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Vladimir Putin blasts the West in combative speech, says Russia remains strong despite ‘insane’ sanctions – ABC News


Source: Vladimir Putin blasts the West in combative speech, says Russia remains strong despite ‘insane’ sanctions – ABC News

Russia’s ‘Victory Day’ and the Trump-Putin Alliance Against Ukraine | The Smirking Chimp

Trump Remains Loyal to Putin. Trump’s initial take on Russia’s 2022 invasion was to call Putin “savvy” and a “genius.” He has showered endless praise on the Russian dictator, never uttering an unkind word about him. Russia’s state-controlled media has replayed all of it.

President Biden and a united NATO deprived Putin of the “Victory Day” celebration that he desired this year. But Putin isn’t finished—with Ukraine, Trump, or American democracy. Recently, U.S. intelligence agencies assessed that Putin may increase his efforts to interfere with upcoming U.S. elections.

Compared to the obstacles that Putin encountered in Ukraine, undermining American democracy is his path of least resistance to a momentous Russian “Victory Day” down the road. As Trump and his Republican allies suppress voting, place Trump’s minions in critical state positions that could influence election outcomes, and push bogus post-election audits that destroy voter confidence, they have become Putin’s accomplices.

Source: Russia’s ‘Victory Day’ and the Trump-Putin Alliance Against Ukraine | The Smirking Chimp

The last thing we needed was another crazed dictator – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Hitler killed himself he only had a gun. Putin will kill every one else;

The Russians will not thank him for destroying their economy, the Russian troops’ parents and families will not thank him for killing their sons, and the Ukrainian people will never accept the reason for the invasion, or its apparent objective: The subjugation of its identity and status as a sovereign nation. The death and destruction means there will never be reconciliation between Russia and Ukraine.

Putin’s war is a grave mistake, and hundreds of thousands will pay the price. The greatest threat comes from Putin, and his absolute hold on power. He, if cornered, might pull out all the stops, and attempt to bluff the Unites States and Europe with the threat of nuclear war. The possibility is there, and it looks to be Putin’s last card.

Source: The last thing we needed was another crazed dictator – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Elections in Europe — Amid Ukraine agony, Russia still finds support

Putin will prevail if good people do nothing

Russia find support in the hypocricy and political skullduggery of nations like Australia who are prepared to make noise about supporting Ukraine on one hand but then trading with nations supporting Russia  like India. The Morrison government wants to have it both ways and pretends they don’t. Morrison is typical of a misogynistic male liar who whispers “I’ll put it in a little bit if it hurts I’ll take it out, promise” and call that ok and consent.

Ideas of “folk” identity die hard, whether that is among a minority of “tradition-minded” French reviling Arab citizens there, ethnic-Serb nationalism, or even dreams from yesteryear of Magyar ethnic hegemony and empire in Hungary. The European Community before 1992 was a thoroughly democratic and prosperous Western European club, actually enacting ideals of justice, sharing and peace. It then acceded to urgent requests from the former communist states of Eastern Europe to be admitted to the new EU. NATO likewise agreed to admit those states to the alliance, as they were demanding greater assurance of protection from Russia. In light of the barbaric events of the last six weeks, they had reason to fear. Governments of the West, while united and determined in the present crisis, must rue that they had few alternatives during the ructions of the 1990s and made this rod for their own backs.

Source: Elections in Europe — Amid Ukraine agony, Russia still finds support

Yes, Bucha is a War Crime: Putin Told us who He was in East Aleppo

Putin’s approach to war was clearly spelt out in Allepo and Chechnya and he hasn’t changed. His hope is to grab Ukraine’s resources and turn Eastern Europe into his own personal Nth Korean feifdom. His legacy is to have destroyed Russia and it’s reputation for the next 200 years.

The Russian withdrawal from the small town of Bucha near the capital of Kyiv left behind a raft of murdered civilians in the streets and bombed buildings the way an ebbing tide leaves behind flotsam and driftwood after a violent tsunami. The Russian government is attempting to escape blame for these atrocities by simply denying that they are the work of Russian troops, as though the Ukrainians shot themselves, repeatedly and in large numbers. Government spokesmen claim that the videos are deep fakes. It is an old war lie, rooted in a hope that the fog of war and your side’s blind nationalism will serve to perfume the stench of rotting corpses.

Source: Yes, Bucha is a War Crime: Putin Told us who He was in East Aleppo

Satellite images contradict Russian claims, show bodies lay in Bucha for weeks

Satellite images provided by Maxar Technologies show Yablonska Street in Bucha, Ukraine, strewn with bodies on March 19, 2022.

Russians prove to be absolute liars and are losing absolutely. Not just the war but their global propaganda efforts to discount what it is they have really done. They will go down in history for being duped by a steroid-riddled madman Vladamir Putin.

In a Telegram post on Sunday, the ministry suggested that the bodies had been recently placed on the streets after “all Russian units withdrew completely from Bucha” around Wednesday.

But a review of videos and satellite imagery by The New York Times shows that many of the civilians were killed more than three weeks ago, when Russia’s military was in control of the town.

Source: Satellite images contradict Russian claims, show bodies lay in Bucha for weeks

Russian Forces Accused of ‘Deliberate Massacre’ in Bucha

Bodies lie on a street in Bucha, northwest of Kyiv, on April 2, 2022, as Ukraine says Russian forces are making a "rapid retreat" from northern areas around Kyiv and the city of Chernigiv.

Vlad’s Army of Liberation is less civilized and less disciplined than the Nazis army was.

