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My secret debate with Sam Harris: A revealing 4-hour dialogue on Islam, racism & free-speech hypocrisy –

When I wrote an essay critical of the famous atheist, he asked me to debate the issues. Now he refuses to air it

Source: My secret debate with Sam Harris: A revealing 4-hour dialogue on Islam, racism & free-speech hypocrisy –

Anti-Muslim attacks occurring in record numbers across US — RT USA

Crimes against Muslims and vandalism at mosques appear to have hit an all-time high in the wake of terrorist attacks in France and California. Mosques are struggling with security, as some have hired armed guards or asked the federal government for help.

Source: Anti-Muslim attacks occurring in record numbers across US — RT USA

Anti-Muslim extremists: how far will they go? – Background Briefing – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

In Australia there’s been a surge in support for right-wing extremist groups like the United Patriots Front and Reclaim Australia. Christine El-Khoury asks how far their hate will go.

Source: Anti-Muslim extremists: how far will they go? – Background Briefing – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Protesters gather at Parramatta Mosque week after worshipper shot dead police employee Curtis Cheng – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

A group of Muslim supporters outnumbers protesters calling for Parramatta Mosque to be shut down, a week after a 15-year-old worshipper fatally shot a police employee.

Source: Protesters gather at Parramatta Mosque week after worshipper shot dead police employee Curtis Cheng – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

What triggered his rage?” He wasn’t part of Al Furqan for quite some time” His passport was cancelled and his home raided

Man shot dead, two counter-terrorism officers stabbed outside Endeavour Hills police station

Numan Haider was shot dead after stabbing two police officers outside a Melbourne police

Numan Haider in a Facebook image posted today. Source: HeraldSun

POLICE searched the home of terror suspect Numan Haider just hours before he was shot dead last night, it has been claimed.

Firebrand preacher Sheikh Ustadh Mohammed Junaid Thorne made the explosive claims on Facebook as he paid tribute to the slain Endeavour Hills teenager.

Haider, 18, had an Islamic flag with him when he was shot dead after stabbing two counter-terrorism police officers.

“We understand that the local authorities had cancelled the passport of this young boy for no reason, keeping him a captive in his own country for no valid purpose,” Sheikh Thorne wrote.

“We also understand that the police visited or raided his house (not clear yet) as he was hanging out with some friends in Hungry Jacks, just hours before his death.”

“The police then requested him (or forced him) to come in for a brief meeting or questioning.”

Sheikh Thorne said Haider’s friends tried to talk him out of visiting the police station, but he said he had nothing to hide or be afraid of.

“Unfortunately, our young brother went alone to meet with these “ambiguous” policemen, the violators of his privacy, and it is still unknown the details of what happened then,” he wrote. “What we are sure of though is that he was murdered in cold blood right in front of a police station, in front of a place that is supposed to be providing security and comfort to our youth.”


Haider, whose recent behaviour had caused authorities “significant concern”, had his passport cancelled about a week ago on security grounds.

People seen walking into Haider’s Endeavour Hills’ home today. Source: HeraldSun

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay said the Afghani teen, a past member of radical Islamic group Al-Furqan, first came in contact with police three months ago.

He said officers had previously spoken to Haider but his activities had heightened in recent weeks. ????

“We first became aware of this male three months ago when he came into contact with Victoria Police,” Mr Lay said.

“It’s true to say late last week we learned of some behaviours that were causing us significant concern and our interest was greatly heightened.” ???

A constant stream of wellwishers and family have visited Haider’s Endeavour Hills home today. While today it’s in mourning, last night it was crawling with counter-terror officers.

A relative who answered the door said the family were grieving.

The teen’s mother Suraya has barely spoken since the news was broken to her last night.

“She did not know what her son was doing,” the friend told the Herald Sun.

“She is in shock and very upset.”

The teen’s 20-year-old brother is comforting his parents, the friend said.

“We are in mourning, we have not buried the body we have not seen the body, “ he said.

