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Consumers warned of looming ‘nightmare’ as AEMO reports record wholesale electricity costs – ABC News

This report reads as if this emergency is a natural disaster and not the collapse of a man-made system that’s currently out of control. We have seen the collapse of man-made free-market systems before and occurring more regularly and have seen governments stepping in to bolster and stabilise them at everyone’s expense. Not just at the expense of their owners. Free markets simply don’t operate in everybody’s interest and never have so why should everybody pay least of all those that can least afford to? A race for profit was never one based on common sense.

We are currently feeling and experiencing proof positive of a collapse as if we have nobody to blame for it domestically. Yes, we have globally connected something the LNP denied about climate for over a decade simply because to think otherwise would have affected trade and the profit race of some. Our current domestic failure is a reflection of man’s failure to treat energy as a global resource but rather treat it as a privatised one. In Australia’s case owned by multinational corporations who control energy from resource to production and distribution. Wasn’t it always time for a total rethink on energy production and distribution not just now that the shit has hit the fan? One with a guaranteed better logical outcome for everybody? Common sense to the LNP seems to always be a Socialist plot.

Dump free-market and it’s private interests, propagandised mythologised as common, for a start. Energy should be socialised, free and common to everyone distributed as a basic need and equally allocated for a start. It should be nationalised from resource, production and distribution. Any payment system over and above a baseline should be determined according to ones means.

All energy companies and the system need to be totally integrated and regulated for both our and the planet’s betterment not simply owned by a powerful few. A common sense should prevail over any individual one. To say it can’t be done ignores the fact that it was done in the past during periods of war and national emergencies energy was socialised. Need came before profit dictated that private gain was last in line when it came to energy distribution. It was understood then that energy wasn’t a product best controlled by a free-market but regulated. It needed to be in a much fairer fashion the mechanics of which began with the war against Germany and Japan. Science, invention all our systems both economic and cultural changed and weren’t driven by business alone but rather a politics of common sense rather than individual interest. It’s been decades of the opposite with the LNP government mostly in power and we are all paying the cost through the nose for it not just those that profited.

Dutton now after only 2 months saying “stop talking the past just fix the problem” The problem being what he and the LNP spent a decade allowing to fester. Unfortunately, you can’t stop an avalanche or stampede in its tracks like Whitlam and Hawke did. Rudd and Gillard saved us from the GFC and history has shown us the ALP has always repaired the LNP’s mess and done the hard yards with the least amount of pain. While the LNP always operated on the race for profit allowing the nation to slide on every other social metric. The ALP remains dedicated to Democracy even if that means one arm tied behind it’s back and allowing idiots like Peter Dutton spout his inanities as opposition leader.

Key points:

  • Wholesale prices in the national electricity market averaged $264/MWh in the three months to June 30
  • The figure was twice the previous highest quarterly average and three times higher than a year ago
  • Surging wholesale power prices have sparked warnings that consumers face huge bill increases

Consumers warned of looming ‘nightmare’ as AEMO reports record wholesale electricity costs – ABC News


We Can Free Ourselves from State Capitalism

Noam Chomsky: We Can Free Ourselves from State Capitalism

David Goeßm

The Dangerous Rise of the Gullible American Cynic | The Smirking Chimp

“And you know, you can tell these types of right wingers anything and they’ll believe it, except the truth. You tell them the truth and they become—it’s like showing Frankenstein’s monster fire. They become confused, and angry and highly volatile.” — Janeane Garofalo

Source: The Dangerous Rise of the Gullible American Cynic | The Smirking Chimp

I’ve Seen This Movie Before: A Warning for the Albanese Government – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Conclusion: Learn from History or Repeat It

The newly minted Prime Minister and his government seem to have learned the lesson from ten years ago. They are not willing to be beholden to the Greens because they know how that plays out. This is not to say that the Greens should be utterly shut out. Some of their policy ideas are positive (expanding Medicare to include mental health and dental care for one). But they should not be allowed to demand their policies be implemented when they received a tiny percentage of the vote. Who do they think they are, the Nationals? More seriously, the lesson of allowing small minority parties to have large influence over policy is not a lesson that Anthony Albanese has forgotten. Long may this strategic competence continue.

Source: I’ve Seen This Movie Before: A Warning for the Albanese Government – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Tonga tsunami alert as waves crash into homes following earthquake


The Australian government said it was working to determine a damage assessment and what assistance may be required, while a tsunami warning for coastal NSW and parts of Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania followed warnings for Norfolk Island and Lord Howe Island issued more than four hours after the waves began to hit Tonga.

Source: Tonga tsunami alert as waves crash into homes following earthquake

Intercepted: Naomi Klein on “Don’t Look Up”


Klein is a professor of climate justice at the University of British Columbia and the author of many books on climate change, including her latest, “How to Change Everything: The Young Human’s Guide to Protecting the Planet and Each Other.”

Source: Intercepted: Naomi Klein on “Don’t Look Up”

Clive Palmer woos a demographic that is disaffected and ‘mad as hell’

Clive Palmer is picking up votes in the eastern states.

A Vote for Palmer’s UAP is a Vote for Morrison and that’s as diseased as Democracy gets.  Remind yourself what Morrison did these past 3 years and what he would do with another 3 owing Palmer. Palmer is the bastard who keeps nobody honest when it comes to getting what he wants.

Published opinion polls are barely recording more than 5 per cent for “others”, but several insiders insist Palmer’s UAP is looking at a vote across Victoria, NSW and Queensland of around 8 per cent and as high as 12 per cent across suburban Melbourne and Brisbane. About 17 per cent voters under 40 are considering voting for Palmer, one strategist told this columnist.

