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Tony Abbott is Prime Minister of Australia – go figure.


Tony Abbott is Prime Minister of Australia.  It is one of those things that you know is true but remains incomprehensible.  Like the concept of infinity.  It’s hard to get your head around.

In most jobs you need to satisfy key criteria to even get an interview.  To get a managerial position you must have experience and proven expertise.  Along the way your success in meeting key performance indicators will be assessed.

Leaders should be people who inspire others, they should be role models and protectors, they should listen and empower, they should have good people skills and be able to negotiate, they should be trustworthy and able to explain the reasons for their decisions.

Or you can just agree to say climate change is crap, and become the leader of the nation.

But how did Tony even become a contender?

He attended a Catholic boys school where he bemoaned the fact that he was never chosen for the First XV rugby team.  Apparently this was not due to a lack of talent but to selectors who did not recognise Tony’s ability.

Tony then went on to study economics/law at Sydney University (for free) even though he never worked in either field and described economics as a boring “dismal science”.

Tony was active in student politics, eventually becoming an unpopular leader of the Student Representative Council.

“During my term, despite my objections, the SRC, continued to give money to feminist, environmental and anti-nuclear groups. I never managed to have the feminist and homosexuals’ slogans on the SRC walls painted over nor to open the ‘Womens’ Room’ to men, nor to make the SRC more accountable by ending compulsory SRC fees.”

Contacts within the Jesuit network secured a Rhodes scholarship for Tony to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford even though he had campaigned fiercely against the Philosophy and Political Economy courses at Sydney University describing them as a waste of resources and a hotbed of Marxist feminists.

The selectors for the Oxford rugby team also failed to appreciate Tony’s talent, dropping him after one game and suggesting that his ability had been overstated.

When he returned to Australia, Tony entered the seminary to train for the priesthood but quickly became disillusioned with a church who had “lost its way” in his opinion.

“Looking back, it seems that I was seeking a spiritual and human excellence to which the Church is no longer sure she aspires. My feeble attempts to recall her to her duty — as I saw it — betrayed a fathomless disappointment at the collapse of a cherished ideal.

In addition, a “cooperative” style of management ran counter to the Church’s age-old hierarchical structure.

The more they played up lay ministry and ecumenism and played down the unique role of the priest in the one true Church, the more the struggle seemed pointless and the more I wanted to participate in worldly activities which were much more to my taste.

l felt “had” by a seminary that so stressed ”empathy” with sinners and “dialogue” with the Church’s enemies that the priesthood seemed to have lost its point.”

Of his time at St Patrick’s seminary, vice-rector Fr Bill Wright wrote of Tony that many found him “just too formidable to talk to unless to agree; overbearing and opiniated”.

“Tony is inclined to score points, to skate over or hold back any reservations he might have about his case.”

Tony had been writing the occasional article for the Catholic Weekly and, when he left the seminary, he began writing for the Packer-owned Bulletin where, interestingly, he instigated strike action over the sacking of photographers.

“When I was at the Bulletin, ACP management one day, quite unilaterally, decided to sack the entire photographic department ….we were all shocked, stunned, dismayed, appalled, flabbergasted – when management just came in and said they were sacking the photographic department. So we immediately had a stop work meeting. There were various appropriately angry speeches made and I moved the resolution to go on strike, which was carried, as far as I can recall, unanimously, and we went on strike for a couple of days.”

Tony only lasted about a year before he was writing to wealthy contacts looking for a job.  Through the Jesuit network, he got one managing a concrete plant and very quickly found himself causing a total shutdown through his inept handling of employees.

In a 2001 interview with Workers Online Tony explained what happened.  Interestingly, some time between me quoting the article in August and now, it has been removed.  I guess we now know what all those people employed to trawl social media are being paid to do – erase history.  It is happening to an increasing number of links but it is too late, the information is out there.

“I got to the plant in the morning, marched up and down the line of trucks like a Prussian army officer, telling owner-drivers who had been in the industry for longer than I had been alive, that that truck was too dirty, and that truck was filthy, and that truck had a leaking valve and had to be fixed.

Naturally enough, this wasn’t very popular, and I had been there a couple of months, and a phone call came through one morning from the quarry manager, saying that there was going to be a strike starting at midday.”

Tony then took it upon himself to take delivery and run the conveyer belt on his own.

“A phone call came through at 5.30 the next morning from the senior plant operator saying: “Did you turn the conveyor belt on yesterday?”. I said “Yeh”. He says “Right – nothing moves – this plant’s black – like to see you get yourself out of this little fix Sonny Boy!”

I thought that there’s really only one thing to do, and that’s to beg. So I got over there and I said to the senior plant operator. I said: “Stan I’m sorry. I’m new in this industry. I appreciate that I’ve been a bit of a so-and-so, but you’ve made your point and I will try to be different.”

He said to me: “It’s out of my hands. It’s in the hands of the union organiser.” So I said, who’s the union organiser and what’s his number? I rang him and I sort of begged and pleaded.  I said, well, look why don’t we put the old final warning. That if I ever do this again, I’ll be run out of the industry. And there was silence on the end of the phone, and after about ten seconds he said: “I’m putting you on a final warning mate, if this ever happens again you will be run out of the industry.”

Abbott soon quit the job as it wasn’t paying enough money and accepted a position with The Australian as a journalist. When they went on strike over pay and conditions, Tony was by now campaigning on the side of management, arguing in front of six to seven hundred people at the lower Trades Hall in Sussex Street that they shouldn’t go on strike.  His speech did not meet with a particularly warm reception and the strikes went ahead.

He continued writing at The Australian until John Howard recommended him for a position as the then Federal Liberal leader John Hewson’s press secretary.  Tony was responsible for the infamous line in a Hewson speech saying you could tell the rental houses in a street.

Is it any wonder that Hockey thinks that “poor people don’t drive” and Pyne thinks that “women don’t take expensive degrees”?

In 1994 Tony was gifted the safe Liberal seat of Warringah in a by-election and has been skating ever since.

He has changed his mind on innumerable things, lied and contradicted himself countless times, and then denied lying, even changing his words and removing online links.

