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Press Laziness Press Propoganda The AGE pages 1-5 some excerpts show a very lopsided story


ASIO officers raided homes across Sydney and Brisbane arresting 15 people some as young as 17 or 19 who were later released…..The AGE

The raids were conducted on kids however the papers really made it sound as if it was a very organized gang if so why were all released and no charges laid?

Azari 22 was charged was charged Thursday with conspiracy to prepare for a terrorist attack. A second Sydneyman 24 from Merrylands was charged late on Thursday on fire-arms and ammunition charges. He was released on bail….The AGE

Azari has legal Aid and doesn’t have the funds to be bailed he has been arrested on the basis of one phone call.

‘It is understood Barylei knew one of the men arrested from school’….The AGE

If knowing Barylei in school is an indictable offense why hasn’t the school been arrested the reporter has nothing to write about and is throwing things in for the sake of the story

“They would use things like public phone boxes. They would avoid talking in cars all that sort of stuff”….The AGE

“while beheading was not specifically mentioned in the alleged phone call on Tuesday- one of several believed to have taken place between Baryalei and Azari- it is assumed that this would have been the method of killing” The…AGE

This is the most salient piece of news why is beheading playing such a large role in the reporting when it was never specifically mentioned. It has been the central feature of the police and media reports and has never had a place.

“the Commonwealth Prosecutor said the charges were very very serious and involved an unusual level of fanaticism”…one intercepted phone call between May8 and September 18 to which Mr Azari was party”

The only thing the Prosecutor is saying is the charges he’s drawn up are very serious the evidence however seems very very weak


“There has been immediate reaction to a clear and imperative danger”

“Mr Boland hired by Legal Aid NSW for Mr Azari did not apply for bail …. the allegation is based on one phone call of very limited compass the federal police have put foward”

One phone call and he is the only sucker who isn’t rich enough to apply for bail

Australians will have absorbed the news of planned beheadings of random citizens with many feelings. All will be grateful ASIO with state and Federal Police appears to have prevented an attack……even in Australia fanatical sectarianism poses a clear and present danger”

There was no news of beheadings but Mark Kenny is not going tell you that it would spoil an otherwise good story.

The Australian Defense League ” Let’s make our presence known and get there (Lakemba) in force against these bastard terrorists

The Australian KKK is itching to come out an play. Jesus want’s them to nail a Muslim to a cross

A woman was man handled and beaten to the face her 14 year old son saw this tried to help. He was pushe into the wall he all most passed out

Nothing but this about police violence on a 14 year old they just recruited to ISIS

The whole saga is disgusting and has put a target on the back of Australians traveling through Muslim countries. Indonesia is our nearest neighbor thank you TEAM ABBOTT

Melbourne & Sydney were Voted in the Top 5 of the Worlds Friendliest Cities. Bolt, Blair & Devine Aim to Destroy That..Verbal Terrorist Mongers

Tim Blair seems more interesting in meeting Islamic Mannequins, than actual Islamic people.


Tim Blair, Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine are the sad reflection of  radicalized fundamentalists no matter what religion or ideology . They might not be physically disposed to terror but they ar disposed the a terror of another kind VERBAL TERROR , MEDIA TERROR,INCITEMENT OF TERROR. They have a pulpit in Murdoch’s Church. They have a congregation they encourage that congregation to amplify their chant. A chant that thrives and grows on the indiscretions of a stupid few. Those indiscretions which they fuel with their media voice.

Tony Abbott’s government also encourages the dark-side the shadow of terror like the shadow of communism is a political opportunity. In the 50’s and 60’s the ‘Domino Theory’ of communist takeover sustained successive Liberal Governments and took us to Vietnam. Today it’s Islam and the Christian Mullahs very few but loud are BLAIR,BOLT & DEVINE. They aren’t Australia’s voice but Murdoch’s Church is the amplifier.

The rest of the world see us Australia as economically blessed a true rainbow nation voted in the top of all surveys,envied universally why? Lakemba a place to celebrate as Carlton was when it was full of Wogs and Jews in the 50’s. There were media fear mongers back then and for political advantage they took us to war and killed our young men in Vietnam for conservative advantage. Do you think Tony Abbott wouldn’t apply the same tactic today to stay in power when he sees his first year as government has been a total shambles? Margret Thatcher said terror is a tool the fuel of a desperate government.

Tim Blair may or may not have gone to Lakemba if he did he slid in like a lizard an hid under a rock. His article is not journalism but the psychology of a severely mentally disturbed paranoiac. It was used by his twin blogger in Melbourne Andrew Bolt to tell us we aren’t friendly or livable cities. Bolt for one hides in Malvern I haven’t a clue where Blair hides but they aren’t worthy any attention. To say they are employed shits in the face of those hard working Australians looking for jobs and those kids that are going to have to wait 6 months for  less than $200pw dole. These arseholes are no better than the evangelists of any extreme cult and should be treated in kind

Below are true descriptions of a suburb in Sydney that makes us deserve to be admired



A must read is Martin Flanagan in The Age it’s a true salute to the truth and real journalism

Hanging with an Islamic ‘Dipper’ – Sydney Morning Herald