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The really big dirty secret at the heart of the budget: The media hate Labor

It’s budget time under a new Albanese Labor Government and never will there be a better time to gauge the media reset from pro to anti-government than now.

A few recent examples of the media gang – unfortunately all from the national broadcaster – going into mass hysteria with their “analysis” over Labor’s first budget include:

David Speers to Jim Chalmers: “You can’t keep blaming the Coalition.”

Andrew Probyn to Sarah Ferguson: ‘One clear winner … and millions of losers.’

And the current front-runner in baseless and nonsensical beat-ups, Stan Grant, to no one in particular:

‘The dirty secret at the heart of the Federal Budget…’

The latter is the title of an article by ABC’s Stan Grant, in which he discovers a sudden and most compelling urge to consider Australia’s poor and disadvantaged. It is a new and shocking experience that has clearly eluded Grant and most of his media mates for the past decade.

One of the key tasks of the media – for any younger readers who may never have experienced it – is to hold governments to account. But this, like the key function of governments being to govern, seems to have been AWOL for over nine, very long and dysfunctional years under Coalition reign.

Source: The really big dirty secret at the heart of the budget: The media hate Labor