He is a man whose convictions are dictated to him by polls and focus groups in marginal seats and by marketing teams.  Peta Credlin has increasingly centralized control failing to learn the Rudd lesson.

Tony learns his script but does not bother reading actual reports, relying on others to just tell him what to say.  His Star Chamber silence dissent, pay hacks to produce reports saying what they want to hear, refuse to release any that may be critical or negative, while arrogantly and blatantly rewarding their political donors.

Tony is not a leader by any stretch of the imagination.

It is not the Labor Party who is stopping this from being a decent government.

Darren Lockyer, the Pope, Tony Abbott and a school boy were all on the same plane when the engine failed and started to plummet towards the Earth.

They all realised that there was four of them and only three parachutes.

Darren Lockyer got up and said, “I am a sporting superstar and must live so that I can please my fans and continue my career to beat the Kiwis and the Poms in the tri-nations series.”

So he grabbed a parachute and jumped out of the plane.

Then Tony Abbott got up and said, “I am the smartest Prime Minister Australia has ever had and I need to live to continue to govern the nation.”

So he grabbed a parachute and jumped out of the plane.

Then the Pope said to the school boy, “I am old and have lived my life so you should take the last parachute instead of me.”

The school boy replied, “No, it’s okay, the worlds smartest Prime Minister took my school bag so there’s one for each of us!”

Rick Scott And Tony Abbott have an awfull lot in common and their minders are always there just in case


Frustrated By Debate Fiasco, Florida Governor Rick Scott Attacks And Devours Giant Alligator On Outskirts Of Everglades

 Sources close to the Scott campaign told our intrepid reporter Bruce “The Coyote” Becker that the governor killed and consumed a large alligator during the drive home to Tallahassee after the debate last week.


Apparently Scott demanded that the campaign bus, the “Python Express,” stop on the outskirts of the Everglades, whereupon he tore off his clothing, leaped from the vehicle and disappeared into the scrub. Efforts to stop the governor were met with threatening posturing and loud hissing from Scott.

“It was really terrifying,” said an aide who wished to remain anonymous. “He coiled up and was ready to strike anyone who tried to stop him. We were able to follow him for a while because of that unearthly glow given off by his scales when he gets excited, but we eventually had to stop when he reached a swampy area teeming with alligators.”

The aide reported that the next morning a stuffed and lethargic Scott was found sunning himself on the median of the interstate.


“It took six of us to pick him up and put him back on the bus,” said the unnamed aide. “He was quite content to nap for most of the trip home while he was absorbing the enormous reptile.”

Apparently Scott’s diet is not limited to other reptiles. Sources say that Scott is an opportunist and somewhat of a scavenger. Visitors have noted the complete absence of any wildlife around the governor’s mansion and Scott’s guard detail has to continually replace Alsatians listed as “missing and presumed dead.”

Melissa Sellers, Scott’s campaign manager, told reporters that now that the governor has fed, he should be able to devote all of his time to being reelected.

“He won’t need to feed again for approximately six weeks,” said Sellers. “By that time the race will be decided and he can be returned to his enclosure. He won’t pose a threat to anyone for quite some time.”

Bolt is a mamal too he tilts his head at concepts like climate change and gay marriage the same as my dog when he hears a strange sound

Nation In Mourning As Dallas Residents Released From Quarantine

Across the country conservatives from all walks of life donned black and lit candles today as 43 residents of Dallas, Texas were released from quarantine after showing no signs of Ebola three weeks after possible exposure to the deadly virus.

Health officials said that 43 of the 48 initial contacts of Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan are free to resume their lives after 21 days of isolation.


And while Dallas officials celebrated the milestone, they pleaded with the community not to stigmatize the people returning to their normal routines.

“There is zero risk that any of those people who have been marked off the list have Ebola,” Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said at a news conference. “They were in contact with the person who had Ebola and the time period for them to get Ebola has lapsed.

“They are people who need our compassion our respect and our love,” Jenkins added. “Treat them the way you would want your own family treated if you were in their place and they were in yours.”

Jenkins called the reintegration process a “defining moment” and urged Dallas residents to trust the science behind their recommendations.

“We have to believe in science,” Jenkins said. “That’s what separates us from other mammals.”


In response, Speaker of the House John Boehner called his own press conference and insisted that there was no real difference between Republicans and any other mammal that roams the planet living in fear of things it does not understand.

A tearful Boehner told journalists that “Many times I’ve tilted my head in confusion when I just could not comprehend certain concepts like gay marriage, climate change, or equal pay for women, and I’ve seen my dog do the very same thing when he hears a strange sound, so I really don’t know what Jenkins is talking about.”

Senator Lindsey Graham, who began self-flagellating on the steps of the Capitol when he heard the news, wholeheartedly agreed.

“Since when have we Republicans ever listened to scientists about anything? This whole Ebola thing is part of the Benghazi-ISIS-Obamacare conspiracy to kill every single American, and I won’t rest until the whole country is just as terrified as I am!”

Pundits from both Fox and CNN paused briefly during ISIS doomsday coverage long enough to remind America that although the Ebola crisis in Dallas appears to be contained for the time being, it could always defy the laws of physics and crop up all over the country at once, causing millions of deaths. Dr. Keith Ablow of Fox reminded viewers that of Ebola didn’t kill us all, a huge asteroid could wipe us out any minute anyway, so by far the best thing to do is to live in abject fear for the rest of our lives.

