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Tanya Plibersek, Australia singled out by Emmanuel Macron at Lisbon climate talks

French President Emmanuel Macron singles out Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek at an event at the UN Oceans Conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

Australia’s women are recognized and welcomed around the world. Plibersek and Wong are making a world of difference

 French President Emmanuel Macron has singled out Australia’s new environment minister, Tanya Plibersek, in front of a global audience in Portugal, declaring that Australia was back in action on climate change.

Source: Tanya Plibersek, Australia singled out by Emmanuel Macron at Lisbon climate talks

Barnaby Joyce not the first to call Scott Morrison a liar

Scott Morrison feb 6 lies

The Christ Like Figure this Miracle Man only when he looks in the mirror. He sees a Truth Teller and Calls  “Bring on the Crucifixion” “False Facts can’t harm me.” Morrison pushes Billy McMahon off the pedestal of Australia’s worst PM.

Can’t recall When asked about the catalogue of lying allegations, Mr Morrison said he could not think of an instance in which he has lied in public life. “I don’t believe I have,” he responded. Whether or not entirely by its own design, Labor’s years-long effort to paint Mr Morrison as someone on bad terms with the truth has well and truly stuck. On the eve of the first Parliamentary sitting week for the year, faced with historically low poll figures and an election just around the corner, the Prime Minister is in a terrible position.

Source: Barnaby Joyce not the first to call Scott Morrison a liar

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 “Loose as…” the goose seems squeezed out of the picture. Morrison looks like a Halloween Fagan

French President Emmanuel Macron says Scott Morrison lied to him before scrapping a $90 billion submarine contract. In a sign relations between Paris and Canberra have not improved despite Mr Morrison’s attempts to talk to Mr Macron at the G20 summit in Rome, the French leader did not hold back when he gave his thoughts on the PM’s conduct. Mr Macron was pulled aside by Australian reporters who asked whether he thought Mr Morrison had lied about his intentions.

 He replied: “I don’t think, I know”

Morrison has a history of “poor communications” and all we have heard to date was that Macron and Biden are the ones who have got it “all wrong”. If not personally, then their administrations weren’t up to scratch in delivering his message. Blaming everyone but himself seems something common to Morrison. NZ sacked him as did Howard’s LNP government for his poor messaging, and go it alone clumsy approaches in the past.

Morrison claims he operated ‘in Australia’s National Interest” without expanding on what that “Interest” is. That somehow sounds as if Australia is to blame as well and not ScoMo. Like Trump his communications were “perfect” Yet, how often have we seen him not operating in “our interest” but only his. The pre-election promise of a Federal ICAC springs to mind. His holiday in Hawaii not so perfect.

Australia didn’t go blindly into contracting France to build “deisal fueled subs” the LNP demanded it! Despite France the globes most advanced aquanauts offering us the world’s best nuclear powered ones. Shouldn’t Morrison stop acting like Trump and actually show us the documented communications with the French and US Heads of State? Trump didn’t he tried to hide the official record of communication with his promise of the “Perfect Phone Call with the President of the Ukraine. All Morrison’s communications with Heads of State and their administrations are afterall official and not personal. So everything is documented and on the record. It ought to be easy to see what really happened!! 

 Emmanuel Macron says he ‘knows’ Scott Morrison lied over submarines

Biden admits to Macron about ‘clumsy’ handling of AUKUS pact

 Morrison a cheap con-man the accidental PM who fucked everyone over. He lied, and only Macron has called him out for who he is. A “very low grade Trumpesque salesman and certainly not anyone worthy of being a Nation’s Prime Minister . Lacking in any  ” Stature”, even Biden couldn’t remember his name, Morrison nevertheless seems to have always had “a plan” and he executed it  labelled “The Australian Way” and shamed us all.

US president Joe Biden has admitted the orchestration of the AUKUS pact was “clumsy” as he met with the French president for the first time since the secret submarine deal.

Mr Biden also told Emmanuel Macron that he “was under the impression that France had been informed long before” about Australia’s plan to scrap its $90 billion submarine contract with France.

The two leaders are in Rome for the G20 summit, also being attended by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, which comes as Scotland prepares to host the COP26 climate talks.

