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Steve Bannon tells French far-right supporters to wear ‘racist’ label as ‘badge of honour’ – Donald Trump’s America – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

“Let them call you racist. Let them call you xenophobes. Let them call you nativists. Wear it as a badge of honour.”

via Steve Bannon tells French far-right supporters to wear ‘racist’ label as ‘badge of honour’ – Donald Trump’s America – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Margaret Court: A Living Monument to a Darker Past – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Controversy is not new to Margaret Court. It has emerged that in 1970 she wrote to a New Zealand newspaper defending apartheid saying,“if you ask me, South Africa has the racial situation rather better organised than anyone else, certainly much better than the United States.” This was in the context of some other sports people boycotting South Africa.

Source: Margaret Court: A Living Monument to a Darker Past – » The Australian Independent Media Network

White Beyoncé haters don’t get it: “Formation” isn’t “race-baiting” — but it is unapologetically about race –

“Formation” ignites protest from racists who refuse to see pro-black art and speech as anything but anti-white

Source: White Beyoncé haters don’t get it: “Formation” isn’t “race-baiting” — but it is unapologetically about race –

Bolted down | The Monthly

“How could I have failed so completely to convince so many people that I am actually fighting exactly what I’m accused of?” That’s the question Andrew Bolt asked his readers last year, after the Aboriginal academic Marcia Langton accused him of being a racist. She later apologised, but the episode rattled Bolt so badly he stayed out of the office for a day. He is, after all, a dedicated anti-racist.

Source: Bolted down | The Monthly

“I thought I was going to die, it was horrible”: The growing far-right is attacking refugees throughout Europe –

Refugees are constantly being attacked by the far-right, as Europe sees terrifying echoes of its fascist past.

Source: “I thought I was going to die, it was horrible”: The growing far-right is attacking refugees throughout Europe –

Entering, stage right, the Geert Wilders political theatre of fear

Geert Wilders’ particular brand of fear-mongering seems to attract believers on the fringe, but his message repels most people.

Source: Entering, stage right, the Geert Wilders political theatre of fear

Christianity, is the foundation of our freedoms according to Andrew Bolt the man who maintains I’m not a Christian. 6/10/2014

The man with bilge for  brain gives yet another one of his interpretations of the history of the world. A thumbnail sketch that wouldn’t fit on the back of a stamp. Freedom had nothing to do with Christianity the concept of citizen was Greek the separation of  church and state had a much greater impact. Bolt seems to have overlooked the influence of the French Revolution.

The idiot says the “the names of organizations  tell the story” is he for real? Does the KKK spell Christian Racists? Did the Branch Davidians  tell their stories? Did Jones Town represent Bolt’s Christian ‘s ideal of freedom? They and many others like them made claims to the true Christianity. Where was the freedom in any of it? The Church of Scientology according to Bolt it’s in the name. The Boers in South Africa justified the lack of freedom  in their version of Christ message. So a mix Sunni radicals calling themselves Daesh, IS whatever they  aren’t representative of Islam.

Oh ISIL claiming to have a mandate means fuck all crazies throughout history claim mandates shit Tony Abbott claims a mandate for all sorts of things strange who amongst the Islamic world believe IS has a mandate ” Some non-Muslims might believe they  have a mandate and have converted. Some Muslims might as well however the majority don’t. Sunni and Shia  in India aren’t slaughtering each other. In Indonesia homosexuals, transvestites and transgender persons aren’t killed or stoned to death. Women are educated run for the highest office in the land and run businesses more so than here.

Again Bolt’s fact three  is totally meaningless. It’s strange that Bolt a professed non-Christian believes in  and quotes the bible as fact. The fact of  Christs  life. He sounds like a Dutch Calvinist a Reformationist. The bible is the word. That book has been interpreted and reinterpreted over the years so much it has people dancing with snakes in the name of god. Speaking in tongues in the name of god. Justifying violence against the state in the name of god ( Timothy Mcveigh).  Christians have slaughtered apostates throughout history and found it biblically justified. Here we have Bolt a declared non believer telling us the word. What a bullshit artist the man is and such a bad one at that

The Nazi’s had an ideology maybe not god at the centre. Social Darwinism the natural order the evolution of things. It was an Ideology nevertheless  to justify their existence. Eugenics was their proof. God wasn’t a central tenet  so it had no guilt breaking any agreements it made with the Catholic church. Science ,Eugenics were nominated as their god

“Islam’s violent tendencies” is Bolt’s unsophisticated figment and simplistic justification for his Ultra Racism


ASIO wants to recruit Muslim operatives for Team Australia.