“These people were not in the military. They had no weapons. They posed no threat,” said an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Source: Russian Forces Accused of ‘Deliberate Massacre’ in Bucha

Russia’s Neighbors Look at Putin and Ask “Who’s Next?” – Mother Jones

One panelist on Rossiya-1, Russia’s most nationalistic state TV station, recently called for “for nuclear missiles to hit Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia” and the opening of a “corridor” from Russia to its Kaliningrad exclave “in order to save Kaliningrad from the nuclear bombardment of Lithuania and Poland.” According to a recent survey from the Ukrainian polling company Active Group, 86 percent of Russians support an armed invasion of other European countries, including Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. (This poll should, however, be taken with a giant grain of salt given that polling in Russia is extremely unreliable.)

Source: Russia’s Neighbors Look at Putin and Ask “Who’s Next?” – Mother Jones

Yes, Putin and Russia are fascist – a political scientist shows how they meet the textbook definition

The problem Hitler comitted suicide. Putin has the bomb and a bullet big big difference.

I believe Putin’s fascist Russia faces a serious risk of breakdown in the not-too-distant future. All that’s missing is a spark that will rile the people and elites and move them to take action. That could be an increase in fuel prices, the development that led to a citizen revolt in Kazakhstan earlier this year; a blatantly falsified election, such as the one that led to riots in autocratic Belarus in 2020; or thousands of body bags returning to Russia from the war in Ukraine.

Source: Yes, Putin and Russia are fascist – a political scientist shows how they meet the textbook definition

British spy chief says Russian President underestimated Ukrainian defence and global response to war – ABC News

A Russian marine takes position in front of a helicopter during a training exercise

Sir Jeremy Fleming says Russian soldiers are “refusing to carry out orders”He warns countries like the UK, the US and Australia may be targeted by Russian cyber attacksHe says China is backing Moscow for now in part because of its plans for Taiwan

Source: British spy chief says Russian President underestimated Ukrainian defence and global response to war – ABC News

If Biden Really wants Putin to Fall, He should make Green Energy a War Measure

Biden is positioning clean energy and climate measures to be part of his budget this year. It might be harder for Republicans and two Democrats in Congress to obstruct the president’s plans if he framed them as a war measure to take on the menace of the Russian rogue state. The rhetoric of a war on Russian oil and gas would be powerful, and would expose congressmen and senators who dragged their feet to charges of aiding the enemy.

Source: If Biden Really wants Putin to Fall, He should make Green Energy a War Measure

Russian generals are getting killed at an extraordinary rate

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, left.

If true, the deaths of so many generals, alongside more senior Russian army and naval commanders – in just four weeks of combat – exceeds the attrition rate seen in the worst months of fighting in the bloody nine-year war fought by Russia in Chechnya, as well as Russian and Soviet-era campaigns in Afghanistan, Georgia and Syria.

Source: Russian generals are getting killed at an extraordinary rate

‘Ukrainian Blood on Their Hands’: Analysis Details How Big Oil Funded Putin’s War Chest

Greenpeace protest

“Fossil fuels are the currency of despots, dictators, and warmongers. Our global reliance on oil and gas is not only killing our planet but also making the world a less safe and equal place.”

Source: ‘Ukrainian Blood on Their Hands’: Analysis Details How Big Oil Funded Putin’s War Chest

Russia-Ukraine war: Russia bombs Lviv airport as fears remain for hundreds in theatre rubble

Russian President Vladimir Putin appears at a pro-war rally in Moscow.

Putin does exactly what Hitler did and the world watches as he claimsit for the greater motherland. However, it looks more like a confected Nth Korean rally no opposition or equivalent allowed at the point of is  guns. All Style and suppressed meaning.

 Vladimir Putin appeared at a huge flag-waving rally at a packed Moscow stadium and lavished praise on his troops fighting in Ukraine, three weeks into the invasion that has led to heavier-than-expected Russian losses on the battlefield and increasingly authoritarian rule at home.

Source: Russia-Ukraine war: Russia bombs Lviv airport as fears remain for hundreds in theatre rubble

Putin’s brazen manipulation of language is a perfect example of Orwellian doublespeak

Doublespeak has always been Scott Morrison’s primary weapon. However he applies it so badly it simply comes out as a lie. Taxes aren’t taxes, they’re “efficiency reviews”. “Keeping Australians Safe” is all about the  creation of fear enabling increased control over things that aren’t even happening.  Giving us freedom is Morrison’s excuse for doing nothing “not holding the hose” etc etc.  “On the water matters” was his classic response for ” not answering” questions. In fact Trump Putin and Morrison are the same all doublespeakers. Anthony Albanese or Albo on the other hand has a history of calling a spade a shovel faces and interprets the facts and gets on with the job when either in government or in opposition. He believes consensus negotiated decisions are part and parcel of a progressive democracy

Doublespeak is a tool in the arsenal of tyranny. It is one of Putin’s weapons of choice, as it is for many authoritarians and would-be authoritarians around the world. As Orwell warned: “Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”The Conversation

Source: Putin’s brazen manipulation of language is a perfect example of Orwellian doublespeak

Comrades in Crazy: Top 4 Putin Trolls in the Republican Party, starting with Tucker Carlson

Vladimir Putin is admired on the American Right as no foreign leader has been since Adolf Hitler. Today’s counterparts of Charles Lindbergh and Father Coughlin are arguably more organized, and they have the advantage of prominent perches in both old and new media.

Tucker Carlson- Murdoch’s Fox News

Candace Owens

Tulsi Gabbard


Source: Comrades in Crazy: Top 4 Putin Trolls in the Republican Party, starting with Tucker Carlson

Putin will prevail if good people do nothing

Trump is treated same way. Why is it we continue to constatly talk and allow people like Putin ,Kim Jong Un and the other varieties of dictators to simply get away with harm in the expectation something will change? Insanity has been defined as repeating the same actions with the expectation of different outcomes,and we do just do it time and time again.

