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African-Australians Fight Racism With #Africangangs Hashtag After Dutton Claims

Australia’s biggest gang member ransacked the Nation on a regular basis. Wasting tax payer money on an unprecedented scale such as $ 50 mill to Cambodia to resettle 4 asylum seekers. This recidivist continues to repeat his acts of national robbery making his gang appear to be the highest and most destructive in the country

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VIDEO: Fox News Is Extremely Racist

Three black women are currently suing Fox News over “top-down racial harassment.” Bill O’Reilly recently made racist remarks against Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), the latest in the star Fox host’s long history of bigoted remarks. And it’s not just O’Reilly — the entire network is filled with bigotry. Here is a supercut showing the worst of Fox

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This man is our Minister for the Indigenous people of Australia. He hasn’t learnt a thing.

Mr Abbott this moon your talking about  was a home to the First People. It wasn’t a barren waste land to them ever. It was their land filled with their history their stories their culture. It merely was a wasteland in your racist mind’s eye. Stop making the First People of this country irrelevant.


Police taking care to say that anti-terrorism operations were to do with criminality, not religion. Andrew Bolt isn’t taking the police line

Victoria police deputy commissioner Graham Ashton

Family of Abdul Numan Haider have been sent death threats, police say

Police condemn threats and say family of teenager shot dead by police in Melbourne must be ‘left alone to grieve’

There is increasing concern about a backlash against Muslim Australians, with police taking care to say that anti-terrorism operations were to do with criminality, not religion. RacistIslamic leaders have also been upset at some media coverage of recent events.

The treasurer of the Islamic Council of Victoria, Eugenia Flynn, said the anti-Muslim incidents “run the gamut from verbal abuse on the street right through vandalising of property, vehicles and then to actual assaults, physical assaults.’

She said the council was encouraging people to report any incident to police.

IF Use Section 18C Against Newscorp commentators,Andrew Bolt, 2GB Alan Jones, ADL Australian Defense League

Now is the time to show why we retained Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act and show the Muslim Community they are truly the AUSTRALIAN MUSLIM COMMUNITY.

Andrew Bolt vilifies and demeans a section of the Australian community as a matter of course on a daily basis. If we are going to war isn’t it time to show a united front. He’s your mate Mr Abbott shut the man up. Bolt uses the term Islam as a form of abuse and insult not in ignorance but with intent. His purpose is not to integrate but rather segregate the community throughout Australia. Professional Racist

The good guys Mr Bolt will never catch up with crime and by and large you dream the impossible crime is a universal feature every society. Even if it’s called disobedience in the Bolt family