Hadley stole his retort from Abbott and dosen’t even understand the joke. He is a “Boofhead” and illiterate as well

2GB presenter Ray Hadley (left) called Mike Carlton (right) a 'dog' and a 'grub' on his Wednesday morning segment. Hadley also threatened to punch Carlton for his tweet which alluded to him being a 'wife beater'2GB presenter Ray Hadley (left) called Mike Carlton (right) a 'dog' and a 'grub' on his Wednesday morning segment. Hadley also threatened to punch Carlton for his tweet which alluded to him being a 'wife beater'

‘I’ll put one on your chin’: Ray Hadley’s threat to Mike Carlton after the former columnist suggested radio jock was a ‘wife beater’ in row over Woolworths’ racist singlets

  • Ray Hadley threatened to ‘put one on the chin’ of former Fairfax columnist Mike Carlton during his morning segment on Wednesday
  • The 2GB reporter was responding to Carlton’s earlier tweet in which he alluded to Hadley being a ‘wife beater’
  • It was posted after Hadley had defended Woolworth’s ‘racist’ singlets featuring an Australian flag with the words ‘if you don’t love it, leave’
  • Woolworth’s has since apologised and removed the shirt from its store’s
  • shelves   
  • The offending tweet: Carlton wrote this on Twitter after hearing Hadley say to his listeners: 'this is the best country in the world. If you don't embrace it you don't deserve to be here' in defence of the singlet's slogan 

Compare anything written by Bolt and Henchey and and Bolt is soooooo second rate

Open Letter to Tony “Shirt-Front” Abbott

Open Letter to Tony

So, Australian Prime Minister wants to shirt-front Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, does he? It is difficult to find a more blatant example of childishness, incompetence for the position, criminal intent, downright nastiness and an indication of a disturbed mind crying out for therapy. Don’t the Australian people deserve better?

Dear Mr. Abbott,

After your reckless remarks and unfounded, slanderous insinuations about Russia shooting down a civilian aircraft and murdering Australian civilians we now have apparently a statement attributed to you by the media of your country about intending to “shirt-front” President Putin on his visit to Brisbane in November for the G-20 Summit.

Perhaps, as someone who was not born in Australia, you do not have a full grasp as to the implications of the word you used, or perhaps, as someone who is so obviously challenged in the intellectual area, you do not have a full grasp over what you say. There are three possibilities here, which I would like to address

Firstly, you knew the meaning of the word “shirt-fronting” very well when you chose it and in this case, if you seriously think you can physically confront your guests and assault a visiting Head of State and walk away freely, then you are mistaken. For a start, the very use of the expression possibly renders you liable for prosecution for criminal intent and incitement to violence and in any civilized country you would be forced to resign for using it. Like yesterday. Next, while I do not speak for President Putin, if someone “shirt-fronted” me, then I would throw the perpetrator over my shoulder, slam him onto his back on the floor behind me, place my boot on his face and ask “What was that you were saying?” before I saw him scurry away sniveling to his sister’s for a clean pair of Y-fronts.

The second possibility is that by “shirt-fronting” you meant “confronting”, in which case in your position you should learn the implications of your words, because threatening a visiting Head of State is perhaps the most crass example of stupidity the world has seen since the USA, the UK and Australia murdered Iraqi civilians in an illegal and criminal series of war crimes, quite apart from being the most blatant case of irresponsibility demonstrated by any Australian since the slaughter of the Aborigines.

The third possibility is that you are full of hot air, or in plain English, piss and wind, and what you say, the promises you make, can be taken with a pinch of salt. Here today and gone tomorrow. The sort of “man” who feels the need to make teenage-type comments and threats against a visiting Head of State belongs in a grade school playground bullying the primary school kids…but like any bully, there comes a day when you pick on the wrong person, get your teeth smashed in and go running home to mummy blabbering like a ninny. Do I hear a collective cheer from the Australians as they read this?

So Mr. Abbott, if you hadn’t made your puerile comments about President Putin and Russia, you wouldn’t be defending yourself in one of the largest uproars in recent Australian politics. A civilized politician in a civilized country would wait for the results of the enquiry into the plane crash before mouthing off in all directions saying Russia did it.

Mr. Abbott, I invite you to put up, or shut up. Where is the evidence that Russia did it? I said, where is the evidence that Russia did it? Stop fidgeting, stop playing with Willy and answer the Goddam question. Where is your evidence that Russia downed the aircraft? If you haven’t got anything other than hearsay to go on, then you have yet again made a prize orifice of yourself in public, have you not?

So when you confront President Putin with that line about Russians murdering Australians, the answer will be keep your slanderous comments to yourself and mind your own business, especially after your country took part in the illegal and murderous campaign in Iraq. How many civilians did Australian forces murder or torture over there? When you confront President Putin about Russians murdering Australians, ready yourself for a law suit over slander.

Russia, like every other member of the international community, deplores the death of civilians, whether they are Malaysians, Australians, Dutch or whatever and like everyone else called for a full enquiry. It is not yet clear even whether the aircraft was downed by a surface-to-air missile, an air-to-air missile or machine-gun fire from a Ukrainian Su-25, so wait for the enquiry before making your odious accusations and sounding like a foul-mouthed, despicable, pith-headed and uncouth, loutish oaf.

Mr. Abbott, what is wrong with this world is people like yourself, political opportunists who hold their people and country to ransom while they obediently kowtow to the lobbies which pull their strings. President Putin’s popularity ratings are up above 90 per cent, that is ninety per cent. What are yours?

Chris Smith 2GB is out of his depth uninformed defender of Tony Abbott a pidgeon pair…wankers

Chris Smith represents  the quality of 2GB and News Corp PR staff promoting Abbott to the world. Listen to the voice of and uninformed interviewer with  his foot constantly in his mouth. A bully put down by intelligence of the person being interviewed. You were shirt fronted by knowledge Chris Smith something you don’t have.

Abbott’s definitely been heard but how have they been listening?

‘I’d grab the bastard’

Posted by: 3AW Online | 14 October, 2014 – 9:47 AM
Neil Mitchell was overwhelmed, but not surprised, by the generosity of his listeners today.The man who wrote a scathing column of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott in a Russian newspaper has gone further in an email exchange with the Neil Mitchell program.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey said Mr Abbott “displays a degree of insolence, arrogance and incompetence” and said Russian president Vladimir Putin should “sterilise his hand” after shaking the Australian leader’s hand in a Pravda column.

RELATED: Ross and John go through the Pravda editorial

The Neil Mitchell program conducted the following interview with Bancroft-Hinchey via email, in which he praises MasterChef Australia and recommends Mr Putin should “grab the bastard” in the unlikely scenario Mr Abbott does attempt a shirtfront.