The body of Numan Haider is removed from the scene. Picture: Andrew Batsch Source: News Corp Australia


Forensic police outside Endeavour Hills police station. Picture: Getty

Forensic police outside Endeavour Hills police station. Picture: Getty Source: Getty Images

A neighbour said the teenager had lived at his Endeavour Hills home for several years.

He said Haider would politely nod a greeting in the street.

Earlier it was confirmed that Haider had been waving a flag supporting terror group Islamic State at a shopping centre, bringing him under scrutiny.

It is understood it was at Dandenong Plaza Shopping Centre.

“It’s true to say some of our people came across this person in public places and held conversations with him,” Mr Lay said.

Australian Federal Police Acting Commissioner Andrew Colvin said the investigation was in its early stages but no specific threat had been made by Haider against Prime Minister Tony Abbott despite reports.

Mr Colvin said “a range of factors” heightened the police interest in the Muslim teen in recent days. ????



Mr Colvin said a decision was made to talk to Haider about his “rhetoric” and his intentions.  ????

Counter-terrorism officers met Haider outside Endeavour Hills police station in Melbourne’s southeast about 7.45pm after the teen told police he felt uneasy about taking in the station’s foyer.

He greeted the officers with a handshake before stabbing an AFP agent in the neck, abdomen and upper body.

He then stabbed a Victoria Police officer twice in the arm.

Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius said the Victorian officer fired a single shot that killed Haider.

A second knife was found on Haider’s body after the shooting.

The AFP officer has undergone surgery in Melbourne and is in a serious but stable condition.

The Victoria Police officer will have surgery today and is in a stable condition.

Police said they had “no choice” but to shoot the teen dead after the stabbings.

“I think the fact that the Joint Counter Terrorism Taskforce was doing some work around him indicates our level of concern,” Mr Lay told 3AW radio today.

Mr Lay said Haider “had one thing on his mind and that was to do the most amount of harm to these people (police officers) that he could”.

Mr Abbott said the incident in Melbourne’s southeast shows some Australians are capable “of very extreme acts” and would do their countrymen harm.

“The suspect did mount a fierce attack on both officers,” Mr Abbott said in a statement issued from the US.

“Obviously, this indicates that there are people in our community who are capable of very extreme acts.

“It also indicates that the police will be constantly vigilant to protect us against people who would do us harm.”

Mr Abbott was briefed on the incident while travelling to New York to attend United Nations meetings dealing with the rising threat of the Islamic State.

Islamic Council of Victoria secretary Ghaith Krayem said members of Al Furqan told him Haider hadn’t been a part of the group for a while.

A bomb squad member is suited up before inspecting the police station. Picture: Mike Keat

A bomb squad member is suited up before inspecting the police station last night. Picture: Mike Keating Source: News Limited ???

Police at the scene. Picture: Mike Keating Source: News Limited

Timeline of last night’s incident. Source: HeraldSun

Harun Mehicevic, leader of Al-Furqan in Springvale, refused to confirm Haider’s alleged involvement in the group.

He said he would not comment on Haider’s attack on two police officers or discuss his death last night.

Speaking outside a Springvale flat near the Al-Furqan bookshop, the controversial sheik said the group was working on a statement to be released later today.

Al Furqan Information Centre in Springvale South was raided by counter-terrorism squads in 2012.

Horat Ali Batoor, a photographer representing Melbourne’s Afghani Hazara community, said Haider appeared to be of Aryan descent.

He said that Haider was not linked to the Hazara community who moved to Melbourne in the 1990s.

“He’s Aryan looking,” he said.

“Probably he was born here.”

Mr Batoor condemned the attack.

“We totally condemn this action,” he said.

“Terrorism is not acceptable, we came here to escape terrorism.”

A large crime scene remains in place at the police station as detectives continue to investigate.

Police and SES members erected a tarp and makeshift wire fence around a silver sedan, believed to be Haider’s car. Detectives removed what is believed to be evidence in paper bags from the scene.

“Our members had no inkling that this individual posed a threat to them,” Mr Cornelius said.