Putin’s evil has prevailed because good people have not been able to do anything. The list of Russian dissidents is long and the circumstances of their demise have always been chilling. The poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko, the assassination of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, the poisoning and gaoling of opposition leader Alexey Navalny and the assassination of Boris Nemtsov — former Deputy Prime Minister and liberal opposition figure, who had expressed his fears over Putin’s “plans to kill him” over his opposition to the war in Ukraine. Yet the West has continued to have dialogue with him. We have underwritten him. We have underwritten his corruption.

Source: Putin will prevail if good people do nothing

Russian Attacks Halt Plans To Evacuate Ukrainian Civilians | HuffPost Latest News

People cross on an improvised path under a bridge that was destroyed by a Russian airstrike, while fleeing the town of Irpin, Ukraine, Saturday, March 5, 2022. (AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)

A second attempt to evacuate civilians from a besieged city in southern Ukraine collapsed Sunday as Russian attacks stopped plans to create a humanitarian corridor, a Ukrainian government official said, and Pope Francis called for an end to the “rivers of blood and tears” created by the war. Food, water, medicine and almost all other supplies were in desperately short supply in the port city of Mariupol, where Russian and Ukrainian forces had agreed to a 11-hour cease-fire to allow civilians and the wounded to be evacuated. But Russian attacks quickly closed the corridor, Ukrainian officials said.

Source: Russian Attacks Halt Plans To Evacuate Ukrainian Civilians | HuffPost Latest News

Putin: Ukraine May Lose Statehood ‘If They Continue Doing What They Are Doing’ |

“The current leadership needs to understand that if they continue doing what they are doing, they risk the future of Ukrainian statehood,” Putin said in Moscow, according to The New York Times. “If that happens, they will have to be blamed for that.”

The statement comes amidst Putin tightening state control over information. It is unclear how much information the Russian people are receiving about the war.

During Putin’s meeting, he also likened Western-imposed sanctions as actions “akin to a declaration of war.” The statement marks an escalation in rhetoric.

Source: Putin: Ukraine May Lose Statehood ‘If They Continue Doing What They Are Doing’ |

Can Anyone Convince Vladimir Putin To Choose Peace In Ukraine? | HuffPost Latest News

Russia's President Vladimir Putin is seen during a meeting with members of Russian business community in the Moscow Kremlin on Feb. 24.

His over indulgence in steroids might have amplified his isolation, paranoia and what appears to be his Stalinist mentality. If the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree Putin hasn’t come very far from being the KGB officer he was trained to be. Perhaps we are witnessing the frog, the scorpion and it’s simply his nature. The view of Putin with his advisors seperated at the ends of a very, very long table suggests he didn’t come to listen.

“Right now, I frankly do not see how anybody can get through to Putin,” said Vaira Vike-Freiberga, a former president of Latvia who met with her Russian counterpart repeatedly. “He is so dead set on rewriting history … he has invented a parallel universe in which he lives mentally.”

Source: Can Anyone Convince Vladimir Putin To Choose Peace In Ukraine? | HuffPost Latest News

Vladimir Putin sits atop a crumbling pyramid of power | Vladimir Sorokin | The Guardian

A mural depicts a hypothetical Time magazine cover that portrays the face of Russian president Valdimir Putin with a birthmark on his head in the shape of Ukraine, referring to the birthmark of Michail Gorbachev.

Who’s to blame? Us. Russians. And we’ll now have to bear this guilt until Putin’s regime collapses. For it surely will collapse and the attack on a free Ukraine is the beginning of the end. Putinism is doomed because it’s an enemy of freedom and an enemy of democracy. People have finally understood this today. He attacked a free and democratic country precisely because it is a free and democratic country. But he’s the one who’s doomed because the world of freedom and democracy is far bigger than his dark and gloomy lair. Doomed because what he wants is a new Middle Ages, corruption, lies, and trampling on human freedoms. Because he is the past. And we must do everything in our power to make this monster remain there – in the past – for all time, together with his Pyramid of Power.

Source: Vladimir Putin sits atop a crumbling pyramid of power | Vladimir Sorokin | The Guardian

Putin shunned by world as his hopes of quick victory evaporate | Vladimir Putin | The Guardian

Placard with face of Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin was facing growing international isolation and the prospect of pariah status on Saturday night as long-term allies dramatically turned against him following the invasion of Ukraine, and western nations planned further decisive military and financial action against Moscow.As his hopes of a quick victory evaporated in the face of fierce resistance by Ukrainian soldiers and armies of citizen volunteers, Russia’s president was deserted by his key ally, China, and had his ultimatum demanding Kyiv’s surrender defiantly brushed aside by Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy.In perhaps the most striking development, Germany announced on Saturday night that it would supply Ukrainian troops with 1,000 anti-tank weapons as well as 500 Stinger missiles from its own military reserves.

Source: Putin shunned by world as his hopes of quick victory evaporate | Vladimir Putin | The Guardian

Russian President Vladimir Putin announces military assault against Ukraine in surprise speech

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russia for months denied plans to invade Ukraine, even as it amassed tens of thousands of troops along the border. The Russian invasion of Ukraine that began Monday has sent shockwaves through Europe and the wider world, while threatening to destabilize the surrounding region and rock global markets.

Source: Russian President Vladimir Putin announces military assault against Ukraine in surprise speech

Ukraine-Russia: Vladimir Putin can strike back after being hit by sanctions

The West needs to tread carefully with its sanctions on Russia.

The wishful thinking has begun. Core Europe is already persuading itself that Vladimir Putin will be sated with Donetsk and Luhansk, allowing European companies to keep selling Gucci bags and BMWs to Russia in exchange for commodities – after a stern lecture on international law, of course. The US, UK, and Poland have reached the opposite conclusion, strongly suspecting that the military occupation of the Donbas is the springboard for a full invasion of Ukraine.

