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Old Dog Thoughts – What’s good for the Goose is not for …..

new matilda, dastyari

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,1/4/19. If Dastyari had to go so should Hanson; The sludge in the bloodstream of American politics; Murdoch Media is a Fake Business selling Fake Product;

The breaking of Australian politics: why and how we got here

The BBC has long called Australia “the coup capital of the democratic world”.

Short-termism and political expediency is trumping long-term policy development in the interest of the country.

“… it is especially dismaying when science-denying hacks and self-serving industries block action that is in the obvious and urgent interest of all humanity. That should not be happening in Australia,” the Times’ editorial board tartly opined.

“Fundamentally the rise of right-wing populism is because of the rampant wealth and income inequality and the right exploiting race and gender politics to camouflage their wealth-concentration agenda,” he says.

“They use the politics of division to override their trickle-down agenda.”

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Josh Frydenberg Announces Leadership Challenge For Monday, Citing ‘Need For Change’ – The Shovel


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Richard Flanagan: ‘Our politics is a dreadful black comedy’ – press club speech in full | Australia news | The Guardian

Richard Flanagan

I told a friend the other day I was to be speaking here in Canberra today and she told me a joke. A man is doubled over at the front of Parliament House throwing up. A stranger comes up and puts an arm around the vomiting man. I know how you feel, the stranger says.

It’s not a bad joke. But it felt familiar. I went searching my book shelves, and finally found a variation of it in Milan Kundera’s The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, set in communist Czechoslovakia in the dark years after the Prague Spring. In Kundera’s version the two men are standing in Wenceslas Square.

 Richard Flanagan: ‘Our politics is a dreadful black comedy’ – press club speech in full | Australia news | The Guardian

Fairfax-Ipsos poll: Australians send a warning to Coalition MPs thinking about axing Malcolm Turnbull

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Treasurer Scott Morrison.

In a finding that will give nervous Liberal and Nationals MPs pause for thought, support for allowing a prime minister to serve a full-term leaps to 80 per cent among Coalition voters.

Fairfax-Ipsos poll: Australians send a warning to Coalition MPs thinking about axing Malcolm Turnbull

Labor: Witch Hunts One Week; Protection Rackets The Next! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

I guess the fairest thing to do would be to simply press ahead and introduce the legislation allowing marriage equality and we could have a referendum or survey about what rights to discriminate that Australians will allow. I guess some would wonder: “Why should religious people have to wait till someone else decides when they want to discriminate now?”, but I say that they should just be patient because, with a big change like this, we really need to get it right!

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Climate forces consolidate as coal backers rush for government help

As the Turnbull government struggles to convince internal dissenters of the need for tougher carbon reduction measures, forces on the green energy side are positioning for a renewed climate change debate in coming months.

Source: Climate forces consolidate as coal backers rush for government help

Democracy torn asunder – Google Search

Tony Abbott, Rupert Murdoch (Credit: Reuters/Dinuka Liyanawatte/Lionel Bonaventure/Photo montage by Salon)

Day to Day Politics: Where did it all go wrong? Part one.

Day to Day Politics: When did it all go wrong? Part two – Newspapers.

Day to Day Politics: When did it all go wrong? Part three – Electronic Media.

Day to Day Politics: When did it all go wrong? Part four – ‘Right wing feral opinion’

Day to Day Politics: When did it all go wrong? Part five Democracy torn asunder


Large Group Of Australians Entirely Dependent On Government Handouts, Morrison Warns

iberal party government handouts

Treasurer Scott Morrison used a speech today to warn of a growing culture of dependence on Government handouts in some pockets of the country.

Mr Morrison – who worked at Tourism Australia before becoming an MP – said many Australians had grown up not knowing what it was like to live without Government assistance.

“Their transport, their holidays, the sporting events they attend, even the charity events they participate in, are so often funded by the Government.

“It’s a vicious cycle, sometimes stretching back generations,” Mr Morrison said.

COMMENT: Johnny Depp’s Claim About Barnaby Joyce And Tomatoes Is Unfair On Tomatoes


Comparing a harmless salad item to the Deputy Prime Minister – as actor Johnny Depp did last night – is both unwarranted and unfair.

It has led to an understandable outcry from the tomato community, who feel vilified and belittled. As one tomato said today, “What the fuck”.

It may have been a throwaway line from the Pirates Of The Caribbean star, but the damage has been done. How you would feel if you had been likened to a man who can hardly string together a sentence, much less provide a tasty complement to a pasta dish or antipasto plate?

It is unfair to compare the two. As one food expert said today, “I don’t see the resemblance. One is a plump, red vegetable. The other is a tomato”.

But it’s the word ‘inbred’ that hurt the most. To think that a tomato would … well, you get the drift.

Mr Depp has used his position of power to slander all tomatoes. The comments are hurtful and irresponsible. He should apologise.

[Editor’s note: in an earlier version of this article we said Barnaby Joyce was ‘as mad as a cut snake’. We apologise unreservedly to the cut snake community].

Turnbull Says His New Government Is An Appropriate Mix Of Continuity & Continuity

turnbull 730

Saying it was important to maintain a common thread with the previous Abbott Government while at the same time looking ahead to what the Abbott Government would have done if it were still in power, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull today described his tenure as a sensible balance of continuity and continuity.

“Some things we’ve kept from the Abbott era, other things we’ve maintained. So I think that’s the right balance,” he told the ABC last night.

“When I came to office, there was a real sense that people wanted a fresh start. But they didn’t necessarily want to throw everything out either. So we’ve delivered on that. The second bit.

“The bottom line is, it would be bad governance to all of a sudden undo all of the work of the previous Government. But equally it would be reckless to change anything,” he said.

Malcolm Turnbull’s 5 Tips For Owning Your Own Home

malcolm turnbull house tips

It seems like breaking into the property market is tougher than ever. But Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull believes the Australian dream of owning your own place isn’t quite over yet. Here, he shares his tips for saving up for a deposit and getting the keys to your very first home.

1. Cut down on small luxuries

Having a glass of Grange on a Tuesday night is lovely. But do you really need to open the Hill of Grace too? Of course there’s no need to cut back right to the bone, but a little trim here and there could be the difference between a tennis court, and a tennis court with lights.

2. Be rich

This is a great little tip, and one that people often overlook when saving for a deposit. Just by being really rich, you can quickly cut down your mortgage almost to nothing, making the repayments really quite manageable. If you can’t be rich, make sure your parents are.

3. Get your salary paid straight into your bank account

Just tick the box on your employment form that says ‘Cayman Islands’. Also, while you’re saving up for a home, put the $270-a-night travelling away from home allowance to good use. By staying at a hotel, or even better, your wife’s investment property, you’ll be able to put extra money aside for your own place.

4. Sell off one of your investment properties

It’s a tough call, but if things are really dire it’s something to consider. Just keep in mind that it may increase your taxable income.

5. Readjust your expectations

We all go in with an idea in mind of where we’d ideally like to live. But do you really need to live right on the harbour? Yes, of course, bad example. But do you really need that second kitchen. Ok, sure, pretty tricky without it. But you get what I mean.

Bonus tip: Once you’ve bought a place, pay off a new mortgage once a fortnight, rather than once a month. That way you’ll accumulate twice as many properties.

Turnbull v Abbott: only one will survive this election

There is no point in pussyfooting around. An election victory whereby Abbott remains capable of rallying his supporters and undermining Turnbull is no victory at all.

Source: Turnbull v Abbott: only one will survive this election