“It’s absolutely clear to us that our members really had no choice other than to act in the way in which they did.”

Mr Lay said the officers would get help to recover from the physical and mental trauma of the attack.

“These were two young men who turned up to work, doing their job, keeping their community safe, in a very very difficult environment,” he said.

Mr Lay has written to all Victoria Police members today warning them to be alert and prepared for any situation.

There will be extra police at the AFL Grand final on Saturday, including undercover operatives.

Mr Cornelius said it was “important that the community understands this is not an exercise in police seeking to single out particular individuals in the community”.

“Where we see individuals in the community behaving in a way which causes a concern to public safety, we have to reach out to those individuals and do what we can to understand what it is that they might be planning to do and put ourselves in a position to deal with those individuals in a way which is safe and in a way which promotes community safety,” he said.

The homicide squad will investigate on behalf of the State Coroner, with the police Professional Standard Commands to oversee the investigation.

When government uses the words intelligence service you can rest assured tosteterone fueled buffoons rise to the surface


Would airport security stop the ex Archbishop of Sydney George Pell’s personal assistant   for two hours in an enclosed room and refuse to tell him what was happenning or that of the Anglican Archbishop? I don’t think so

The Australian National Imams Council expressed anger that one of its most senior members, an assistant to the Grand Mufti of Australia Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, was pulled up at Sydney airport on Thursday on the way to the Haj, a religious pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

The Imam, who met Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Attorney-General George Brandis recently, was stopped at the boarding gate, stripped of his mobile phone and iPad and kept in a room for two hours without explanation, the general manager of ANIC Samir Bennegadi said.

Mr Bennegadi said the Imam was treated in an unprofessional manner and he wondered, if this could happen to one of the most senior Imams in Australia, what could happen to the rest of the Muslim population when, “especially during this time, the Haj, we have hundreds of people leaving Australia every day”.

Anti-Muslim sentiment has been felt around the country and people are reporting graffiti on mosques and attacks on homes. Threatening letters have been sent to businesses, bookshops and religious leaders with handwritten messages such as “we will fight you … terror for terror … blood for blood and … bomb for bomb”.

Cars, and houses have been vandalised  women threatened but true to form the man in the fruit salad uniform

NSW Police Superintendent Mark Walton said

officers would not “stand guard” outside mosques that received bomb threats, purportedly from the Australian Defence League.

He said that, other than the letter from the league, there were no credible threats to security being investigated during Operation Hammerhead, a NSW operation to increase police visibility that was launched after terrorism raids on Thursday.Despite a car damaged with offensive comments and women threatened to be set alight.

Passenger ejected from flight over notebook doodles

Oliver Buckworth's notes.

A Melbourne man was hauled off a Tiger Airways flight by federal police on Saturday after claims he was seen doodling and writing sentences in a notebook satirising the current terrorism threat.

“The irony is I was writing a sentence about the absurdity of the fearmongering when we live in such a happy country of ice-cream and beaches and fluffy things,” he said.

Other doodles include a sketch of a chandelier – Mr Buckworth is an interior designer – and the play on words: “Terrorismadeup.” In a cartoon of a child clutching his head, Mr Buckworth wrote in a thought bubble: “Tyrannosaurus Rex. Terodactyl. Tarantula. Terrorist.” The interior designer has now been blacklisted by the airways. Don’t fly Tiger!!!





Great excercise in Community relations Police hitting Women and kids at 4.30am

                                                                                                                                                                              Australian women of different faiths gathered at Sydney’s Lakemba Mosque show of community solidarity


Terrorist groups have one thing in common. They seek to shock, while simultaneously portraying themselves as victims via the “propaganda of the deed”

Public and government reprisals against any defined group is precisely what terrorists want. It legitimates their standing as victims.

This is at least one reason why launching military raids against Islamic State is so risky. It is also why large-scale invasions of homes  must be managed carefully to avoid creating deeper community divisions.