Source: Ukraine-Russia: Vladimir Putin can strike back after being hit by sanctions

Russian President Vladimir Putin Calls For Ukraine To Break Apart, Escalating Crisis | HuffPost Latest News

Putin is demanding the building of a Ukraine Wall like Berlin once had.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday that separatist militias that control parts of eastern Ukraine should treat those regions as independent countries — saying he wants to redraw borders in Europe in the most significant way in decades and hinting that he would deploy Russian forces to make that happen.

Source: Russian President Vladimir Putin Calls For Ukraine To Break Apart, Escalating Crisis | HuffPost Latest News

How does Putin keep Trump? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

By Vegas Jessie This is what (I think) was really behind Trump’s decision to bomb Syria. 1) Putin wants a functional president in the White House. He does not want anyone to investigate what he’s already done to get him there. He definitely does not want trump impeached because for him that would be a…

Source: How does Putin keep Trump? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Wendi Deng with Putin? She’s taking on Rupert Murdoch in a romantic arms race | Marina Hyde | Opinion | The Guardian

Three weeks after the media mogul married Jerry Hall, his ex is spotted holidaying in the Caribbean on a Russian yacht. It’s better than Dynasty

Source: Wendi Deng with Putin? She’s taking on Rupert Murdoch in a romantic arms race | Marina Hyde | Opinion | The Guardian

Syria? Ukraine? Isis? Blame it all on the west’s rampant ‘egotism’, Putin says | World news | The Guardian

Russian president’s speech covered little new ground but intensified criticism of the US over the rise of the Islamic State and chaos in the Middle East

Source: Syria? Ukraine? Isis? Blame it all on the west’s rampant ‘egotism’, Putin says | World news | The Guardian

MH-17 – Who can be trusted? a view from Pravda

MH-17 - Who can be trusted?. 53967.jpeg

In the West anything coming out of Russia is false, fake and a lie. Minutes after Malaysian MH17 crashed Russia was to blame. So, when Channel One comes out with a video it was slammed as a lie by a country who voted for a communist president not once but twice. A photo was sent anonymously by email November 12th to the Russian Union of Engineers claiming that MH-17 was shot down by a Ukrainian jet. It was only shown as possible evidence not as absolute truth. However, I do not even have to see it because I know who the liar is.

Russia never said it was their satellite photo. “All versions have to be considered” Channel One said. Ivan Andrievskiy, the first vice-president of the Russian Union of Engineers, said the photo was made by a foreign spy satellite either American or British. In August, he goes on to say, “Russian Union of Engineers published its report on the possible causes of the accident citing that rocket and cannon was used by armament of another aircraft. There is no credible evidence of it being hit by a missile from the ground.”

“I fully agree with the results of your analysis of the causes of destruction of the” Boeing “- says a man using the alias name of George Bilt, a graduate of MIT, air expert with decades of experience. The ” Boeing “was shot down by a fighter jet chasing him. At first the jet fired an air cannon, then the cabin [of MH-17] was struck by an air to air missile, then the right engine and the right wing were damaged by a missile with a thermal homing system.”

CIA monitors the media like hawks and went to work with their army of bloggers contradicting the obvious. Reuters, head of the propaganda machine based in the UK wrote, “Several commentators who have examined the photographs have described them as forgeries.” America’s CBS shovels more crap by pointing out, “the plane was shot down by a mixed team of rebels and Russian military personnel who believed they were targeting a Ukrainian military plane.” The BBC proudly proclaims,”Web users debunk Russian TV’s MH17 claim” where they show a photo of the wreckage with bullet holes but still say “Western investigators say the plane was likely hit by shrapnel from a surface-to-air weapon”. Denial!


In a supposed interview Saturday with BuzzFeed , the man calling himself George Bilt said, “I had no knowledge or means of proving and researching if this was an authentic satellite photo or not (it was clearly available online since mid October – not really such a new discovery too)”. Buzzfeed titles their article, “Russian TV Airs Clearly Fake Image To Claim Ukraine Shot Down MH17” and goes on to claim the photos are fake without calling Bilt a fake and not admitting his name is not real. If you know they are fake why an interview? FYI, Buzzfeed has plagiarists like Benny Johnson.

Of course the US, Britain and Kiev’s puppet government call it fake. They are the ones who started the war in Ukraine. No offers from Obama or NATO to cooperate with Russia over this issue like Reagan and Gorbachev did in the past when their negotiations led to a nuclear treaty. Instead we get a statement from Admiral “I barely got a history degree at the University of South Florida” who explained the reason Russia is close to NATO today is because of Putin and has nothing to do with the expansion of NATO towards Russia- Rear Adm. John Kirby.

Unless you are in denial or have been asleep this century you must know of the wars America has started in the Middle East and Ukraine. How many wars has Russia started? How many troops has she sent overseas? None. Russia is close to Europe and offered Ukraine cheap gas and financial aid. That’s bad business for Chevron and other firms in the West. Ukraine Deal with the Devil: The Chevron Deal. The US overthrew the Kiev government and installed their long time friend Pudgy Poroshenko.

Obama supports his puppet and Jackass Joe Biden’s son was conveniently appointed to the board of directors at Ukraine’s Largest Gas Co. Remember when Cheney was attacked by the media for his ties with Halliburton? Bad then but OK now. Bad for Russia to help in Ukraine but OK for US to interfere. USA hypocrisy and greed growing exponentially. Yet this is old news. Read Rothbard’s book about US economic conquest in “Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy”

“Of course, Obama himself is deeply in the pocket of the finance industry. Goldman Sachs accounted for over $994,000 of Obama’s war chest. Lehman Brothers was the origin of $395,600, a record amount for the company second only to what Hillary Clinton received…in 2008 that Obama’s fat-cat donors included top executives from Wachovia, Washington Mutual, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, J.P. Morgan, Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Countrywide.”

