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Scott Morrison’s devolution of democracy

No matter how you look at it, this is a sorry saga of secrecy, deceit and manipulation by Scott Morrison and one that has become all too familiar domestically. Although, this is the first time the Prime Minister’s preferred methods of operation have been demonstrated on the world stage. It appears that the U.S. expected Morrison would advise the French in a timely manner of his change of plans. This is a reasonable expectation of a reasonable leader, but the Americans had not yet realised the duplicitous and, some would say, cowardly nature of the man they are working with.

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Sydney outbreak: Vaccines failure shows up the Morrison government

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian in Sydney

From Prime Minister Scott Morrison we see a craven form hiding behind the khaki uniform of Lieutenant-General John Frewen. Morrison has outsourced to the distinguished soldier the politically contentious issue of the failings in planning, purchase and delivery of vaccines to keep Australians safe. This politicisation of our military is frankly scandalous, and according to former cabinet ministers, previous Defence Force chiefs would not have tolerated it. Making a uniformed general an apologist for the federal government’s policy decisions that caused the vaccine scarcity is banana republic stuff. Our vaccine rollout still lags behind the developed world, the PM’s claims last week that even if he had delivered on January’s vaccine timetable Sydney’s lockdown would still have happened, is an admission of failure.

Source: Sydney outbreak: Vaccines failure shows up the Morrison government

Sailor shortage strands Australian warship HMAS Perth in dry dock for two years – Politics – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

A large grey warship sits on supports in dry dock

LNP policy of JOBS & GROWTH seems little more than a scammers slogan (ODT)

Sailor shortage strands Australian warship HMAS Perth in dry dock for two years – Politics – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

How Our Govt Help The Rich Get Richer And The Poor Get Poorer – New Matilda

Already this year, Australians have been confronted with a new barrage of statistics, re-confirming that we are indeed living in a starkly unequal society. The richest 1% now own more wealth than the bottom 70% combined. Growth for workers’ wages has slowed to record lows. Our underemployment rate – 8.4% – is now higher than almost anywhere else in the OECD. And we learned recently that homelessness has jumped 14% since the last census.

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Australian Election 2016 Climate Policies

Thom Mitchell: ACF Gives Coalition A Fail Mark On The Environment

“The Australian Conservation Foundation has eviscerated the Coalition’s environment policies, giving the Government just 14 out of a possible hundred points going into election day.

The Coalition’s fail mark is less than a quarter of Labor’s score of 62, and around one seventh of the Greens leading score of 95. With less than a week until polling day, the Foundation will now refocus its efforts to “let Australians know where the parties stand,” saying it will send 50,000 text messages on election day.

Commenting on the release of the scorecard this morning, ACF Chief Executive Officer Kelly O’Shannassy hit out at the Government for running a “small target strategy” on climate change, and noted “its mark of 14 is well below a pass”.