How would the average Russian respond to Tony Abbott saying he would ‘shirtfront’ Vladimir Putin?

Well, any Russian or anyone else for that matter would question whether Abbott made the remark before or after lunch. If he made it before lunch then either he is childish or mentally challenged and if he made it after lunch then he is incompetent.

How would Vladimir Putin react to being ‘shirtfronted’?

I cannot speak for Vladimir Vladimirovich but if I were him, I’d grab the bastard that did it, slam him over my shoulder, place my boot in his face and ask “You were saying…?”

Vladimir Putin is world-renowned for his judo expertise — would he use that on Mr Abbott if he was ‘shirtfronted’? 

Well, I cannot speak for President Putin but he certainly has the skills to react adequately to such an act of aggression. I am not saying he would do so, basically because Abbott wouldn’t have the guts anyway. As soon as he saw Putin looking at him he’d triple his laundry bill, suddenly turn white, sit bolt upright and go screaming over to his sister’s house to grab a clean pair of Y fronts.

Could Vladimir Putin being ‘shirtfronted’ cause an international incident?

Well it would be an act of aggression, common assault and would render the perpetrator liable for prosecution as a criminal. Figures…figures…

Do you feel Tony Abbott is unhygienic (more than once you advocate that Mr Putin wash his hands after interacting with Tony Abbott)?

Well who knows? The guy doesn’t seem to have that much going for him at present, now does he?

What does the show ‘Neighbours’ say about the Australian people?

Well Neighbors is a soap which projects what the Australians want others to believe about the way they live. I do have some family and friends in Australia, though I have more in New Zealand, and would not be surprised if the community based approach was spot on.

What does the show ‘Masterchef’ say about Australia?

Well the Australian Masterchef with those three judges, Garry, George and Matt Preston is extremely popular outside Australia and is my favorite TV show. I like it because people are nice to each other, they are pleasant and the judges are careful not to humiliate the guests, always finding something positive to say about their meals or else giving them constructive criticism. This differs greatly with other Masterchef productions which seem to focus on insulting the cooks and making them feel small and inadequate. I seriously hope Australian Masterchef continues for many years to come…it’s also an excellent source of recipes for those of us who like cooking.

Who do you feel was responsible for the downing of MH-17, and do leaders such as Tony Abbott know more than they are letting on?

Actually after Abbott’s remarks in recent days I get the idea the guy has issues and to be honest feel he may need therapy. Maybe he should try Veganism for a while to see if he can calm down a bit. I doubt he has a clue what is going on in Ukraine after his statements. What I said in my article explains the history of the conflict and in any civilized country you wait for the investigation to conclude before spouting off and firing in all directions. I guess the guy might make a competent hands-on Mayor of a small town somewhere but the Head of Government? Jesus, I could do a better job myself.

Andrew Bolt is so pissed his doppelganger Bancroft- Hinchey is getting all the attention because of Tony Abbott. Brat!

Tony Abbott Vladimir Putin shirtfront gif

Interview with Pravda columnist Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey about Tony Abbott’s ‘shirt-front’ comment

1. Are you a mouthpiece for Vladimir Putin? 

Well, I am not an official mouthpiece but I would say I represent the feelings of most Russians, yes.

2. Did anyone in the Kremlin authorise your last opinion piece? 

No, they don’t have to. I have been working with the Russian media for many years. I place my pieces directly into Pravda.Ru English version, I have written for Russian foreign ministry publications, I am director of the Portuguese version of Pravda.Ru and place my pieces directly, and never have I been subjected to any restrictions or censorship.


3. Why is Russia so sensitive to Australian’s requests for co-operation regarding Moscow’s role in Ukraine and the downing of MH17?  There is evidence of a Russian missile being used and taken back over the border shortly after the plane came down.

Well, is there? What evidence is that? When that question is answered or not, we can then see why Russia is sensitive.

4. Do you accept that Australia has a right to demand justice over MH17? 

Well, obviously, as Russia has done and did from the beginning.

5. You keep attacking (Australian Prime Minister Tony) Abbott personally, and you seem to take great offence at Mr Abbott’s comments about Mr Putin, are you oversensitive? 

Well to be honest, if someone made those threats to me I’d say bring it on and call the person responsible a shit-faced, pig-headed arrogant piece of crap. The fact that a head of government makes such thuggish statements about a visiting head of state just about puts the perpetrator at the bottom of the pile. So I don’t think I am being over-sensitive. No, in fact I wish I had been more vociferous.

6. Will President Putin come to Australia and what will his message be for Australians? 

Well that’s up to him and his office. There has been no indication he won’t come, and anyway he is going to Australia not to meet Abbott but to participate in the G20 Summit. His preoccupation is economic issues not the infantile and puerile drivel of a wannabe political lightweight.

– Interview by Latika Bourke

Our Budget their Budget. For The Homeless Featuring Gym, Library, And Art Studio. California taxed the wealthy they didn’t leave.

The Star Apartments on Los Angeles' Skid Row, seen here during construction in 2013, will provide permanent housing to 102 homeless people and the county agency that works to end homelessness

Jerry Brown took California from a real finacial basket case to profit in 3 years.The coalition invented one  that didn’t exist and now are facing a self-fulfilling disaster and trying to blame Labour.

Los Angeles’ Skid Row has been home to thousands of homeless Angelenos for decades, but downtown development has started to squeeze the area one longtime resident described as “a giant outside insane asylum.” The city is hoping that a new 102-unit housing complex for the homeless that opened Wednesday can help alleviate the resulting tension between the area’s destitute outsiders and the new-money lofts and restaurants popping up nearby

At ground level, the Star Apartments building holds the new headquarters of the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services agency that works on homelessness issues, called the Housing for Health division. The building also holds a gym with a track, a library, a garden, and art studios for residents, according to the Los Angeles Times. Residents pay 30 percent of their income — meaning they pay nothing if they have no income — with city housing funds subsidizing the remainder of the rent cost.

102 prefabricated apartment units are stacked atop the Housing for Health headquarters like children’s blocks. The final product is a modern, eye-catching structure. Seen from the street, the apartments jut out at improbable-looking angles from the ground floor facilities. The interior facing views from the apartments look over a concrete valley strung with cable-edged staircases.

