The excruciating irony of Lachlan Murdoch’s Crikey lawsuit

Lachlan Murdoch’s defamation case against Crikey could come back to bite his media empire.

One Tel, Ch 10, Crickey.  Lachlan certainly hasn’t shown dad he deserves his big boy pants has he? The Advocate of Speech Freedom wants to prove money talks and make Crikey walk but they’re not going away. So now he wants to change the rules of the challenge to punish and rid himself of them by sending them broke.But the umpire said “No Way”. Now dad wants to change the company structure will he put little Lachie in charge?

It is difficult to reconcile Murdoch’s submission when NewsCorp Australia will, in all likelihood in future defamation cases, rely on and even hope to expand the application of the very defence that its heir-apparent has just labelled as worthless. If Murdoch’s argument succeeds at trial, he may win this battle against Crikey, but his stable could lose many major wars in the future.

Source: The excruciating irony of Lachlan Murdoch’s Crikey lawsuit

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