1960s and 1970s, Canada faced the FLQ Britain the IRA. Crackdowns on communities rarely work without serious consequences. A good example of the failure of a heavy-handed approach can be seen in how successive British governments tried to “solve” Northern Ireland’s violent 30-year conflict with military crackdowns, without addressing underlying community concerns.  Ultimately it was patient political negotiation that won the day.

Canada faced a terrorist plot similar to what has been alleged here in Australia this week in 2006.Local and federal police forces succeeded in tracking and infiltrating the group, partly thanks to cooperation from the local Islamic community. Canada has since reviewed its terrorism sentencing and brought in life sentences. In many of the recent cases of radicalized young men both in Canada and in Australia, members of the Islamic community have often helped to identify the radicals. Last year, two Canadian men were arrested for plotting to derail a passenger train travelling between Toronto and New York – and it was a tip-off from a prominent Toronto imam (Muslim community leader)

“This was a tip that came from the Muslim community because they had good relations with [the Canadian police], because they had this long-standing bridge-building long before this incident ever took place.”

It’s that close connections with any self-defined community is a key to effective policing.

At present, radical Islamic terrorists do not appear to have the capacity to develop well-organized cells in places like Australia or Canada, and will most likely dissipate as previous anarchists and ultra-Marxists did decades ago. This group if it is a group at all seem little more than disaffected with their feet in two cultures. Australians who feel included in the broader culture about them. If welcomed by both the chances of radicalization of any sort would not succeed.

Picked up for “planning random acts of violence against people” Bogans sucker punch people every saturday night. You can’t find a cop.

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione arrives at the Sydney Police Centre in Surry Hill

  • Pre-dawn operation in Sydney and Brisbane involving 600 officers
  • 15 people arrested, one charged
  • Suspected terrorist cell was ‘close to an attack’
  • Scipione: ‘intended to hurt random member of public’
  • Raids follow suspension of firm suspected of funding terrorism

HUNDREDS of ASIO and heavily armed police officers swooped in anti-terrorism raids to prevent a mass casualty shooting in Sydney and possible beheadings.


Here in Australia ASIO,AFP,&Police will only apply this profile to young Muslims. On any Saturday night random acts of violence are carried out.  Threats of violence against the public, against women, against children and even property are the norm. Generally done by Christians during and after the religious ceremony of getting drunk or pissed as Muslims don’t drink. Bogans  run free around Australian cities and are left to sucker punch,abuse and threaten whoever they want.

Terrorist raids aren’t generally media events they are done in secret.  This raid is an advertising promotion  a politicized and event was and intended to be so. If not how  dumb are the directors of operations? So much press  and television crews were present it seemed far more like a reality show than any security operation. It’s  a celebration to show well the government is spending our money on expanded policing and the show is coming to your street soon. It reminds me of the Cedar Bay raid in 1976 in Qld on some hippies in a rain forrest. Demonstrate loudly on a university campus,March against the G20 or just yell  random abuse at anyone in authority and you will sitting in the back of a divvy van as a suspected terrorist. At least if you were Christian there would be some equality. Tony Abbott would dearly love to see the second coming of the Cronulla riots as it keeps all his other fuck ups off the front page. I might be charged with vilification of the government or a government officer but you can be sure Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones wont.

Australia is asking for Sunni support in Iraq if you donate any money collected for humanitarian reasons to be sent to any Sunni organization you will be deemed a terrorist even if these organizations are allies of the current Coalition of the Concerned. If you donate to  the Shiite Militias who have killed 60,000 Sunnis in the past 10 years on the Iraqi governments behalf you should be ok as they are goverment supported. Any wonder the sectarian war is so vicious.

I  have some faith that our justice system and that it will make a laughing-stock of todays craids and government supported actions. If they don’t then there wont be sufficient jails to hold people. Whatever this seems the most counter productive action imaginable and the most alienating approach possible targeting a minority Australian group. It’s the greatest recruitment drive for ISIL we have seen to date.

The NSW police BearCat returns to police HQ in Surry Hills.