15,000 paid FBI informants spy on the American Muslim Community. Is entrapment likely?

47 asylum seekers remain in indefinite detention with no reason required. ASIO files remain a secret due to reasons of “National Security”. Abbott has told us scrutiny of Australian citizens will increase some will be detained. Will the reason for detention also remain a secret due to National Security? Watch this and be the judge is this our TEAM AUSTRALIA ? ASIO OR FSB Watch this video

Andrew Bolt is a Self Declared liar and Racist . "Islam is not a race I’m free to say what I want without impunity" " Section 18C makes it a danger to talk about" Therefore must think it’s racial to do so

What he is saying is the very people, the very ethnic groups that would take exception to 18C are the same ones that are, in part, some of them, affected or take offence to the anti-terrorism legislation. To make them feel not picked on he’ll retain laws against free speech,” Bolt identified “obviously muslims, jihadists, people from the Middle East.”

“Don’t we need a frank debate, more frank than it’s been so far into how the Islamic culture, muslim culture, how they integrate here?”
And the retention of these laws make such a debate legally dangerous.
Bolt is comfortable saying publically “Aboriginal Culture is to blame for the individual and community problems of Aboriginies” He is comfortable for attacking Islam because it is a religion and not a race and now he is saying the topics are dangerous and the press and media are all pussies for not raising these issues. The man is like a beached whale thrashing around in every direction. He is now declaring himself to be a racist and the issues he raises are racial. He is here admitting to be a self confessed liar.
Cultures are not immutable they change and influence each other there is not an either or clash. Oh dear we drink red wine and eat spaghetti. Shit we eat middle eastern food. For Bolt that’s Haram, non kosher and dangerous because Assimilation was moving upstream. In the 50’s Australia was in need of labour and lot’s of it. So we accepted a multicultural intake of Turks, Greeks,Lebanese, Yugoslavs and even Dutch. What happened this country boomed and flourished. We learnt to eat, drink sing celebrate and do things differently. Nationality clubs and services sprung up and yes we imported issues as well. Those issues didn’t go away because migrants totally assimilated but people had economic success and were allowed to develop.
Curmudgeons like Bolt existed ‘wog’, ‘dago’ ‘slope’. Urban myths abounded ‘ if you go to Collingwood you’ll get knifed’ ‘All Vietnamese are drug dealers’ ‘Yugoslavs were all Ustashi’

  In 1950s Australia, for example, women grew up accepting that women were inferior to men. No one ever said it. They simply soaked up the culture. Some knew with absolute and unconscious certainty, that any woman who hadn’t made the house spotless, washed and ironed every drawer-escapee, cooked a three-course breakfast and packed lunches for her family, prepared the evening’s roast and baked a cake and, finally, donned the mandatory ‘lippy’, hat, and gloves for appearing in public, even on her own front porch … yes, any woman who hadn’t done all this and more by 8am … was a slut.
 Ban the bomb demonstrators and anti Vietnam were the ages equivalent of terrorists the CPA members were denigrated  under constant surveillance by ASIO  The Andrew Bolt’s of the day claimed ‘and so it should be ‘as they were a threat to the Aussie way of life. Frank Hardy was the Mike Carlton of the day. Conscientious objectors were thrown in jail, poofter bashing was god’s rightful retribution and single mothers non existent. “Catholic dogs stink like frogs” was the the abuse thrown at me on the way home from primary school.
Bolt blames Aboriginal Culture for their demise. Arnhem Land Peoples was a kinship culture contrasted with white society in that there was no chance of accumulating wealth when one’s relatives cannot rightly be refused if they are in need.” They has been in contact with Macassan Muslims and they were in no way disrupted by contact with Muslims something which cannot be said about the later cultural contact experiences of these now oppressed people. While Arnhem land peoples spoke of the period of contact with Macassar as a Golden Age.  This attitude of the indigenous people contrasted starkly with relations during the period of assimilation and oppression under the white colonial administration. The contrast is plainly between the generosity and democracy of the Macassarese and the stinginess, meanness and colour bar of the Whites.”

Bolt’s biggest fear is that by retaining section 18C and Multi cultural policies Australia is “being asked to assimilate to immigrant values” in response to Mr Abbott’s decision to drop the changes. 
This coming from the mouth of an admitted elitist who has said he shunned and was never drawn to Australian Culture until he married and was introduced to it by his father-in-law. Why do we accept this Muslim-hating, Koori-hating, racist bigot?