‘I don’t think anyone believes the PM’: Labor steps up attack on PM


Anne Ruston readily makes statements without naming anyone for support. Nevertheless she’s pointing at the LNP for the accusations and claiming that witnessed signed Stat Decs are lies without any basis to her claims.

Morrison isn’t taking any legal action, why? The people making the so called “false” declarations haven’t been charged. We know “I don’t lie” Morrison has a history of lying and covering his past up with NDAs and we know the accusations aren’t coming from the ALP. We also know that Morrison is doinga Trump and simply denying and deflecting everything. So the probability that the accusations are true seems to pass the pub test but the denials don’t.

Social Services Minister Anne Ruston said it was a ‘”political hit-job”. “It is disappointing to see such a calculated, political hit-job on the Prime Minister on the eve of the election by his enemies,” she told Sky News. “I don’t think there has been any prime minister who has done more for the multicultural communities of Australia, including the Lebanese community.”

Source: ‘I don’t think anyone believes the PM’: Labor steps up attack on PM

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