News Corp’s climate change shame

News Corp’s shift, if it sticks, could pave the way for both main political parties to support a more aggressive approach to reducing carbon emissions.

They don’t call it Fox for nothing. This is hardly a shift but a slight move sideways brought on by advertisers and the BCA. Murdoch has joined the Fossil fuel companies that now claim are leading the pack in new decarbonizing technologies. They are the new leaders of science moving forward. The new alchemists as the tobacco companies have claimed for years. Don’t expect any mea culpas from the likes of Andrew Bolt paid to confuse us with slinging bullshit.

But there is reason to be doubtful. Only a month ago, in response to the latest report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, News Corp commentator Andrew Bolt repeatedly chose to mock it with arguments that would not stand up in a high school science class, including the bizarre claim that “if a warming world is better for plants, why not for humans?” It’s hard to imagine him changing. As the COVID pandemic has shown, listening to the science can save many millions of lives. While there has been no shortage of fringe voices spreading coronavirus misinformation, they have largely been ignored and sidelined by the mainstream media. It’s to the enduring shame of News Corp that, on climate change, those voices were instead welcomed in.

Source: News Corp’s climate change shame