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Many suspect that Murdoch was promoting the idea that his behaviour showed a mental impediment, in order to avoid being called to give evidence. However, it seems to have backfired if this was indeed the fact. Giving away a $3.5M diamond didn’t help show a judge he was a fruitcake and prevent him from being subpoenaed to testify.

 As an aside, the judge overseeing these matters was approached by the legal team representing the defendant mogul to have him excused from giving evidence in person due to his age and general doddering condition.

The very astute judge questioned, ‘was this the same defendant of whom he had been reading was anticipating betrothal and marriage and looking forward to doing much travelling and lounging on beaches with his new squeeze who, he had just presented with a $3.5 million 11-carat diamond solitaire engagement ring?’ The judge sensibly dismissed the application.

Source: You Wouldn’t Read About It ! – » The Australian Independent Media Network