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Lachlan Murdoch, architect of Fox News’ extremist turn, may soon gain even more power | Media Matters for America

Lachlan Murdoch with a Fox News logo

Gladiator of “Free Speech” is suing Crikey for a single sentence why? Because he can.

Lachlan Murdoch helped turn Fox News into a bastion of white supremacist talking points, election subversion, and anti-vaccine conspiracy theories while shredding its “news side” operation. Now he may be rewarded with even more power.

Source: Lachlan Murdoch, architect of Fox News’ extremist turn, may soon gain even more power | Media Matters for America

Murdochs Expose Their Hypocrisy in Lawsuits Over Fox News

In separate defamation suits in the U.S. and Australia, the owners of Fox News contradict themselves by trying to avoid the punishment they seek to inflict on others.Peter MaassPeter MaassAugust 30 2022, 12:14 a.m.

Murdochs Expose Their Hypocrisy in Lawsuits Over Fox News

Lachlan Murdoch v Crikey: How a US Capitol article with 804 words could cost an Australian publication millions

Lachlan Murdoch’s business record in Australia hasn’t been all that great. One Tel springs to mind “At the time, Mr Packer and Mr Murdoch,lost $1 billion invested by family vehicles PBL and News Corp, They said they’d had been misled about One.Tel’s financial position.

Then came Network Ten is One.Tel Mark II – AFR For a second time he and Packer bet and lost millions on a looks-like-blue-sky business opportunity

Why does Lachlan Murdoch, a Philosophy major, believe his reputation will be improved by this legal action against Crikey?

Millions of dollars in legal costs are expected to be spent as News Corp co-chairman and Fox Corporation chief executive Lachlan Murdoch, eldest son of media baron Rupert, sues a comparative minnow in Australia, Crikey, for defamation over a June 29 article.

Lachlan Murdoch v Crikey: How a US Capitol article with 804 words could cost an Australian publication millions

Tucker Carlson: “Elite culture” is “united in their contempt” for “white men” | Media Matters for America

Middle America is lifted to “Elite” on Fox News Equality once an American Goal and Hope is regarded as “elite” Democracy is “elite”.

Glenn Beck was fired from Fox News in 2011 after making similar comments. Now no one bats an eye.

Tucker Carlson: “Elite culture” is “united in their contempt” for “white men” | Media Matters for America

What is the “mad left”? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Even before the Albanese government was certain that it would have a clear majority, the Sky News chorus had begun baying about the “mad left” taking power. What the madness constitutes is never quite made clear. It is “vibe” rather than diagnosis.

It is not to be dismissed because of that inexactitude. This is another echo of the games deriving from the American right where the so-called left is essentially unfit to hold office; only the right can form a legitimate government. The fear-mongering underpins the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, as well as the continuing efforts to “stop the steal.”

It is further developed in the US. The intertwining of the religious right with the Republican Party has given an Evangelical (Pentecostal) infusion to the mix. In the Spiritual Warfare battle between good and evil that must be won for Jesus to return, Jesus votes Republican and the “left” is a demonic force obstructing him


Source: What is the “mad left”? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

US Editorials called the Polish immigrant Grandparents of Laura Ingraham ‘Undesirables’

The Global Goose step of Murdoch Media. Is Laura Ingraham really Andrew Bolt? One hand aren’t all the fingers different? Not at Murdoch Media it’s a closed fist (ODT)

Professional bigot Laura Ingraham, ensconced in the primo 10 pm slot at Fox Cable News, has delivered herself of one of her typical Know-Nothing pronouncements on immigration to the US.

US Editorials called the Polish immigrant Grandparents of Laura Ingraham ‘Undesirables’

James Murdoch Rebukes Trump’s Charlottesville Reaction, Pledges $1M To ADL And Gives Fox News A Pass | Crooks and Liars

James Murdoch, the chief executive of Fox News’ parent company, 21st Century Fox and the son of Trump-whisperer Rupert Murdoch, has, “in a personal capacity,” condemned Trump’s remarks about the violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville last week.

Source: James Murdoch Rebukes Trump’s Charlottesville Reaction, Pledges $1M To ADL And Gives Fox News A Pass | Crooks and Liars

Where dogs go to die – » The Australian Independent Media Network

The MSM runs on bluff. They are will-o-the-wisps, all smoke and mirrors. The LNP/IPA crowd are cowards, all of them. Gutless cowards every man-Jack /woman-Jill. There is no real threat from that quarter, but it is their pay-masters who will be out there slinging the stones and arrows, seeking to get as many of the voting public on-side to do as much damage to union credibility as possible through those miserable creatures in their pay; the journalists. ……. So whenever any of the MSM comes out with an attack upon the union and/or its leadership, consider it an attack upon ourselves – for that is what it is – and then attack back at that individual journalist. And spare no measure when doing so, for they will not show any consideration nor mercy toward any one of us they want to destroy..

