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Is Fox News The Greatest Cancer on American Democracy? | The Smirking Chimp

We keep yelling “freedom of the press” but surely “the press” has like everything else changed over time and needs redefining and clarifying? Because Fox News certainly isn’t what the “press” was last century let alone the century before or even when the Constitution was written.

The UK made a judgment on Murdoch’s News of the World so much so Murdoch shut it down in order to keep his license and not be jailed. The British almost declared him “unfit” to run a media company. Surely Americans need to give consideration to events like that.

However, let’s face it they had no qualms in planning to assassinate or kidnap Julian Assange and sentence him to 175 years in jail for a single event. How many years did American Democracy dream of ways to kill Castro? The great experiment at home but Fascism in foreign affairs is Ok it seems. in the past 30 years they have allowed Murdoch to do them slowly. More harm done to their nation than Assange has ever done. Murdoch has assisted in supporting the extreme right, inciting and normalizing violence, riots, pandemic death, and continues to do so in plain sight under the protection of the 4th amendment. Nobody has died because of Julian Assange’s actions. He didn’t even commit the crime he’s accused of on American soil. You can be arrested in outer space if America chooses.

As my SiriusXM colleague Michelangelo Signorile points out, even “real news” guy Chris Wallace has jumped ship. To continue with Rudd’s metaphor, if our media and body politic are infected with a cancer it’s time to isolate it so it can’t further harm our democracy and, by extension, the democracies of the world.

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A cancer on our democracy. – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Imagine half a million Australians, a record 501,876 to be precise, petition for a royal commission into your patron, rabid reactionary, Rupert Murdoch, billionaire media monopolist and monster powerbroker. Does our PM, whose Liberal Party is effectively a wholly-owned subsidiary of News Corp, act democratically? No. Head Office steps in. Sharri Markson and Richard Ferguson of Murdoch’s The Australian publish an article, Kevin Rudd’s Bangladeshi ‘bots’ in media royal commission petition, Thursday 11 February, quoting a “Nicholas Smith”, who claims to have paid an overseas freelancer to “sign” the petition “hundreds of times” in order to “demonstrate to you how easy it is to manipulate our own government’s website”. Smear tactics. Neither mud-slinger Markson, nor feckless Ferguson take the next responsible step: concede that even without this stunt, there are more names on Rudd’s e-petition that any other. Ever. And just who is this Smith and his podcast The Turncoat? The story is a fake. SBS notes that The Turncoat’s Facebook page is littered with posts that have been flagged as misinformation, baseless claims about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine, and others, expressing support for President Trump. Shades of Craig Kelly, MP for Hughes, who despite his dressing down from his PM, immediately returns to Facebook to promote more toxic nonsense about fake cures for Covid-19 and to sow doubt about vaccines. Former furniture rep Kelly appears regularly from his chair on Murdoch’s Sky News, beaming his dangerous disinformation around the country and -via the internet- around the globe – from whence it came. There’s a restless, recycling in Kelly’s quest. As Crikey’s David Hardaker observes, “the outrageous nonsense spouted by the renegade Liberal MP is mostly spun from generic alt-right conspiracies and ideas.”

A cancer on our democracy. – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Disturbing: Researchers Finally Confirm That Cancer Is A Purely Man-Made Disease AnonHQ

Researchers from the University Of Manchester, United Kingdom, have concluded that cancer is a purely modern, man-made disease. In the United Kingdom alone, Cancer claims more than 150,000 lives each year. Statistics also show that about one in three people in the United Kingdom is …

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