“Hope and Change” meant new hopes and riches for the elite who like Gruber calls American people stupid. Jonathan Gruber, the creator of Obama Care feels it is necessary to deceive the stupid American people. Keep in mind Obama prides himself in being the most transparent government in history. Liars to the core. Wake up America. Your government cannot be trusted. It is run by the corporate elite and your computer voting will not get it done. The Republican’s compromise brings no hope because they are bought and paid for as well.

I will never believe news from a country that is after a “New World Order” and starts wars and violence around the world. Recently, General Numbnuts McNeely of the Pentagon, freely admitted in this video by Vovan222prank that he will send instructors to train Kiev Ukrainian troops. Those same troops have been attacking priests and innocent people of SE Ukraine who want independence. The US even has a bill S2277 to overthrow Russia and support NATO. Should I believe a country and her media that is hostile not only to Russia and her interests but the world itself?

Can I believe someone who still commits the Soviet mistake like Obama? CNBC anchor Geoff Cutmore said,”President Obama has accused you, as you know, of untruths when it comes to supporting some of the separatist groups in Ukraine…” President Vladimir Putin responded, “Who made him a judge? He’s not a judge. Why doesn′t he get a job in the judicial system then and work there? I don′t think Mr. Obama is accusing me of anything. He has his own perspective on certain processes, I have mine.” “He has his own perspective” means Obama has a reason to lie about the situation in the Ukraine.

President Vladimir Putin has encouraged foreigners to investigate the crash site and the OSCE did go there. He has asked foreign observers to monitor Russia’s voting process and they have come. Putin has helped the Church and defends it and is free to speak of his Christianity. We are free here in Russia where whistleblowers like Snowden find refuge. So it does not matter if the recent photos are fake. I know what the US is after in Ukraine and they are not sending humanitarian convoys like Russia did into Donbass. I have never believed a liar especially a greedy one. “The Land of the Free” is no more. The “Land of the Tsars” is where Christ still reigns.

Inside Story G20 summit: Is Putin being frozen out? Russian president given a frosty reception in Brisbane over his Cold War-style stand-off with the West.

Inside Story

G20 summit: Is Putin being frozen out?

Russian president given a frosty reception in Brisbane over his Cold War-style stand-off with the West.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been branded a bully with imperialistic ambitions at the G20 summit in Brisbane.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott accused the Russian leader of trying to recreate the lost glories of the old Soviet Union, and said he planned to “shirtfront” or physically confront Putin over Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron also warned that Russia faced further sanctions if it didn’t commit to resolving the conflict in Ukraine.

Putin was met at Brisbane airport by Australia’s assistant defence minister, in an apparent diplomatic snub.

Al Jazeera’s Andrew Thomas, reporting from Brisbane, said Putin was “isolated” at lunch on day one of the G20 summit on Saturday, “all but ignored by other world leaders”.

So is Putin being frozen out – or do world leaders need him more than he needs them?

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Abbott got it wrong again. German spies say MH17 was shot down by Russian-backed Ukraine militia Putin didn’t do it

GERMAN intelligence has pointed the finger of blame at pro-Russian rebels for shooting down a Malaysian passenger jet over Ukraine using missiles captured from government forces, a media report said Sunday.

Kiev and the West have previously charged that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was blown out of the sky in July by separatist fighters using a BUK surface-to-air system supplied by Russia.

Moscow has denied the charge.

But the head of Germany’s BND foreign spy agency Gerhard Schindler said intelligence gathered by his network indicated the rebels had captured a BUK system from a Ukrainian base and fired a missile that exploded directly next to the plane, Spiegel magazine reported.

American intelligence officials had in July said that the plane could have been shot down mistakenly by ill-trained separatists.

Putin’s & Russian Contribution vs Abbott’s & Australian Contribution to Ebola War. Shirtfront Abbott


Ebola Virus Disease: A potential global catastrophe. 53791.jpeg

While there is no room for complacency, by pulling together and fighting side by side, the international community can beat this serious threat. Perhaps Ebola Virus Disease has taught us all a lesson.

Putin’s contribution

The Russian Federation has been present fighting this pandemic at all levels. President Vladimir Putin has met the WHO Director-General Margaret Chan and has pledged full support. A medical team of Russian virologists, epidemiologists and bacteriologists is in the field in the Republic of Guinea, to date 19 million USD has been provided, alongside humanitarian aid. Russia is ready to send large numbers of doses of the anti-viral drug Triazavirin, which is effective in 70 to 90% of cases of infections with 15 strains of Influenza, including A H1N1 (Swine Flu) and H5N1 (Avian flu), at any stage of the infection.

Russia is also working on a vaccine and is ready to begin trials on primates. After this the human trials will begin and it may be ready for massive operations by Summer 2015.

Abbott’s contribution


Has Abbott got anything right.? Putin doesn’t have to meet Abbott it’s a G20 meeting.

Tanya Plibersek

Tanya Plibersek urges Tony Abbott to use more sober language with Putin

Deputy Labor leader responds to Abbott’s ‘shirtfront’ threat, saying Russia needs to know how seriously Australia takes the MH17 investigation

Plibersek echoed the words of the Russian prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, who said “serious politicians should choose their words” more carefully.

Overnight, the president’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said the Russian government did not intend to respond to Abbott’s “colourful language”, but that as a part of the G20, the Russian president was “free” to visit the summit in Brisbane

On Tuesday Abbott said his office had not requested a meeting with Putin as his schedule was being finalised and the summit was still a month away. However Abbott made clear his expectation Putin would meet him.

“I certainly expect that while he’s a guest of Australia, he will undertake to have a conversation with the Australian prime minister.”