“The most friendliest city” “The most liveable city” not according to our greatist alarmist and hypocrite

Andrew Bolt sees porn

“Called “capital of cool” Melbourne was praised for boasting an abundance of amazing nightlife, food and hotels, but was also praised for its parks and “fabulous” public art, and its people’s “wonderful sense of humour”.

So we have been voted the most ‘livable’ and now the most ‘friendliest’ city in the world by Conde Naste no less

Do we really deserve this  high praise with the likes of Andrew Bolt in our midst who continually tells us were on our way to hell in a hand-basket. I like Mike Carlton think he’s a fart in an overcrowded train but Mike lives in Sydney which only made it to 5th spot

Bolt is a full-blown, staunch opponent multiculturalism. Assimilation is his dream forward He’s for TEAM AUSTRALIA but not a supporter of Abbott sucking up to incompatible cultures telling them they should join. He’s even against Abbott saying if you want to migrate you need to join. Bolt’s advice is simple ban them! Tourism it might be  fine as long as it’s done through stringent vetting channels.Tourism through  a fish bowl might be ok as we couldn’t be tainted by these other cultures. After all Ebola in Africa should be a warning about the traffic flow of people and it’s consequences. No Islamic tourists or students should not even for commercial reasons let alone taken on as immigrants. ISIL is in Indonesia.  So there goes the Melbourne Cup because  thoroughbred owners many of whom are Muslim and most likely funding ISIS

Bolt is such a hypocrite he’s right wing  and extremely pro-Israel and anti- multiculturalism. He totally supports Israel and it’s right-wing government which is vehemently anti -assimilation and pro Multiculturalism. A country that definitely doesn’t want Team Israel, doesn’t want inter racial marriage Jews with Muslims and certainly doesn’t want it’s women converting because Judaism is both a religion and a race. A Jewish pillar is “you know who your mother is  but not your father” still holds in Rabbinical law. Right wing and religious Jews in Israel want clear and defined multicultural guidelines. I have no issue with this and nor would the majority of this the friendly multicultural city that tourists seem to love. Bolt has no tolerance for any of this which is fine by us. He should piss off and we all promise to smile while the hypocrite is doing it.

Would Bolt pass a Team Australia test a simple one like the Taxi drivers have to do? 100% fail, no harder like Financial Planners are required to do.  You can’t get simpler than that he’d still fail. I’ll bet Bolt does not know.

  • The words to Advance Australia Fair
  • The last four captains of the Aussie Cricket team
  • Know the directions to Reservoir
  • Or even know what the first 4 Holden models were

I said simple cultural questions.So would Andrew Bolt please stand up and leave or get a 457 visa while here. Take classes in friendliness and livability and Assimilate before trying to re-enter this country. I don’t think he’d get in to Team Australia. I’d hope ASIO with their increased budget  would have him banned as a verbal terrorist a vilifier a history denier like  Holocaust deniers. Bolt denies  this city for him it’s not the most livable it’s not the most friendly it’s infested with cultural deviants and dangerous areas where white racists fear to go. Bolt is a closet Multiculturalist but walls need to be built to prevent any cross fertilisation for Christ sake his son might fall in love with Jasmine


