Our political culture is rotting at its core

The general model of improvement and reform revolves around the piecemeal tinkering mode. That mindset has to change significantly. Major system change is needed not just with the electoral system, but also the Federation, the Constitution, industrial relations and, finally, of course, the Republic. To think that we can just continue to argue whether or not an Australian president should be directly or indirectly elected is to miss the point about Australia’s democracy crisis completely. Sure, COVID-19 is still the main issue discussed by the media, but well before the next election, Australians need to insist on fixing their democracy and, also, insist on competence in government. That can only come primarily via the ALP and the Greens, in unison and in coalition with other progressive parties and independents. Australia needs a new political culture. This won’t come from piecemeal tinkering.

Our political culture is rotting at its core

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