Russia is a part of G20 and the Russian president is free to visit the summit in Australia,” Peskov said.

“His visit isn’t going to be a bilateral visit upon the invitation from the Australian side.

“As soon as Mr Putin confirms his visit we’ll make a relevant statement. The Russian government does not intend to respond to Mr Abbott’s colourful language.

“Mr Putin is unlikely to seek bilateral talks with Mr Abbott. Mr Putin’s office will be waiting for more diplomatic and pleasant occasion to get in touch with Mr Abbott’s office.”

Pravda’s Andrew Bolt compares Abbott to Pol Pot and Hitler. …..” the most blatant example of shit-faced ignorance and pig-headed arrogance”

Tony Abbott and Vladimir Putin

Pravda writer compares Abbott to Hitler, Pol Pot

Mr Abbott’s comments have prompted another scathing rebuke from Russian newspaper Pravda.

In an email exchange with the ABC’s AM program, Pravda journalist Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey said Mr Abbott’s comments were “the most blatant example of shit-faced ignorance and pig-headed arrogance the world has seen since the likes of Hitler or Pol Pot”.

Bancroft-Hinchey was speaking after penning an editorial for Pravda, in which he wrote of Mr Abbott that: “It is difficult to find a more blatant example of childishness, incompetence for the position, criminal intent, downright nastiness and an indication of a disturbed mind crying out for therapy. Don’t the Australian people deserve better?”.

Pravda is historically associated with the Russian Communist party and was an official government mouthpiece during the Soviet era.

“While I do not speak for President Putin, if someone ‘shirtfronted’ me, then I would throw the perpetrator over my shoulder, slam him onto his back on the floor behind me, place my boot on his face and ask ‘What was that you were saying?’ before I saw him scurry away snivelling to his sister’s for a clean pair of Y-fronts,” Bancroft-Hinchey wrote.

Treasurer Joe Hockey, speaking in London where he had been holding preparatory meetings for the G20, said he would not get into commentary about the words used by the Prime Minister, but said his comments echoed the “deep-seated anger across the Australian community about what happened to the 38 poor souls who were Australians that died on the Malaysian plane”.

“I think the Prime Minister is reflecting the anger and understandable emotion of many Australians about what happened,” Mr Hockey said.

Earlier a spokesman from the Russian embassy in Canberra described Mr Abbott’s comments as “immature”.

Alexander Odoevskiy said the comments were indicative of the fact that “Russian/Australian relations are at historic low”.

Thirty-eight Australian citizens and residents were among the 298 passengers and crew killed when MH17 went down on July 17 over territory held by Russian-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine.

Kiev and the West have accused the Moscow-backed separatists of shooting down the jet with a surface-to-air missile supplied by Russia.

Moscow denied the charge and pointed the finger at Kiev.

Mr Peskov said in Russia’s view, the investigation into the tragedy “is not active and effective enough”.

He said “lots of data” from Ukrainian air traffic control had not been submitted to the investigators.

Russia, he said, insisted that this data was submitted.

he runs the risk of getting his ‘teeth smashed in’

Pravda lashes Tony Abbott as ‘disturbed’ over threat to shirtfront Vladimir Putin

Russian government mouthpiece launches colourful broadside at Australian PM, saying he runs the risk of getting his ‘teeth smashed in’

In an open letter, published on Pravda online, which is considered a mouthpiece for the Russian government, columnist Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey demanded Abbott pull his head in.

“Like any bully there comes a day when you pick on the wrong person, get your teeth smashed in and go running home to mummy blabbering like a ninny,” he wrote.

The threat was the “most crass example of stupidity the world has seen since the USA, the UK and Australia murdered Iraqi civilians in an illegal and criminal series of war crimes”.

“If you seriously think you can physically confront your guests and assault a visiting head of state and walk away freely, then you are mistaken,” he wrote.

He said Abbott had rendered himself liable for prosecution for criminal intent and incitement to violence.

Bancroft-Hinchey warned the Australian leader should not pre-empt the MH17 investigation.

“Wait for the inquiry before making your odious accusations and sounding like a foul-mouthed, despicable, pith-headed and uncouth, loutish oaf,” he said.

In London, Joe Hockey defended Abbott’s comments, saying they reflected the depth of “anger and understandable emotion” in Australia.

“There is a deep-seated anger across the Australian community about what happened to the 38 poor souls, who were Australians, that died on the Malaysia plane in Ukraine, but also to help to find ways to get justice for the families that lost loved ones,” the treasurer said on Tuesday.

Hockey said he expected talks at the G20 to include the issue of the economic sanctions that Western nations, including Australia, had placed on Russia in the wake of the MH17 crash.

“There is no doubt that sanctions are having an impact both ways,” he said.

“Russian sanctions are having an impact on Europe and European, American and Australian sanctions are having an impact on Russia.

“So if there is a way through the challenge in Ukraine then hopefully that can be identified either before Brisbane or at Brisbane.”

Abbott just trying to remind us it was mental health week and 50% of us suffer an episode sometime in our lives.

We All Need To Put In, But Not Tony When It Comes To Putin.

A few months ago we were going to ban Mr Putin from G20. He wasn’t welcome.

But hey, who are we to go around banning people? God, it’s enough work to try and ban any discussion of climate change. After all, this is an economic forum and, as we all know, climate change has nothing to do with economics.

Besides, the G20’ll be a good opportunity for Tony to “shirtfront”Mr Putin.

We know because Mr Abbott told us this:

“I’m going to shirtfront Mr Putin..

“I am going to be saying to Mr Putin Australians were murdered.

“There’ll be a lot of tough conversations with Russia and I suspect the conversation I have with Mr Putin will be the toughest conversation of all.”

So what exactly is a “shirtfront”? Well, looking it on the internet could just lead to confusion because the definition given there is:

the breast of a shirt, in particular that of a stiffened evening shirt.


