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Old Dog Thoughts- There is no progress without criticism but not all criticism is progressive

Cuts to JobSeeker, Jobkeeper: out of the frying pan and into the fire

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 28/9/20; JobSeeker, JobKeeper, We aren’t a Public Service; The technology isn’t to blame; Fake News,

Frydenberg’s Folly – » The Australian Independent Media Network

So why is this piece titled Frydenberg’s folly?. Because in one fell swoop he has morphed his image as a credible commentator on the nation’s accounts into just another partisan attack dog. He has replaced his reputation in the area of finance with what we have come to despise so profoundly. That is his folly!

Frydenberg’s Folly – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Has Scott Morrison forgotten that he’s Victoria’s Prime Minister, too?

Daniel Andrews and Scott Morrison.

Murmours of Andrews being a model of what a PM should look like has set Morrison and Frydenberg off against not just Andrews but Victoria blaming the State for everything they haven’t done. (ODT)

They need him to succeed on their behalf. The Prime Minister might find that destabilising the state government during a recession and a pandemic might not please as many Victorians as he thinks.

Has Scott Morrison forgotten that he’s Victoria’s Prime Minister, too?

Dan Andrews Strangulation


Kevin Rudd


#ScottyFromMarketing wants a fall guy for 1st recession in 30yrs: Dan Andrews. Nothing is Scott’s responsibility: aged care failure; dodgy Covid app; slow stimulus when Covid first hit; no infrastructure plan to rebuild confidence. All aided by Murdoch’s Liberal protection racket

Old Dog Thoughts- Scapegoating Dan Andrews on Aged-Care and China. Remember CHAFTA

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg in a suit in front of a TV screen

Fighting Fake News with REAL 4/9/20;How Big Money Corrupts Our Politics (And How to Fix It) | Robert Reich; Josh Frydenberg the Harvard dropkick Treasurer;

Victory for Andrews Labor Government as anti-wage theft law is passed

Anyone feel there’s a concerted effort to “Get Andrews” maybe because he’s doing a real job. (ODT)

The Wage Theft Bill, was viewed as a cornerstone promise in Premier Daniel Andrews’s state re-election campaign in 2018. It now sees guilty parties – such as business owners, managers, shopkeepers and accountants, or anyone connected to a business enterprise – who deliberately withhold award wages and related entitlements established under the Fair Work Act (2009) from their workers risk prison sentences up to ten years and face fines upwards of $198,264 for individuals and $991,320 for companies.

via Victory for Andrews Labor Government as anti-wage theft law is passed