More important than the aesthetics is the good the facility will do for its residents and for Skid Row as a whole. It is three times more expensive to leave homeless people on the street than it is to simply give them housing. The stability that a home provides makes it far easier for homeless people to regain their footing socially, economically, and often medically or psychologically.

This approach to ameliorating homelessness is known among advocates as “permanent supportive housing.” The federal government has begun emphasizing permanent supportive housing in the formulas it uses to divvy up funding for state and local housing authorities, signalling that the largest financial player in the fight against homelessness is putting its weight behind the idea. But despite the evidence that permanent housing with supportive services is not only effective but a cost saver, many cities around the country continue to criminalize homelessness, raise ordinances that make it harder to help the homeless, and experiment with policies that simultaneously raise money for the homeless and push panhandlers out of downtown areas.

In Los Angeles, officials hope to further smooth the Star Apartments’ residents’ reintegration into society by locating key wraparound services directly below the beds where they will sleep and kitchens where they will cook for themselves.

With an estimated 5,000 people living on the streets in Skid Row, the Star Apartments have had to be selective over the past year since the building was ready for occupants. “We want to target the people who are costing the taxpayer the most by not being in housing,” Skid Row Housing Trust executive director Mike Alvidrez told Marketplace last year. That means people who are most prone to ending up in emergency rooms and jails.

The Times interviewed one Star Apartments tenant named Bill Fisher who ended up homeless thanks to health problems and “the death of his life partner” at the age when people with mailing addresses start to get flyers from the AARP. “If somebody had told me 10 years ago I’d lose everything and end up homeless, I’d have said you’re nuts,” Fisher told the paper. He has “decorated his studio apartment with art projects, including antique sheet music, his guitar collection and an orchid suspended from a palm frond.”

The promise the building holds for people like Fisher is not invulnerable, however. Even successful permanent supportive housing programs can be undermined by bureaucratic disputes over funding and jurisdictional lines, as a community of formerly homeless families at the border between Atlanta and Fulton County learned recently when they were forced to relocate by County officials.

Let me explain.

I am not sure that my childhood prepared me to deal with this government.

I never broke my toys. I would tell on people rather than hit back.  The only thing I threw was a ball.  I would play the piano and sing loud, though I did learn to shout during adolescence.  Swearing is something I try to avoid, without success lately.

I have this primeval feeling welling up inside me. I need to release it somehow.

I could scream but that would only vent temporarily.

What I really want to do is have a chat with Tony Abbott, in person.

My first step would be to physically usher Peta Credlin out of the room. I cannot tell you how much it makes my blood boil to see her seated at the table in all our negotiations with world leaders.


My next step would be to shove Tony into a chair while I stood over him and explained.
























And most of all Tony……


You need to expand your circle of advice and stop neutering those who try to tell you the truth like the Climate Change Authority and the Human Rights Commission and the Bureau of Meteorology and the CSIRO and ACOSS to name a few.

Divine inspiration belonged to the job you decided not to pursue. Recall how Judas has been remembered?  He betrayed someone he loved for money.

Lawyers appear to be pulling rank over the generals. Ours are talking to ISIS Lawyers about their rates

Tony Abbott waits for approval to use Australian special forces in Iraq

Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Source: News Corp Australia

IT’S a strange kind of war when lawyers appear to be pulling rank over the generals.

The drawn-out negotiations to allow Australian special forces to act in Iraq seem more like solicitors settling a real estate transaction than a soldier issuing a battle command.

“We’ve written to the Iraqis, the Iraqis have written back to us, and now we need to consider their response to finalise our considerations,” Prime Minister Tony Abbott told reporters today,

The Prime Minister is prepared to wait for advice from his crack legal team before flicking the green light for his crack fighting units.

That’s because he wants any Australian battle with the fighters now blighting Iraq to be legitimate legally as well as morally.

It’s a matter of respecting international law, but there is also a domestic element. Voters broadly see the mission in Iraq as necessary, but that doesn’t mean it is popular. There is still a significant slice of the electorate which would be outraged if the government rushed into what could be an endless engagement.

That means any action will be delayed until the diplomatic niceties have been finalised.

Of course, no permission was sought from Iraq for the 2003 invasion. The United States argued it had approval under a United Nations measure, and Australia used the same legal justification. The US military still has the legal right to operate in Iraq. Further, the United States is the big dog of international affairs and is unlikely to be denied.

Australia doesn’t have that heft. Permission from Baghdad’s post-Saddam government for Australian soldiers to serve in Iraq has expired, and has to be renewed line by line.

The Iraqi lawyers won’t be rushed. At one point last week, there were concerns a public holiday in Baghdad might further defer negotiations for our Hornets to fly over the country.

Today, Mr Abbott maintained his insistence on a lawyer’s approval regarding action by Australian troops.

“Our forces are ready to go. We are finalising the legal documentation,” he told reporters.

“I hope that can be done very quickly, because it is an absolutely critical mission upon which our forces will be embarked, to advise and assist the Iraqi armed forces as they regroup and regather, and hopefully regain control of their country.” or just piss off again

Fox News Americas News Corp and Andrew Bolt’s Mentors. [no fear no favours] He stole that from the ICA and CPA of Australia

Laura Ingraham To Be Placed In Quarantine

Conservative media personality Laura Ingraham speaks during the inaugural Freedom Summit meeting for conservative speakers in Manchester

Radio talk show host and Fox News pundit Laura Ingraham has been detained and will be placed in quarantine facilities in Atlanta, according to Dave Daigle, a spokesman for the CDC. The action comes only two days after Ingraham blamed President Obama for the current cases of Ebola that have cropped up in the United States.


On Wednesday’s edition of “The Laura Ingraham Show,” the child-hating anti-immigrant pundit made some despicably naive and misleading comments about President Barack Obama’s handling of the Ebola crisis, using faulty logic: even though President George W. Bush did more for Africa, Obama’s “familial connection with Africa” and compulsion to aid the impoverished region is much more dangerous.

