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Old Dog Thoughts- News Corp’s $306 mill loss despite Clive Palmer’s$60 mill media spend and the Government’s $30 Mill

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Fighting Fake News with REAL,9/11/19; News Corp posts $306 mill loss. Commentators are failing to rate and their incompetancy showing;

News Corp gives Foxtel a $300 million lifeline

News Corp has tipped in $300 million to Foxtel.

Keeping Sky News alive? It should wither on the line (ODT)

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp has handed Foxtel a $300 million lifeline, without backing from fellow shareholder Telstra, amid further signs of weakness for the pay TV provider.

News Corp, which owns 65 per cent of the pay TV provider, used its own balance sheet to provide Foxtel with a $300 million shareholder loan to cover debts maturing in April.

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