The Augean stables in need of a flush ! – » The Australian Independent Media Network


Why are so many of these old white dudes getting the DCM (don’t come Monday) in the Murdoch media empire ? Is it something to do with the quality of people Murdoch has attracted and promoted over the years ? Is it only now that Lachlan has taken over that action is finally being taken ? Who knows, suffice to say that young Murdoch still has a way to go until these stables are free of excrement !

Most references to these shenanigans come from sources other than Newscorp and that could be part of the problem, that a news organisation refuses to recognise or record its own failings :

Here are the women who have publicly accused Roger Ailes of sexual harassment

Chris Dore’s exit from News Corp lifts lid on behaviour at governor general’s residence

You could add so many more to this list such as O’Reilly D’Souza, then others that have jumped willingly not to even consider the UK that came close closing Murdoch down entirely

Source: The Augean stables in need of a flush ! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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