Ingraham wants her listeners to believe that like every other problem in the known universe, the Ebola crisis is Obama’s fault.


At a press conference on the steps of the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Daigle told reporters that Ingraham had exhibited symptoms of “pretzel logic, bigotry, and an inability to make any sense whatsoever” while on a national broadcast. “We just could not take the chance that Ingraham would spread the infection to her listeners,” said Daigle. “We already have enough conspiracy theory wing nuts running around the country as it is. God help us if she spreads the malady to even more dim witted Americans.”

Daigle stressed that the quarantine was “only a precaution,” and Ingraham would be placed on the same ward with Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, who were already under observation.


“We just want to make damn sure that this special form of idiocy doesn’t spread, and we intend to ere on the side of caution, after all, a disease that threatens our ability to reason is just as deadly as Ebola or Dengue Fever to our national well being.”

As she was being transported into the facility in a straight-jacket Ingraham screamed at reporters that she was not insane. “I always make perfect sense! I’m not crazy! This is what you get when you let illegal immigrants into the country! All those kids should be shot!”

Ingraham’s audience of over 1200 listeners are expected to take the quarantine in stride and tune into Glenn Beck instead until she is released.

Would Malcolm save us no.. Secret chamagne drinik Scott(I’m drunk at the thought)… no leave him until the next erection

Tony’s troubles don’t end with Bishop’s burqas

Bob Ellis 3 October 2014, 2:00pm 15

(Image by John Graham)

With his Government in chaos over banning the burqa and a litany of other woes confronting him, unremittently unpopular Prime Minister Tony Abbott is in deep trouble, writes Bob Ellis.

SPEAKER BRONWYN BISHOP, who supported apartheid, may not back down on the burqa as quickly as Abbott wants.

Nor will she resign as readily as the nation might hope when her Leader asks her to.

She may take the view that she is accountable only to Parliament and hold her position, amid widening derision, until it sits.

This will bring into question all of Brandis’s ‘national security’ legislation — especially that part which imprisons for ten years journalists who, like Andrew Wilkie, reveal government stupidity.

Stupidity as stupid as this.

Is Abbott himself now in trouble? I think he is.

He is taking us into a war of which he allowed no parliamentary discussion.

He spoke of ‘Team Australia’ yet allowed a ‘sin bin’ as ludicrous as this, and he may not be able to cancel it until Parliament overthrows his defiant, unfair, tyrannous and, some would say, ratbag Speaker.

His competence, always in question (Costello predicted he would be a disaster), is now shown to be, well, further in question. He dare not move his ministry round, so low is his support in Cabinet.
And he can’t get his Budget through.

He may limp on till December 1, but then, when next Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ huge majority is known, he may have to consider his position — and Malcolm Turnbull his.

And so it will go.

Tag team wrestlers Vanstone & Bolt Ugly as should be masked and gagged. Bolt tagged her argument she failed to name or shame him.

Illustration: Jim Pavlidis.

Fanatics, not Muslims, are our enemy

Read more:

Amanda Vanstone reminds us how in history we stood shoulder to shoulder with Muslims during various wars. That’s well and good and she reminds us that non-Muslim Australians would do well to ensure that any criticism is focused not on Muslims generally but on fanatical Muslims. Equally, Muslim Australians need to be loud, strong and clear in their condemnation of the fanatics.

This is a time to show disdain for the shock-jocks and jingo-junkies who whip up rednecks with their rubbish. In doing so, we will remind ourselves of the best of Australia.

The problem is that the fanatic shock-jocks at home the real dividers of this country are right in front of us and Vanstone fails to name and them. Which makes her gutless and she should be ashamed as she has the platform and the voice but fails to use it. “Shame” was an Ingmar Bergman film done in 1968 during the Vietnam war. It is about a couple who try to isolate themselves from a civil war that is going on around them by moving away as far as possible but get caught up in it nevertheless. It was about guilt  the Vietnam war and not doing anything. Not doing anything is supporting the worst and we all stand accused.

“Men, women and children — familiar like mine — are being burnt and blasted to death in Vietnam and I have absolutely no idea what may be happening to me and the few people I love ten years, five years, two months from now. SHAME is central to the experience we are living now”

Vanstone’s article ends where it should have begun naming and shaming those agents of hate Newscorp  2GB  those that are glorifying this war that is so complex that it defies any of our political class to explain it other than the futile slogan of annhilating ISIL.

Bolt, Devine,Henderson,Rule Jones are cloned Fox News media puppets that give rise to the shadows that our security forces find so hard to realize. They more than anybody amplify the darkness the doom and gloom portrayed by our current government for the past 20 years. The LNP has grabbed hold of a chicken little approach to  politics and these fear mongers do their bidding in amplifying it. Vanstone fails to name them which is as good as letting them be.

Bolt’s article in the Herald Sun today is written as if he was forewarned of Vanstone’s commentary in The Age. It’s a joke the man who has accused Islam outright for every evil that currently exists. That Islam is a stain on the way we live today turns around and merely says it’s only a  fringe element we need to be careful of. Vanstone and Bolt today are like two tag team wrestlers. Bolt has even used Vanstone’s words to name his favorite punching bag the ABC for disseminating hatred. If Vanstone didn’t tell him what her Age article was going to be then Bolt must feel smug that somebody at SMH is his mole. Bolt’s attempt today wear the halo is about as effective as putting on make up, lipstick and a dress and telling us he’s had a gender change. Either way  he is an extremely ugly human being. He tagged Vanstone and tried a hypocritical, tongue in cheek body slam.

“We cannot afford any more these shock jocks of the ABC, these inciters of hate”

Wholesale bombing, the pretense that the bombs  only harm  ISIS  a media made enemy is a total denial of what those bombs actually do. The damage done is as much as was done in  the missiling of Gaza or the bombing and napalming of commies in North Vietnam. To go in on the ground and fight the mythical ISIS is just as futile ISIS will dissolve to rise again somewhere else. You can’t fight an enemy you can’t identify but an enemy that can clearly identify us. All you  do is commit wholesale indiscriminant slaughter. That will only grow sympathy for a political ideology that gave birth to ISIS. The history of stupidity has shown us this.

