Morrison Courts Pentecostal world domination

“He said it, We read it, But didn’t believe it. Until we read it in Rolling Stone”

Is a song that might well be applied to the attempted Pentecostalist takeover of the Australian Government. A takeover that’s been stopped in its tracks for the moment but is not yet guaranteed ended. For them, the separation of powers between religion and the state is an anathema born out of multiculturalism and its attended beliefs that need to be stopped. Conversion and forced assimilation their desired path. Morrison’s second coming of Australia. Even Peter Dutton has taken it on as a core of the LNP’s opposition and strategy to divide the Left. Meanwhile, Scott Morrison is ready to reveal his true affiliation with OAN and its Pizzagate imaginings and origins.

Scott Morrison is continuing the Pentecostal agenda in Opposition, undermining the system of government he is still paid to uphold. Managing editor Michelle Pini takes a look at the former PM’s aggressively expanding cult.

Source: Morrison Courts Pentecostal world domination