Source: Clive Palmer woos a demographic that is disaffected and ‘mad as hell’

Inspection- Ride to Hell Again or Justice Well Served? | The Smirking Chimp

If Trump runs again, and election fraud takes us back, you know the anger, the self righteousness, will make Trump 1.0 look as mild as flashing a peace symbol, right?  Bil Barr will be back.  Roger Stone will be back.  The crime family will be back.  Putin as head adviser will be back: making sure his protégé foolows his lead.  Boogaloos, militia-types, Oath Keepers, etc, will be back: Trump’s Brownshirts will be back. And THEY WILL BE BACK WITH A VENGEANCE. Revenge will be how it starts.  If justice is not served that will only be the start of an unimaginable living hell.

Source: Inspection- Ride to Hell Again or Justice Well Served? | The Smirking Chimp

Less than 8 Weeks to Save our Democracy from a Grotesque, Bigoted, illiterate Game Show Host and Real Estate Grifter

In 2016, thanks largely to the antiquated, nonsensical design of its creaky electoral system, the U.S. presidency was awarded to a candidate who lost the election by nearly 3 million votes to his opponent. This elderly man, a functionally illiterate game show host and petty real estate grifter with an unbroken, lifelong trail of stiffed creditors, unpaid workers, disastrous bankruptcies, acrimonious divorces and criminal allegations, oozes at every moment a grotesque, seething and conspiracy-laced resentment against women, minorities, immigrants and what he nearly always calls “the Democrat Party.” He pours this toxic ensemble into a cocktail shaker with empty embarrassing braggadocio, adding in equal portions of a genuinely bottomless ability to lie shamelessly and an all-around lack of even the most rudimentary ability to head the executive branch of the most powerful country in the world. The resulting concoction has been force-fed to us for nearly four years now. It is the worst drink I’ve ever had.

Less than 8 Weeks to Save our Democracy from a Grotesque, Bigoted, illiterate Game Show Host and Real Estate Grifter

Michael Moore Provides ‘Reality Check,’ Warning Swing State Polls Signal Trump Could Pull Off Electoral Victory in November | Common Dreams News

The filmmaker correctly predicted Trump’s win in 2016.

Michael Moore Provides ‘Reality Check,’ Warning Swing State Polls Signal Trump Could Pull Off Electoral Victory in November | Common Dreams News

The right’s vile Ferguson ploy: Why they really want to focus on “riots”

The right's vile Ferguson ploy: Why they really want to focus on "riots"

Supporters of Darren Wilson and apologists for Ferguson officials are desperate to change the subject. Here’s why

From the very beginning, before St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch had uttered the first word of his defensive and dissembling speech, the fix was in. The conspiracy this time was not to protect Officer Darren Wilson from standing trial for the killing of Michael Brown, though that was certainly related. This time, the conspiracy was to organize the announcement of Wilson’s exoneration in as provocative a way as possible. The ultimate goal was to manipulate the public and the press into forgetting the real story of Ferguson — of police brutality and racial injustice — and bickering about the morality of rioting instead.

At the very least, that’s the impression I’ve had throughout the Ferguson controversy, especially as the wait for news from the grand jury dragged on, and as the county’s offices began leaking pro-Wilson factoids like a sieve. And after witnessing last night’s spectacle, which was preceded by multiple delays and conspicuous readying of the state’s police forces, I’m no less convinced that the powers that be in Missouri approached the Wilson verdict with little concern for accountability or justice. All they wanted was to improve the Ferguson power structure’s battered images — not by doing good, but by making the protesters look even worse. It’s a tried and tested strategy; as Rick Perlstein has documented, it helped make Richard Nixon president.

A quick look at the nation’s front pages on Tuesday indicates that the plan worked on some, but fewer perhaps than these would-be Pat Buchanans wanted. By maneuvering to incite disorder and polarize public opinion along race lines, these would-be Nixons probably thought they could “cut the … country in half,” as Buchanan recommended, and walk away with “far the larger half.” But while some of the biggest names out there fell for the trick, focusing on the small number of rioters instead of Wilson’s verdict, most editors understood that the controversy in Ferguson remains what it’s always been: A jarring and dispiriting reminder that the Declaration of Independence’s assertion of universal human equality (the “promissory note,” as Martin Luther King Jr. once called it) remains, for millions of Americans, a debt unpaid.

There’s a lesson here, one that those outraged by what’s happened this year in Ferguson — and happens countless times throughout America, each and every day — should keep in mind as they contribute to our amorphous yet powerful national conversation. Put simply, we must not allow supporters of the Wilson verdict to distract us by making this a conversation about rioting or poverty or race. That’s not to say we should condone the riots; and it’s certainly not to say we should avoid subjects that involve issues of race and poverty. What it means instead is keeping in mind that riots are nothing new, that the unique struggles of the African-American community can’t be simply attributed to poverty, and that discussions of “race” that aren’t linked with specific policy changes often result in little more than frivolous declarations of privilege.

If we can combat the dual influences of a Ferguson elite that wants national attention to drift elsewhere; and a national media that dislikes policy and favors more watchable, clickable, shareable and fundamentally empty manifestations of the culture war — if we can do that, there’s hope that even though the killing of Michael Brown by Darren Wilson will always be an obscenity, it won’t have been entirely in vain. So let’s ignore those in American society who would rather debate the merits of trashing a bodega than the killing of a child, and let’s not listen to those who would use this opportunity to relitigate the civil rights movement, the Rodney King riots or the Trayvon Martin case. Let’s honor the wishes of Michael Brown’s parents and decline to “just make noise” in favor of making “a difference.”

How to define that difference — whether through body cameras on police, constraining the power of prosecutors, mandating that police departments reflect the communities they serve, etc. — is the debate we need to have right now. The culture war can wait.

Elias Isquith Elias Isquith is a staff writer at Salon, focusing on politics. Follow him on Twitter at @eliasisquith, and email him at