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Donald Trump attacks Rupert Murdoch over Fox News revelation

Rupert Murdoch and then US president Donald Trump embrace at a function in 2017.

When the heat is turned up we know Murdoch runs the other way. He did it in the UK blaming his employees, closing down a newspaper and like Alan Bond did feigning a medical condition before escaping to America. He hasn’t changed his methods but rather amplified them by creating Fox News. He’s now blaming and disagreeing with his staff just as he did in the UK in order to avoid any personal blowback.

Trump claims that Murdoch’s testimony in which the Australia-born executive expressed doubt over some of the TV network’s popular commentators’ statements would “kill” Murdoch’s defence against the lawsuit brought by Dominion Voting Machines following the 2020 election.

Source: Donald Trump attacks Rupert Murdoch over Fox News revelation