We need to shut down the warmongers those that give life to this myth. We need to win the hearts and minds of those on the ground who wish to fight it and can see who the enemy is. ASIO finds sweet FA it’s  Islamic Australia that’s our best line of defense now that we have decided to poke the hornet’s nest.  The Arab nation states our allies are more aware of this than anyone.  Do you think for one second anyone of them would syndicate  Bolt’s news commentary. History will shame and blame Bolt that is inevitable Vanstone won’t.



Immigration gave us a country where the armed forces no longer dare wear uniforms in our street….Bolt’s Blog No Alleged here..Immigration did it



Australian Defence Force chief apologises after officer withdraws Sydney attack allegation

Updated 4 minutes agoFri 26 Sep 2014, 2:34pm

The Chief of the Defence Force has apologised after an officer claimed he was assaulted by two Middle Eastern men in Sydney, then withdrew the allegation.

The 41-year-old sailor had claimed he was left with bruising after being attacked by two men of Middle Eastern appearance near his home at Bella Vista, in Sydney’s north-west.

Australian Defence Force (ADF) chief Mark Binskin said the ADF would investigate the officer’s conduct.

“There was a sailor who alleged he was assaulted yesterday morning,” Air Chief Marshal Binskin said.

“I have been in contact with [NSW Police Commissioner] Andrew Scipione throughout the evening and just spoken to him before I came down here now and that sailor has withdrawn those allegations.

“What I would like to say, because this is breaking news, on behalf of the Australian Defence Force I would like to apologise to the Australian community and particularly the Middle Eastern community for any angst that this has caused.”

The claim, made on Thursday, came amid concerns about the safety of military personnel and police officers two days after an attack in Melbourne in which two police officers were injured and their attacker was shot dead.

It also followed calls for “restraint and civility” from religious leaders concerned about heightened community tensions after last week’s counter-terrorism operation involving raids on homes in Sydney and Brisbane.


I’m untestable detestable and a raving lunatic but nobody talks about about the hard issues anymore

<i>Illustration: Glen Le Lievre</i>

It was rubber stamp time in Canberra, with the Prime Minister pouring a torrent of sparkly gold stars on his head boys and girl  for their efforts thus far. “I think some are getting A’s and some are getting A-pluses,” the proud PM beamed as he handed out report cards. He couldn’t find a single one who “can do better” in a class of 19 cabinet ministers.Mr Abbott didn’t bring up the unfortunate expulsions of two boys: Cory Bernardi, for distracting the class by thinking way too much about gay people, polygamy and bestiality; and one-time Assistant Treasurer Arthur Sinodinos, for not thinking nearly hard enough about some exam questions set by the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

We don’t know whether Joe Hockey was an A or an A+ for his sterling work behind the bike sheds, holding the poorer kiddies by the ankles and shaking them up and down until their lunch money fell out.

George Orwellian Brandis was almost certainly an A++ with extra gold stars for his performance in the debating finals – on the topic “That people do have a right to be bigots, you know” – and his introduction to student council of legislation making it legal for the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation prefects to torture anyone they caught hanging around looking a bit suss.

Eric Abetz, gets some sort of medal for his science report on the links between abortion and breast cancer. Links that had previously escaped the entire medical profession.There surely is no justice if Scott Morrison, the head boy in charge of detention, doesn’t get called up on parade for special commendation after only losing one refugee to a machete attack and another to septicaemia.

Let’s not forget the PM himself, who early on in the school year demonstrated such a cheeky inventiveness with the guidelines for excursions that we somehow paid for his trips away even when nobody could quite work out what any of the travel had to do with his job.

To which he replied trying to change the conversation

Coming to a place near you Cedar Bay. No police convicted It. There will be repitition.

Cedar Bay


 On the 29th August 1976, Queensland police raided Cedar Bay with the help of a naval vessel, and destroyed houses and rainwater tanks before taking those arrested to Cairns…Queensland police said they had done this raid in support of the NSW police

Cedar Bay

Cedar Bay is about 100 miles North of Cairns. The commune is a series of gardens and huts with communal kitchens built behind the beach along the three mile stretch of sand.

At the North End, the huts stretch along a track which leads from the glistening sand to the towering North Queensland rain forest.

The police began their raid several hours before dawn on August 29, 1976, by taking over a farm with an airstrip some distance inland. They brought in a helicopter to attack the commune from the air, while a naval boat came from the sea and a land party moved in along the land track.

Twelve of the inhabitants were captured. Some were handcuffed with their hands behind their backs around trees. Others were tied up with fishing nets. Others the women were whisked away by helicopter.

While the inhabitants were helpless, the huts were set alight with baby clothes used as kindling. The vegetable gardens were trampled, the water tank shot up, the paw-paw and banana trees slashed.

The charges brought against these people living 40 miles from Cooktown on private property were mainly of vagrancy. Eight were charged with vagrancy, three with possession, one with growing marijuana.

The magistrate from Cooktown was on leave so was the Clerk of Courts so the next clerk down the line found the 12 guilty and fined or gaoled them.

When it was decided he had no power to do so, the gaoled were freed and then re arrested on the same charges.

The Queensland Council for Civil Liberties has set up a fund not only to give legal defence but to give legal aid to civil action against those who burnt and destroyed the communes property.

Killer Hunt In Hippie Commune

The Sun Herald

Sunday December 13, 1992

Ted Howes

ON August 29, 1976, police and customs agents, wearing paramilitary gear, swooped on an isolated hippie commune in thick scrub between Cairns and Cooktown.

The raid cost more than $50,000 and involved a helicopter, light aircraft and a Navy vessel.

The result was the arrest of 12 young people on drug and vagrancy charges.

But some police involved in the operation were later accused of taking part in an orgy of wanton destruction, which led to 25 charges, including arson, being laid against four officers.

The allegations opened a can of worms within the police force and thrust the then Queensland Premier, Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen, into a slanging match with Church groups, civil libertarians, the State Opposition and even his own police commissioner.

The public began to wonder why such military-style planning, enormous expense and considerable State and Federal police manpower had gone into a small-time drug raid.