Back in the 40’s Arthur Calwell  signed an agreement with the United Nations Refugee Organisation to accept displaced persons from European countries ravaged by war. Calwell was a staunch advocate of the White Australia Policy: while Europeans were welcomed to Australia, Calwell was deporting many Malayan, Indochinese and Chinese wartime refugees, some of whom had married Australian citizens and started families in Australia. He was noted for saying “I reject, in conscience, the idea that Australia should or ever can become a multi-racial society and survive.” He allowed the Bolts in despite their  family connections to Aalsmere Holland’s most infamous village during ww2.
Like Bolt Arthur Calwell believed in Assimilation  and coined the most demeaning term to describe non English speaking migrants of European background as ‘New Australians’. In no other country in the world was any migrant so defined effectively removing their ethnic identities. Calwell’s vision made no allowance, of course, for the numbers of the non-Anglo-Celtic element in Australia’s population. Nor did it foreshadow the development of multicultural policies of the 1970s and the 1980s. Calwell’s policy concluded with a plea to all Australians “to help newcomers to become assimilated”. In ideal terms the New Australian would be encouraged to forgo their ethnic identity, adopt that of Anglo- Celtic Australia and within one or two generations be indistinguishable from the surrounding culture. Policies weren’t expected to  encourage the development of Italian Carlton, Vietnamese Abbottsford, Greek Richmond Afghan Dandenong etc multiculturalism according to Bolt got in the way.
Multiculturalism  encourages members of migrant and ethnic groups to cultivate cultural differences and at the same time to have mutual respect, tolerance and understanding for each other, especially an acceptance of ‘cultural differences’ which also after 2-3 generations become blurred. They were transitional not permanent enclaves. For people like Andrew Bolt Sydney rd Brunswick and north to Coburg are a threat not because these communities are not like Malvern  but because they are Islamic ghettoes which his glass ball tells will be permanent and not transitional.. It’s for this reason and reason alone he advocates a return to the old Calwell principals of immigration. The old dictation test could be brought back as a smoke screen to stop coloured & Islamic immigration into this country. Being anti -Islam is not Racism according to  Bolt because it’s a religion. Given that there are 1.6 billion  Muslims in the world & 98% are coloured Bolt can’t deny his Racism  it’s the same colour as his previous conviction under the Racial Discrimination Act. He is Anti- multiculturalism, anti-Sydney rd but not anti-Caulfield and Balaclava rd or anti-Chinese/Malaysian Box Hill. But he railes against Islamic enclaves  the communities and their institutions that support them. These  are havens for potential  terrorist cells.  Well trained professional terrorist cells would be less likely to be found there than in the Malvern st where Andrew Bolt lives.
In total there are 250,000 -300,000 Muslims in Melbourne from 70-80 countries. Not all speak English and not all speak Arabic it’s the language of the Koran. Islam is not their main binding feature their  native languages, cultures and communities communities  eg Dandenong, Box Hill, etc are.As are their varying  reasons for coming. Anti-Islamic cells are far more organised in Australia than Islamic terrorist cells and have done more damage. However when push comes to shove the media, the Islamic hate-preachers like Bolt get on their megaphones and  change the probability of peace. Fringe dwellers exist in all communities but it was Alan Jones who rallied the racists at Cronulla. You herald the white racist Aussie drunks into action not sober Muslims Andrew Bolt. At your ilk’s rallying cry mosque’s are defaced and vandalised as once were Synagogues

 When 100’s of Jewish men raced to Israel during the 6 day war and they were celebrated for doing so not demonised. Most wanted to help not fight some on the other hand hoped they could. Nobody suggested they were going to come  home to terrorise or shoot Egyptians or Palestinians. So 150 Syrians left Australia.Were they all men of fighting age? Why do you Bolt assume they all went for nefarious reasons?  Maybe to help displaced family stands out as a strong possibility to me?  Now10’s are back trained recruiters of cells and suicide bombers. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could train our boys in the ADF so well and so quickly! It takes years to train a special forces digger. But Islamists can do it months.

 All this insinuation and scaremongering is “bordering on demented” as Malcolm  Turnbull said. Bolt is “deranged’ and “unhinged”. He is the primary recruiter of hate in this city it’s greatest danger and lives in Malvern enclave. His constant baiting and demeaning of genuine refugee immigrants to this country is what breeds resentment of course it does, but not from the 99% of Muslim families in this city going about their daily business. Not even from Haddad family or other criminal elements none give a rats about about Bolt. He should however be concerned about  Aussies, of any colour, any age, any gender any creed that hates what he’s doing, generating hatred in this the world’s most livable city.

Below is a list far far from complete of honoured Australian Muslims. How many Dutch migrants have recently made the honours lists  Andrew Bolt?

 Honours List :
Mohamad Abdalla,  
Samina Yasmeen,  
Dr Mustafa Ally,
Foluke Abigail Badejo, 
Yassmin Abdel-Magied,
Dr Ghayath AL-SHELH,