Mr Biden did not formally apologise to Mr Macron but conceded the US should not have caught the country by surprise.

“I think what happened was, to use an English phrase, what we did was clumsy,” Mr Biden said, adding the submarine deal “was not done with a lot of grace”.

Source: Biden admits to Macron about ‘clumsy’ handling of AUKUS pact

AUKUS: Joe Biden says ‘clumsy’ handling of Australian submarine deal should never have happened

US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron shake hands ahead of a meeting in Rome.

When  the US President can say “Sorry AUKUS was “clumsy”. Scott Morrison can only bring himself to say “get over it”. Now, that’s LNP diplomacy and the new image of Australia. We knew what and who Abbott was. We saw Turnbull squeezed by a party divided. Morrison is simply a Golem.

” A Golem, in Jewish folklore an image endowed with life and is used in the Bible (Psalms 139:16) and in Talmudic literature to refer to an embryonic or incomplete substance. A stupid and “clumsy person”; A blockhead.

US President Joe Biden says he was unaware that France had not been given advance notice that Australia had resolved to tear up a $90 billion submarine contract, describing the handling of the decision as “clumsy”. Speaking alongside French President Emmanuel Macron before this weekend’s G20 summit in Rome, Biden issued a full mea culpa to help repair the huge trans-Atlantic rift caused by the new AUKUS defence pact between the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

Source: AUKUS: Joe Biden says ‘clumsy’ handling of Australian submarine deal should never have happened

Emmanuel Macron issues torpedo strike to Australia during conversation with Scott Morrison – ABC News

French President Emmanuel Macron puts his hand on the shoulder of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

President Macron told the Prime Minister that “Australia’s unilateral decision” to break the contract “broke the relationship of trust between our two countries”. Scott Morrison speaks to Emmanuel Macron French President Emmanuel Macron puts his hand on the shoulder of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison In a phone call French President Emmanuel Macron tells PM Scott Morrison that it is up to Australia to repair the trust between the two nations after the scrapping of Australia’s submarine contract with France. Read more The President says Australia must propose “tangible” actions to “redefine” the bilateral relationship — as well as the two nations’ cooperation in the Indo-Pacific. Tellingly, given the Prime Minister is already on the defensive over his government’s climate change commitments, the President says he encouraged Mr Morrison to adopt emission reduction measures “commensurate with the climate challenge” and cease production and consumption of coal. This is a deliberate strike by the French President at the PM’s carbon credentials on the eve of next week’s Glasgow climate talks.

Source: Emmanuel Macron issues torpedo strike to Australia during conversation with Scott Morrison – ABC News

Michael Pascoe: Morrison’s ‘net zero’ is that trust and integrity thing again

Scott Morrison climate

Morrison Shoed the French What Trust and Integrity Means

You can only trust the whole of a building, institution or government by the integrity of its parts. Thus the whole weeks-long circus of Australia, Glasgow and “net zero” collapses. A political promise – and it’s no more than that – of net zero by 2050 can’t have integrity if it relies in its structure on carbon capture and storage, explicitly supporting fossil fuels, and potentially very rortable payments to farmers for burying carbon. And then it gets worse.

Source: Michael Pascoe: Morrison’s ‘net zero’ is that trust and integrity thing again

His sights on domestic navel-gazing, Morrison’s all at sea on the world stage

Illustration: Simon Letch

How is it Scott Morrison sacked by both the NZ and Australian Governments for shady tourist deals was allowed to bring that dept hand to a job with the LNP and become PM? In one foul swoop, Morrison has managed to fuck over France, even piss off his bestie ally America, upset the Indonesians, and stand naked with no contract in hand in front of us and the world,hoping the media will save him. He’s the magician whose performance never really works yet leaves everyone flabbergasted mouths agape by his ineptitude.

Watch this space, though, because Biden and Macron could conceivably come to an arrangement to share the Indo-Pacific marketplace, with the French supplying a small number of subs to Australia, after all. Remember that in Morrison’s rush to announcement last week he actually left Australia without a contract. The AUKUS deal still has 12 to 18 months of haggling and review ahead of it before it is signed.

Source: His sights on domestic navel-gazing, Morrison’s all at sea on the world stage