Queensland’s Federal Member for Leichhardt, John Gayler, who represented the Cedar Bay residents during the inquiry, claims hippies were arrested on”trumped-up” drug and vagrancy charges to cover up a blunder by Cairns police

Mr Gayler, breaking 16 years of silence, said the real target of the raid was a murderer who had escaped from Cairns watch house earlier that month.

Bernard Wilton, in his early 30s, was facing drug charges when he escaped from the lock-up through a hole in the roof.

A furore erupted within police circles when, hours later, Interpol revealed Wilton was also wanted for drug-related murders overseas.

“The police went ape when they found out they had an international murderer in their grasp – and let him escape,” Mr Gayler said.

“When police received information that Wilton was being looked after by hippies at Cedar Bay they planned the raid with Federal Police and the Navy.

“The raid had nothing to do with cannabis but the police were not going to admit their blunder.

“When they found Wilton wasn’t at the camp at all, they needed to justify such time, effort and expense.” Wilton, who was believed to have been involved in a drug-smuggling operation from Indonesia, is still wanted by Queensland police.

Former Queensland Chief Superintendent Don Becker said his investigations with Inspector Syd Atkinson into allegations of police arson and destruction of property at Cedar Bay led him to believe the raid was intended to snare drug smugglers.

“It’s possible the raid was solely intended to capture Wilton but, if so, it would make it one of the biggest fiascos I’ve ever heard of,” Mr Becker said.

“To try to capture one man – a very cunning criminal – from a helicopter is absurd. Whichever way you look at it, whether to capture Wilton or break a drug-smuggling ring, the entire operation was a fiasco.”

HIPPIES involved in the raid, and former Queensland Police Commissioner Ray Whitrod, who insisted on an inquiry into police conduct during the blitz, remember the bitter Cedar Bay affair with regret.

Former hippie Charles Gifford, who was a key witness at the Cedar Bay inquiry into police misconduct in 1977, describes the time as an “intense period of frustration and anger”.

Mr Whitrod, now living in South Australia, was then fighting for police reforms and said he was sorry the controversy “didn’t do more to raise public awareness” of the extent of police corruption during the Sir Joh era.

At the Cedar Bay inquiry, police were accused of burning huts, smashing personal belongings, destroying clothing, chopping down fruit plantations and, ironically, consuming alcohol at the site following the drug raid.

Police, in their defence, tendered evidence of squalid living conditions and described the commune’s inhabitants as “filthy, criminal hippies”.

They maintained they had done the right thing because it was “in the public interest” to burn the settlement to the ground.

Mr Gifford, however, believes the anarchic streak police displayed during the raid was fuelled by an “intense fear of people who chose to adopt an alternative lifestyle”.

He now lives with his family at Bloomfield, 10km south of Cedar Bay, and says his occasional visits to the site spark bitter feelings over the incident, the inquiry into police conduct, and the acquittal of the four police officers who faced arson charges.

“We were just harmless people living the way we wanted to,” he said.

“The raid started with a helicopter buzzing our camp, then came a troop of about 20 guys wearing paramilitary gear jogging up the beach, taking cover, then jogging up again.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes; it was just so weird. I dashed into the bush, hid, and watched.”

Mr Gifford said police trashed the camp, shot coconuts out of trees with their service revolvers and ripped out fruit and vegetable plots.

He said the most frustrating aspect, as a witness at the inquiry, was”knowing what really happened but not being able to do anything about it”.

“The police had done a great injustice and we just watched in amazement as they got away with everything,” he said.

“The stories and lies they told about us during that trial were absolute rubbish; they made it up as they went along, and they got away with it. I keep in touch with people who were involved with the raid and I think they feel pretty much the same way.”

Mr Gifford said he was living at Cedar Bay with friends in a “bush camp”arrangement at the time.

He said there “may have been a bit of smoke” (marijuana) at the camp but he had never envisaged a full-scale drug raid involving the armed forces.

“It’s pretty scary when people become so angry and resentful of others who choose to live differently. Perhaps they see it as a threat to their own way of life,” he said.

Mr Whitrod, 78, said the Cedar Bay episode was one of the most traumatic experiences of his life.

He said a great source of his angst lay in his terse relationship with the Premier, Sir Joh.

“My relationship with Joh at the time was severely strained because he felt he was acting as a perfectly reasonable person who was doing the right thing. I disagreed,” Mr Whitrod said.

“I insisted on an inquiry into the affair because I felt that police had acted improperly in destroying dwellings.

“I knew there had to be something more to the Cedar Bay business than just a drug raid but at the time I was in the dark about it.

“To my utter frustration, all police who were charged were acquitted – but then it was very difficult to get a conviction against a policeman in those days.”

Mr Whitrod said he believed Sir Joh “wasn’t acting in the best interests of Queensland” when he tried to stifle the inquiry.

“But he (Sir Joh) steadfastly believed he was acting in the best interests of the public and probably still does,” Mr Whitrod said.

“The potential for an incident like that to happen again in Queensland is certainly there. It will be only a matter of time before history repeats itself.”

Safe Keeping is our plan for you says Abbott ; $650mill increase in National Security ( Youth Watch)

Missouri Passes Strict Anti-Abortion Legislation; Rejects Similar Law Protecting Unarmed Black Teens

Legislators also rejected an amendment to the law that would have called for a “five-minute cooling off period” before cops gunned down unarmed black teenagers on Missouri’s city streets. Lawmakers expressed concern that the amendment would sow confusion among “them negras,” and create an atmosphere of disrespect in cities where all white police forces lorded over majority black neighborhoods.

“We just can’t take away an officer’s right to choose,” said Jeffrey Jingo, a state senator from Bigot Bluffs. “If we let young black males freely roam our streets without showing them who’s boss, then all hell could break loose. I mean, you saw what happened in Ferguson, right? The last thing we need is all them colored folks thinking they enjoy the same civil rights as respectable members of our community.”MISSOURI-master1050

Legislators pointed out that Missouri cops feel threatened by unarmed black males, who might hurt them in some way

Thoughts that need expression
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