Source: Where dogs go to die – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Day to Day Politics: Murdoch Madness and the Daily Telegraph. – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Friday 6 July 2017 Being Conned with Bullshit For most of my working life I worked in marketing and advertising so I know how people are influenced, persuaded or swayed by such things as branding and repetitive advertising. Companies spend millions of dollars to subtly brainwash you, to align you with a certain brand or…

Source: Day to Day Politics: Murdoch Madness and the Daily Telegraph. – » The Australian Independent Media Network

The truth behind the Abbott ‘lie’ – » The Australian Independent Media NetworkNone other than Rupert Murdoch himself

Do you remember this story from February 1? Tony Abbott has reportedly held a private meeting with US President Barack Obama in Washington. The former prime minister also held secret talks with the president’s spy chief, News Corp reported on Monday, noting that the meetings could irk Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Mr Abbott and Mr…

Source: The truth behind the Abbott ‘lie’ – » The Australian Independent Media Network

How Fox News Responded to Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Show versus White Rioters Smashing Police Cars

In a dazzling display of ignorance and hypocrisy, Fox News once again shows us why they are the premier spin zone for the Republican party and its backwards politics. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a regular contributor and panelist on Fox News programs, recently appeared on their morning show Fox & Friends sounding like an […]

Source: How Fox News Responded to Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Show versus White Rioters Smashing Police Cars

Tony Abbott’s ‘private dinner’ with Barack Obama actually a lunch attended by dozens. NewsCorp Spin & Abbott doing the Rudd

Former prime minister Tony Abbott crossed paths with US President Barack Obama at an event attended by dozens of other people rather than having a “private dinner” as reported.

Source: Tony Abbott’s ‘private dinner’ with Barack Obama actually a lunch attended by dozens

Sean Hannity goes full sexist jackass: “I guess you could argue that Bill Cosby probably helped women in their careers” –

In discussion of Bill Clinton’s infidelities and the liberal media, the Fox host comes out with this nutty garbage VIDEO

Source: Sean Hannity goes full sexist jackass: “I guess you could argue that Bill Cosby probably helped women in their careers” –

The Right think we are Governed by the Left but we elected the Right: No they simply deflect Abbott’s tragic performance and blame the left.

bolt x

Tony Abbott became Prime Minister of Australia on September 7 2013. His leadership, and indeed his government has been so dreadful that less than half way through his three year term, a spill motion was moved against him. It was an election he won handsomely.

The only obstruction in his way was the appointment of a bunch of senators who in normal circumstances would never have been elected.

After surviving the spill he announced that good government would start the next day.

Since then there has been an attempt by the MSM to absurdly paint Labor as being responsible for the Coalition’s failures. But prior to this ridiculous notion its incapacity to govern with the slightest semblance of authority was blamed on “first term blues” which of course is a nonsense when you consider that most of the ministers are from Howards ministry. They should have been prepared.

And as Miranda Devine pointed out, the most academically qualified government ever. They had all the experience necessary to govern why then do they now blame Labor for all their woes.

On Andrew Bolt’s blog this week one could be forgiven for thinking that the right actually wanted the left to bail them out. To govern for them.

Try these for example.


“There are actually two governments in Australia. The main one controls the House of Representatives and is trying to cut spending – now – before the country gets smashed.’’
“The other government is a loose coalition in the Senate, comprising Labor, the Greens, Clive Palmer’s Senators and Jacqie Lambie. This coalition believes there is no financial disaster to fix and is blocking spending cuts and reforms to our welfare culture.”

Alan Mitchell:

“The Australian public should now demand Labor plays its part in resolving the nation’s fiscal problem.”

“Labor is content to let the Senate crossbenchers exercise the balance of power, but Labor has 25 seats in the Senate. Acting in concert with the government, the Labor senators could pass a package of measures to bring the structural budget back into surplus by the end of the decade…

If Labor can happily announce what it won’t pass, surely it can indicate the kind of measures it would vote for. That, voters might reasonably think, is a pretty basic responsibility of any alternative government that is using its numbers to hold up a significant part of a much-needed fiscal repair program.”

Janet Albrechtsen:

“According to record low polls for the government, we, the ¬people, have told the Abbott government it will be obliterated at the next election for aiming for a budget that spends only as much as it earns….
A modest Medicare co-payment with carve-outs for the needy and the young? No thanks.
A sustainable university funding model? No thanks.
A fairer pension system to better fund those in need as the ageing population grows? No thanks.
Reining in disability payments so those in genuine need are better cared for? No thanks.
Fewer middle-class perks — think baby bonuses, family benefits, childcare rebates — so money can be better directed to the poorest? No thanks…
And if voters continue to rebuff these efforts, what then? … [Labor leader Bill] Shorten will be handsomely rewarded for being irresponsible about budget reform, let alone the economy … “

Are these writers seriously suggesting that the Labor party should put lay long held ideological beliefs to appease a party who created a false economic spending crisis and the when it came to power, doubled it. All in the cause of bi-partisanship.