In the AFL, however, it refers to a solid bump to the opposition player which knocks him to the ground, so, if one presumes that one is not talking about the breast of an evening shirt, one presumes that our PM is planning to give Mr Putin a solid bump. Metaphorically speaking, one hopes, as actually physically bumping another leader could lead to all sorts of nasty things being said about Mr Abbott’s lack of political finesse, and his treatment of older people. After all, Mr Putin is in his sixties and while Joe Hockey would tell you that clearly Putin is fit enough to work for another thirty years, the photos of Abbott standing over an older opponent could be used for memes with captions to the effect that Costello lacked the ticker to do this to Howard.

So, a good solid metaphoric bump that knocks Mr Putin to the metaphoric ground, because Mr Abbott will give Mr Putin the toughest conversation of all – that’ll teach the Russian Embassy to remind everyone that Mr Putin does judo, while Mr Abbott rides bikes. And Mr Putin, being a Russian, won’t be used to us plain-speaking Aussies and will be quite shocked to be spoken to in such a rough way because nobody would have ever spoken roughly to Mr Putin during in his time in the KGB.

That is, unless he doesn’t happen to meet up with him, because according to the news report I just heard, there’s been no formal request from Australia for an actual meeting between the two, with Mr Abbott revising his position and now seems to be saying that if he happened to pass Mr Putin in the corridor, he’d go over to him and give him a jolly good talking to about how we didn’t like it when that plane went down and we think you had something to do with it, so you just better get out of the Ukraine right now or else, he’ll tell Peta Credlin and she’s really tough and she’ll come to Queensland and give him a Chinese Burn and she gives really good Chinese Burns that really hurt and all the backbenchers and ministers are afraid of her…

And if that doesn’t work, he’ll tell his mum.

But whatever, calling for Mr Putin to be banned… Well, that’s just juvenile!

Shirtfronting with Vlad the Impaler and Tony Dum Dum

Tony Abbott says he is going to “shirtfront” Vladamir Putin at the G20, but managing editor David Donovan says he may just be in for a shock.

IT WASN’T JUST WHAT HE SAID, it was also the way he said it.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Tony Abbott ‒ fresh from saying coal is good for humanity ‒ stood in front of an enormous coal truck in Central Queensland and, like a punch drunk pug trying to trash talk a much more highly fancied opponent, said he was going to “shirtfront” Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Firstly, “shirtfront” — what does that even mean?

When I first heard Abbott say that yesterday afternoon, I thought he meant he was going to grab Putin by his shirt and not let him get away until he gave him a piece of his mind — something, I would suggest, he could ill afford to lose.

Then, however, I began hearing people from the AFL states offering their footy code’s definition — which would seem to be the act of illegally scruffing someone by the shirtfront – or laying the hip and shoulder into them – and knocking them to the ground.

Could Abbott really have just threatened assault on a foreign head of state?

Then I heard another take, which is two drunks in a bar holding onto each other’s shirtfront to stop the other from falling down so they could keep on punching. What?

Whichever one Abbott meant ‒ if any ‒ he has committed an appalling breach of diplomatic protocol in advance of a major international summit and shamed the nation.

Of course, Abbott has consistently behaved in an offensively aggressive manner toward Russia ever since he started tough-talking over Russia’s intervention in the Ukraine earlier in the year. He followed up with all manner of threats and bluster when MH17 went down in June, standing up in Parliament the next day to effectively accuse the Russians of shooting the plane down. The rashness of this statement is manifest when we consider the incident is still being investigated by Dutch authorities, who still appear be no closer to announcing the real cause. Then, of course, we were going to ban Russia from attending, and then we had to let them come and now this.

Whatever he is trying to do — it ain’t working. It is the diplomacy of the town drunk, yelling incoherent abuse into the street.

But again, it wasn’t simply what he said, it was the way he said it.

Here is a direct transcript of Abbott’s words [IA emphasis]:

“Look, I’m going to … ahh … ‘shirt front’ Mr Putin. You bet you are… ahh … you bet I am. Ahh…”

You bet you are… What?

You get the impression he had just been prepped and fired up by an advisor, perhaps his ubiquitous chief of staff Peta Credlin, who had fed him his lines and he had forgotten to personalise them.

Either way, it was a truly facepalming moment for the nation.

It must be said that Abbott is a woeful public speaker.

When he reads his remarks, he sounds like an eight year-old who has never read a book without pictures before and is still coming to grips with the written word.

When he doesn’t read his speeches and speaks off the cuff, he sounds somewhat more composed, but then usually makes some hugely embarrassing faux pas or blunder — like when he promised before the election to spend his first week as PM in Arnhem Land, for example, or this one:

But even when he is trying to parrot simple rehearsed lines, he still can’t quite get them right.

Did he even mean “shirtfront”? Who would know? One can only imagine the anxiety and distress in the prime minister’s office every time they watch him appear in front of the media.

No wonder Peta Credlin drinks.

Really, Tony Abbott should never have become Australian prime minister. John Pilger pigeonholed Abbott perfectly when he described him on IA recently as ‘aggressively weird’. He is aggressive and he is weird — and it often also appears as if all his synapses are not firing effectively.

He makes blunder after blunder and doesn’t seem to care as Australia more and more becomes a laughing stock and international pariah.

We should also note that Vladamir Putin, apart from being a former KGB agent, is reportedly an eighth dan black belt judo champion — ninth being the highest awarded and judo being the sport in which the object is to grapple or throw the other person to the ground.

Putin’s nickname is Vlad the Impaler — and after threatening violence on him, Tony Dum Dum may finally have bitten off more than he can chew.

