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Clive Palmer’s campaign will have a body count

CAN YOU SMELL IT, dear reader? That faint but unmistakably putrid odour of dank memes and moral decay? It can only be one of two things: a truck full of rotting fish has crashed into the abandoned vomit factory, or Clive Palmer’s political grift is back on. Unfortunately, it’s the latter. The United Australia Party are already gearing up for the coming election as Palmer attempts to recapture the same triumph as 2019, where he spent $83 million to secure zero seats in either house. However, it contributed to the skin-of-the-teeth return of the coal-friendly Morrison Government who celebrated their win by immediately opening the Galilee Basin for coal mining.

Source: Clive Palmer’s campaign will have a body count

Palmer’s propaganda fodder for far-Right rebellion

Of concern here is the theme Palmer has advocated, saying that there have been few COVID-19 deaths and that the real threats are from the vaccinations themselves — identical to the views of The Australia Project, the same people who are seemingly advocating an overthrow of the government. One has to wonder if Clive’s war-chest has been spent on anything other than advertising.

Source: Palmer’s propaganda fodder for far-Right rebellion

Craig Kelly joins Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party for ad spend

Craig Kelly has become the leader of the United Australia Party.

Former Liberal MP Craig Kelly has joined Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party so he can access a war chest of funds to more widely share his controversial views over the handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: Craig Kelly joins Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party for ad spend

Gladys, Climate Change And Why Some Days Everything Is So Obvious… – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Like I said, it’s obvious really. I once said that when I first bought a home, I one day hoped to live in a million dollar property. Little did I realise that it would happen without me moving. I also imagined that it would be a beachfront property. Given the way climate change action is happening, that might also happen without me moving, too

Source: Gladys, Climate Change And Why Some Days Everything Is So Obvious… – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Clive Palmer’s astonishing Facebook spend on ‘bullsh-t’ fake news ads

Billionaire mining magnate and political pest Clive Palmer is outspending every other political party in the country on Facebook ads before the Queensland election, sharing discredited claims about a Labor death tax.


Old Dog Thoughts-Trumpsters and Murdoch Media bellow “Back to Work” Australia from their Home Offices

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 30/3/20; Clive Palmer and News Corp join forces for mutual benefit but not any Common Good; Lessons Learned; Vigilance Required; Fake News, State Power,

Palmer coal mine dwarfs Adani | The Saturday Paper

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Clive Palmer’s Waratah Coal has applied for a mining lease and environmental assessment to build a coalmine four times the size of Adani’s Carmichael mine in the Queensland Galilee Basin, reports Guardian Australia. If burned, coal in the west Queensland seam alone could shift the earth’s climate a third of the way to 2 degrees of warming. Palmer, who spent upwards of $60m in political advertising in the run up to the federal election, is also planning to build a coal-fired power station in the state. The news comes as Senator Malcolm Roberts accuses the Bureau of Meteorology of removing a graph that “goes against the narrative of the climate extremists” in a Senate estimates hearing. In the hearing Greens Senator Hanson-Young asked if the Morrison government had been briefed regarding “the climate emergency”. Climate Change and Energy Innovation deputy secretary Jo Evans replied that she does not use such terminology, preferring to “stick to a factual description”.

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The Streisand Effect – Clive Palmer forgot about that

The Streisand Effect: lawyers’ threats backfire amid the rising trade in hurt feelings

Clive Palmer is suing YouTube sensation Jordan Shanks for defamation. Instead of capitulating however, Shanks doubled down and tore strips off Palmer in the funniest response to a legal threat yet. If you have been legally threatened in similar ways – we want to hear about it – click here to let us know – the Streisand effect may work in your favour.

The Streisand Effect – Clive Palmer forgot about that