of illegal weapons and drugs. They have expressed concerns about the group and had plans to infiltrate it. However, they have been consistently thwarted by county and state elected officials who depend on under-the-table cash donations from the American Front and other right-wing groups for both their campaigns and vacations to Bangkok. It seems the Justice Department had to get involved to get anything done, as is so often the case in Florida.
Arrested were Marcus and Patricia Faella, Christopher Brooks, Richard Stockdale, Kent McLellan, Diane Stevens, and ten other group members. They have been charged with a wide variety of crimes ranging from plotting to overthrow the federal government to bestiality involving unwilling miniature goats.


According to court documents the group had planned to cause “some kind of disturbance” at the Orlando city hall building, and were also looking forward to the yearly counter-protest of May Day activities this spring.
The property on which the American Front headquarters stands was found to be honey-combed with mysterious tunnels leading nowhere. Sandbags and railroad ties were stacked in defensive positions around the trailer and swimming pool area. The trailer itself was riddled with holes caused by inaccurate machine gun fire from the mandatory weapons training sessions. There were also gaping holes in the walls of the trailer that authorities believe are meant to be rifle ports but could just be caused by rats.
Marcus and Patricia Faella were released after posting one million dollars bond. As is usually the case, their henchmen were left to rot in jail.

Editor’s Note: This article was reprinted from January 8th of this year because I am feeling too damn lazy to write today. Besides, I have to repair a leaky toilet before it falls into the crawlspace and releases hundreds of giant hostile scorpions from the depths. I have not bothered to check on the status of any of these morons, but knowing Florida they are probably still walking around free and are planning on hopping the next Greyhound to Murphy-if they can read, that is.

ASIO wants to recruit Muslim operatives for Team Australia.

15,000 paid FBI informants spy on the American Muslim Community. Is entrapment likely?

47 asylum seekers remain in indefinite detention with no reason required. ASIO files remain a secret due to reasons of “National Security”. Abbott has told us scrutiny of Australian citizens will increase some will be detained. Will the reason for detention also remain a secret due to National Security? Watch this and be the judge is this our TEAM AUSTRALIA ? ASIO OR FSB Watch this video

SHUSH Abbott too much crowing about National Security…..It’s a secret Mother…..r

How many of these certificates will be signed Tony Abbott after his poll status has gone up

How original is Tony Abbott and his merry men on their recruitment drive?

Why splash National Security action all over the media is Abbott hoping for a home grown event. We have government ministers lining up to tell us that Australia is ready to join the US in Iraq; a very broad statement that tells us nothing specific, but does succeed in mobilizing the minds of the ‘gung-ho’ brigade.”

It’s been year full of gaffes, embarrassment and a budget disaster the government needs a deflection to draw attention away from it’s failings and the rumblings in it’s ranks. What better than an illusion of a threat. How original how bright. Margret Thatcher always said if in crisis governments create a crisis to hide their crisis.

 “A terror suspect has been arrested by a new anti-terror squad attempting to leave Melbourne Airport with at least one other person, and is suspected of going to fight in a conflict abroad.” David Irvine

“new Australian Customs and Border Protection counter-terrorism units were now operating in Sydney and Melbourne international airports.” Tony Abbott

 “This government will do everything that is necessary to keep this country safe.”  Tony Abbott

Abbott’s announcement came after ASIO Director General David Irvine’s  assisting Abbott to draw our attention elsewhere. While the media lapped it up for a second nothing more has been said why? Abbott is sabre rattling  a show  for us but big brother US of A isn’t racing to action. But Bolt and the Murdoch Press are on board trying to lift this leaner telling us how well he operates on this international level. Are we to believe our Tony is a major adviser to the all big players?

If the government wanted to be truly effective in its efforts to protect us from any terrorist threat, would it not be more prudent to do it without a megaphone? After all, that is what they are doing with border security.”

Why are they making such a noise about combating terrorism? Ram ping up a perceived threat, as has been happening recently, is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to win back votes. It achieves no other purpose, except to alert possible terrorists to be more vigilant and to be on their game.

 [The prime minister] is just using this as a shield

Our pivot of the pacific draws our attention to the Ukraine and the Middle East. Abbott believes he has a winner; with National Security. Will anybody raise  the fact that Abbott has just given up 40 years of goodwill created by the ABC within the Pacific Region  to China because of his  $230 mill cut to it’s budget. A cut promised not to be made.  China’s news broadcaster Xinhua  is in Fiji and this week has signed a contract to supply the regional news in English, French and Chinese to Vanuatu and it’s neighbours. That’s National Security that Tony Abbott or Andrew Bolt aren’t talking about.

Has Tony Abbott just done the same for Melanesia?

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