Bullshitting is bad enough but when people believe their own. That is intellectual dishonesty.

Middle class perks that Howard created every three years to get re-elected. Just forget that the LNP has never done a thing for pensioners and support an ill founded policy that takes from the poor and gives to the rich. A co-payment doctors fee that could be the pre curser to an American style health care system and a University funding scheme that reeks of inequality. In other words give up all that it stands for.

Putting aside the political naivety of all that rubbish for a moment, and the stupidity of it, one is entitled to remind the Prime Minister that it was he that was elected to govern and not Bill Shorten.

We might even remind him that incumbency gives government enormous powers and it’s not necessarily the job of the opposition to always take a bi partisan approach.

There are numerous reasons for the Coalitions inability to govern but the three main ones are, poor leadership, an ideology based on unfairness and a hostile senate. None of which the Labor Party is responsible for.

The first is a result of their own selection, the second, unfairness is anathema to the Australian public and the third is Abbott’s inherent stubbiness for compromise, or persuasion. It’s the captain’s choice or abandon ship. Take your pick.

Compromise or bi partisanship can and has been practiced in this country for as long as I can remember. Very rarely has a government controlled both houses. But not at the expense of the first rule of politics ‘’gain power’’ or indeed the second rule “retain power.”

“There are still people in my party who believe in consensus. I regard them as quislings, as traitors … I mean it.”
Margaret Thatcher.

Too much bi partisanship can negatively result in a blurring of ideological demarcation between the parties, even discouraging agreement between more than one party. It can also prevent people not thinking beyond a two-party system.

Just because a party is finding it difficult having its way, it doesn’t follow, as the media and the government seem to want, that the opposition should, compromise and rescue every situation.

Rightly or wrongly we have an adversarial form of government. The Coalition is the government with everything at its power to form policy and implement it. The opposition is there to hold the government to account.

Abbott as Opposition leader said that “Oppositions oppose, that’s what they are there for”. He was called Dr No because of his blatant hostility to everything proposed by the Gillard and Rudd governments.

The reason put forward for Labor to reveal its economic policies is the current state of the budget, and in particular, spending, yet in 2010, in Tony Abbott’s first term as Opposition leader, he failed to produce anything like a detailed plan to curb spending, even in his Budget reply speech attacking debt and deficit just months out from the scheduled election. Abbott told Parliament that shadow treasurer Hockey would unveil measures to reduce spending and increase productivity at the National Press Club the following week. Joe hand balled it to Andrew Robb and the whole thing became a balls up.

The government doesn’t need bi partisanship to resolve these issues. It simply needs to come to its senses and admit it delivered an unfair budget and that revenue is as much a part of the problem as is spending.

I am yet to hear an economist say that the budgetary problems are beyond repair. It simply needs a strategy that takes into account an equitable fairness. Not a lifters and leaners approach that rewards the rich and privileged and condemns all others to some degree of poverty.

As Shadow Treasure Chris Bowen said in the Financial Review on Thursday. The Government could sell its fiscal reform message, but not when they are: (a) dishonest (b) inconsistent (c) flogging ill thought out policies and (d) not up to the task anyway.

The call for bi partisanship in this case is politically motivated and immature.
Having said that, there is a strong case, generally speaking, for less confrontational politics in this country and I have argued the case for openness, transparency and the common good many times.

We saw in the UK a very unique and rare example of bi partisanship when the three political leaders, David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg, have this month signed a pledge to tackle climate change. The closest we come to this is on National Security where it is in the Oppositions best interests to be bi-partisan.

Our system requires vigorous debate with a better, more civil and open exchange of ideas. But politics by its very nature cannot be devoid of opportunism and the pursuit of power. We can only ever hope for the better practice of it.

If you want otherwise then invent another system.

Bill Shorten has promised that this year will be a year of “ideas”. He will not be taking the small target approach that has been the norm for some time. “We are prepared to work on the big policies that go beyond parliamentary terms”, he told the National Press Club in November.

Let’s hope they are creatively sound, relevant for the times, the future, and economically affordable. That they have public support and don’t require political bi partisanship. The last recourse for bad ideas.

Tony Abbott said good government started on Tuesday 10 Feb. If he’s fair dinkum he doesn’t need Labor to get him out of a hole.

“The whole point about corruption in politics is that it can’t be done, or done properly, without a bipartisan consensus.”
Christopher Hitchens.

“Bipartisan usually means that a larger-than-usual deception is being carried out.”
George Carlin.

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