When Shit Happens

 He knows how to address an enemy but can’t lead his troops

Abbott used to taunt  Kevin Rudd with Kevin 747 because of his penchant for travel however Abbott will have had the same number as Rudd in his first year.

It seems he is running away from domestic politics particularly his budget and his treasurer Joe Hockey.

 “There wouldn’t be many occasions in living memory when a Prime Minister was asked to defend his Treasurer in Question Time and sat silent. That said it all about this Prime Minister who doesn’t want to be near his Treasurer or his Budget. That stood apart from everything else this week.”

 “Is the only reason the Prime Minister is holding on to this hopeless and incompetent Treasurer to make him a human shield for this unfair budget? Isn’t it time for the Prime Minister to either dump his Treasurer or dump the budget”    Bill Shorten

Abbott remained silent and didn’t budge. But the prime minister has been central to all major policy.He chaired the committee from which the budget grew. The prime minister opened each meeting of that razor gang committee with an outline of the ideological, political and economic guideposts that would apply, according to people present. He was firm in enforcing them.

As Bill Shorten has decided to wage a full onslaught against the budget Abbott has withdrawn to the area of National Security an area which Bill Shorten will not criticize. So Abbott confronting Islamic State terrorism, standing up to Russia’s Putin and joining Obama’s Iraq mission has become his field of preference even though a bit player it draws positive spin.

The short life of the Abbott government shows how quickly events can turn for the moment National Security is a political assett for Abbott like Border protection he needs to keep it that way.

The  Bush invasion unseated Saddam Hussein, who operated a brutal regime but a stable country.The

enthroned Nouri Al-Maliki, who operated a brutal regime and a deeply unstable country.Maliki spent years conducting a low-intensity civil war against the country’s Sunnis. So when Sunni-based Islamic State fighters swept back from Syria into Iraq, the Sunnis in Iraq’s army were not about to fight them. The Sunnis in the ranks quietly walked away. Four divisions in Iraq’s army simply collapsed turned and joined the other side.

Abbott supporters like Andrew Bolt want a war or at least posture as if Abbott does. Obama is constantly belittled by Bolt. However if one considers the rapid growth of support for ISIS a mixed Sunni coalition brought together because of two brutal Shia governments one might better understand Obama’s position.

In the meantime Abbott is going to continue to play the war time leader trying to put all his past mistakes into forgotten memory.


      “Tony Abbott strides large on stage after MH17 disaster”

 Andrew Bolt and Tony Abbott. © Jason Edwards / Newspix

Even god’s archangel doesn’t blow a louder trumpet than  Andrew  Bolt.

      “Tony Abbott strides large on stage after MH17 disaster” 

  1.  There’s an underlying truth to this trumpet of praise delivered about Abbott by toady, creep, crawler, fawner, flatterer, flunkey, truckler, groveller, doormat, lickspittle, kowtower, obsequious person, minion, hanger-on, leech, puppet, spaniel, Uriah Heep; bootlicker, yes-man; arse-licker, arse-kisser, brown-nose;suckhole Andrew Bolt It’s all just smoke and mirrors.
  2. Australia’s position as the only elected member of the UN Security Council with citizens on board flgt MH17 inevitably made our PM  the logical spokesperson for both the Dutch Malaysia the world.  If Julie Bishop and TonyAbbott had done nothing they would have embarrassed themselves and us. So please Andrew Bolt theirs was no heroic act of  leadership but merely two people doing what was expected of them in the situation.
  3. However it’s a job  they didn’t want. They ridiculed and derided Labour for their efforts to get a ‘ seat on the Security Council’ in the first place.They criticised it time and time again in parliament declaring it not to be in the national interest. There was no Churchhillian moment for here for Abbott as  Andrew Bolt makes out.
  4. “Abbott’s “coalition of the grieving”according to lickspittle Bolt is “a small army” cobbled together by our Tony. It includes 230 Australian police and soldiers, plus hundreds of soldiers from other nations. However Andrew they are led by the Dutch not Tony.  Bolt paints an image of  Tony the super hero wearing his budgie smugglers over his tights leading the world against Vlad. It’s such an embarrassing article.
  5. “Abbott, as a Catholic and student of past battles with totalitarianism, understands evil.” Bolt claims to be  a rational humanist. Well brother Bolt  you sound little more than  tent preacher totally  irrational but ready to bathe in the light of the mad monk, Hallealujah
  6. Abbott did bark when he blamed Russia and Putin  but then immediately backed off and shut up when he found himself alone. With nobody to back him he  lost his teeth. However Bolt never one to miss an opportunity says “The problem is that Obama is weak and Europe even weaker, dependent on Russia for a third of its oil and gas as well as billions in contracts, like ones France signed to supply amphibious assault ships. The world has no moral clarity.” It’s Why plain speaking  Tony Abbott is “electric” and will come back after we have brought our people home.
  7. “True, Abbott has for now stopped talking” However he hasn’t lost focus according to Andrew it’s to “get Russia out of Eastern Ukraine” even though Abbott said “Our sole concern is to claim our dead and bring them home.” According to bootlicker Bolt “That is untrue. When our dead are back, expect Abbott to fight what he from day one identified as the true cause of this disaster — nationalist Russia’s war to reconquer parts of Ukraine.””Abbott has seen such a film before, starring Czechoslovakia in 1938. This time an Australian leader plans to help change the ending.”
  8. “Angela Merkel is now pushing the European Union “to intensify the sanctions” In here lies the truth Abbott is a coal pusher which is well documented in the world press when he made a fool of himself on his “We are open for business” campaign. He would dearly love to see the EU sanction Russia and for Russia to retaliate by cutting oil and gas to the EU why? We have coal lots of it and the dirty energy business is in our national interest.
  9. Bolt is a fart in a crowded train carriage – unpleasant, but of no consequence” this shows him to be the  arse- licker that he is.