Yes, Bucha is a War Crime: Putin Told us who He was in East Aleppo

Putin’s approach to war was clearly spelt out in Allepo and Chechnya and he hasn’t changed. His hope is to grab Ukraine’s resources and turn Eastern Europe into his own personal Nth Korean feifdom. His legacy is to have destroyed Russia and it’s reputation for the next 200 years.

The Russian withdrawal from the small town of Bucha near the capital of Kyiv left behind a raft of murdered civilians in the streets and bombed buildings the way an ebbing tide leaves behind flotsam and driftwood after a violent tsunami. The Russian government is attempting to escape blame for these atrocities by simply denying that they are the work of Russian troops, as though the Ukrainians shot themselves, repeatedly and in large numbers. Government spokesmen claim that the videos are deep fakes. It is an old war lie, rooted in a hope that the fog of war and your side’s blind nationalism will serve to perfume the stench of rotting corpses.

Source: Yes, Bucha is a War Crime: Putin Told us who He was in East Aleppo

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