SHUSH Abbott too much crowing about National Security…..It’s a secret Mother…..r

How many of these certificates will be signed Tony Abbott after his poll status has gone up

How original is Tony Abbott and his merry men on their recruitment drive?

Why splash National Security action all over the media is Abbott hoping for a home grown event. We have government ministers lining up to tell us that Australia is ready to join the US in Iraq; a very broad statement that tells us nothing specific, but does succeed in mobilizing the minds of the ‘gung-ho’ brigade.”

It’s been year full of gaffes, embarrassment and a budget disaster the government needs a deflection to draw attention away from it’s failings and the rumblings in it’s ranks. What better than an illusion of a threat. How original how bright. Margret Thatcher always said if in crisis governments create a crisis to hide their crisis.

 “A terror suspect has been arrested by a new anti-terror squad attempting to leave Melbourne Airport with at least one other person, and is suspected of going to fight in a conflict abroad.” David Irvine

“new Australian Customs and Border Protection counter-terrorism units were now operating in Sydney and Melbourne international airports.” Tony Abbott

 “This government will do everything that is necessary to keep this country safe.”  Tony Abbott

Abbott’s announcement came after ASIO Director General David Irvine’s  assisting Abbott to draw our attention elsewhere. While the media lapped it up for a second nothing more has been said why? Abbott is sabre rattling  a show  for us but big brother US of A isn’t racing to action. But Bolt and the Murdoch Press are on board trying to lift this leaner telling us how well he operates on this international level. Are we to believe our Tony is a major adviser to the all big players?

If the government wanted to be truly effective in its efforts to protect us from any terrorist threat, would it not be more prudent to do it without a megaphone? After all, that is what they are doing with border security.”

Why are they making such a noise about combating terrorism? Ram ping up a perceived threat, as has been happening recently, is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to win back votes. It achieves no other purpose, except to alert possible terrorists to be more vigilant and to be on their game.

 [The prime minister] is just using this as a shield

Our pivot of the pacific draws our attention to the Ukraine and the Middle East. Abbott believes he has a winner; with National Security. Will anybody raise  the fact that Abbott has just given up 40 years of goodwill created by the ABC within the Pacific Region  to China because of his  $230 mill cut to it’s budget. A cut promised not to be made.  China’s news broadcaster Xinhua  is in Fiji and this week has signed a contract to supply the regional news in English, French and Chinese to Vanuatu and it’s neighbours. That’s National Security that Tony Abbott or Andrew Bolt aren’t talking about.

Has Tony Abbott just done the same for Melanesia?