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Publishers lose High Court appeal in Dylan Voller defamation case

Media giants NineFax and News Corp have lost their High Court case seeking a “get-out-of-gaol-free” card in relation to defamatory material published on their social media pages. Dr Martin Hirst says there’s no surprise in the decision.

Source: Publishers lose High Court appeal in Dylan Voller defamation case

What next for Donald Trump?

Trump easily avoided a guilty verdict in his Senate trial for abuse of power and obstruction of justice and, in the same week, was praised by Republicans for a State of the Union address in which he didn’t fall off the stage. Dr Martin Hirst reports.

What next for Donald Trump?

The Morrison Government is stupid and cruel, but I’m not giving in to it

It’s important we don’t switch off, but rather refocus our attention on effective, loud and colourful resistance.

There’s plenty of inspiring action going on right now in Spain, Chile, Lebanon, Hong Kong and other places. Extinction Rebellion is not going away. It’s time to get off the couch and join in.

The Morrison Government is stupid and cruel, but I’m not giving in to it

Trump versus the Democratic ‘squad’: A battle for America’s soul

Any Australian who has been paying even a bit of attention over the past decade would recognise these slogans. They are a staple of the nativist and racist faction of the conservative side of Australian politics.

Now they have become embedded in American political discourse during a week in which President Trump shamelessly lied about four female members of Congress who are also women of colour and progressive Democrats who came to prominence during the “blue wave” of the 2018 mid-term elections.

These women – who have been given the nickname “the squad” – are a major irritation to Donald Trump. They are smart, they’re fierce, they are also women of colour. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is Hispanic, Ilhan Omar was born in Somalia, Rashida Tlaib’s roots are Palestinian and Ayanna Pressley is African-American.

Tlaib and Omar are also Muslim.

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Fascism claims another victim: Snowflake tantrum over misjudged tweet

Informed Comment on the ignorance of Sky News efforts to equate Socialism and Fascism in an effort to promote the latter. Why appearing to be “nice” is dangerous. (ODT)

Fascism can only thrive if the streets are flowing with the blood of working-class militants and socialists.

That is why the lies conflating Left and Right being spread by Professors of Political Science are so insulting to real socialists and to anyone who actually understands the dangers of flirting with fascists.

You only have to read this poem by the German Protestant priest, Martin Niemöller, to know that van Onselen and others who promote the “Left are just like the Nazis” golden lie need to be challenged over every stupid tweet and mis-statement.

First, they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out —

Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out —

Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out —

Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

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EXCLUSIVE: Sleeping Giants awake and rise up against Sky and News Corp

THE anonymous online group, Sleeping Giants Oz, has this week come to the attention of conservative News Corp columnists and Sky News TV hosts, who fear they may lose their salaries if advertisers continue to pull away.

The Daily Telegraph columnist and Sky News reporter, Caroline Marcus, is the latest News Corp drone to join in.

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On Disruption: An insider’s view of the collapse of journalism

essay On Disruption lays out for the reader a useful insider’s view of how the news industry and journalism are struggling to cope with the changes wrought by digital technologies and collapsing business models.

If you have any interest in understanding how the news establishment sees itself and its prospects for surviving the crisis of profitability and trust it is worth reading this pamphlet.

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“Abbott, as a Catholic and student of past battles with totalitarianism, understands evil.”
What are are we to make of  this man’s pearls of wisdom?. He is far more dangerous than any of the childish tweets made by Professor Martin Hirst of Deakin. They sound like the tweets of a hard drinking  journo of days gone bye. Your a secular Mullah Andrew of the worst kind that knows little about the Australian vernacular and sledging and your far more offensive than Hirst could ever be.You suggest Professor Hirst does not deserve his place on the university campus why? Because of his potty mouth. He could have said  because he barracks for Collingwood .” At least the council came to it’s senses. The man is a Professor Bolt and earned his stripes. You have none and from the weight of your above quote never will. If Einstein or Frued, were tweeters you would never have allowed  near students not because they were Jews but because they potty mouthed tweeters burn their books!!  Professors that drink, swear, carouse or proffer ideas that challenge thought aren’t a threat to the minds of the innocent  they stretch the minds of their students. Your notion of suitable appropriate is training by your narrowly defined  role models.

It’s no surprise coming from a man who believes Tony Abbott to be ordained with the magic ability to see and judge “evil”.  Andrew Bolt gives Abbott almost mystical qualities. He is totally unhinged. Magic is the opposite of what universities like Deakin are about. Scepticism, rational thought and a healthy disrespect is their path of learning. It’s why the academics are employed they’re not for their for lack of or because of personal eccentricities. They don’t flaunt their like of Italian opera , growing tulips and expensive whiskey like you do Mr Bolt. Potty mouthed, gay, wrangers. left handers are all welcome  there if they have the academic credits and some are even appointed professors. You certainly wouldn’t make the grade in any institution of learning. You have a voice and  a paid for soapbox which I suspect doesn’t allow you to explore this worlds best city freely.

However that being said it needs to be pointed out you are a zealot. Zealots like you are dangerous because operate without rationality or intellectual rigour. All you need is a platform and the skills of a snake oil salesman. You live in a world of headlines and bytes and avoid places of rational discourse. You are a preacher not a teacher, your fundamentalism sits side by side like the radical Mullahs you just happened to be anointed by Newscorp.   The democratic process is really a hindrance for some  like brother Abbott  you punch walls, bully the winners if you lose . Zealots generally lack  emotional control it often gets the better of them, they just never truly listen and can’t stand to lose an argument or admit they might be wrong. Revenge is a constant sidekick. Your like a Taliban Bolt, universities, schools, the ABC, SBS  all our institutions need to be examined and cleansed of the left or any inappropriate thinking. Your notion of social change  is to have Racism erased from our dictionaries  not our lives.
Zealots can never be trusted you may hide your bigotry as a means to an end. In your case you support Jews and make a hue and cry doing it. I’m Jewish but I don’t  trust you? The natural political home for the Jewish community around the world and in Australia has always been the left. In fact the CPA had an abundance paid up Jewish members through the 40’s 50’s and 60’s. Ed Husic and Josh Frydenberg are best friends ALP/LIB,Muslim/Jew that is the Australia I know. When you say ” some of my best friends are Jews” it  doesn’t ring true. You certainly wouldn’t be found on my Wall of the Righteous. Your family origins are Aalsmere Holland which had an elected council  infamous throughout Holland for being the seat of  Nazi sympathy during ww2 . Your anti-Islam bent is akin to any historic Jew-hater. Your Islam-baiting is the equivalent to that of the Jew-baiting of the past . You have no regard  rational thinking neither did they. You raise exceptions to disprove the validity of entire cultures. Your arguments defy any notion of scientific method or process.

  1.  “Islam is evil, your Muslim, therefore you’re evil” is just a fools circular  faith based as logical as Tony and I understand evil
  2.  Look at all the sins 200,000  Muslims have committed recently therefore 1.6 billion are evil and breed evil flies in the face of logic. It’s what Hitler sold the Germans about Jews with Goebbels his party messenger. We know the destruction they caused.

Your  an evangelist Bolt a fundamentalist preacher who wants his audience to separate themselves exclude themselves from Islam, from the Left, from non believers , from anybody not like you. Apartheid sits well with you Mr Bolt. What’s freaky is that Michael Kroger thinks you would make a good Liberal Politician.
Andrew Bolt you and Tony Abbott’s Cabinet are the exceptions that prove the rule  As Aussies we are basically fair, decent people and not the partisan fools you make us out to be. You are merely a tool in Murdoch’s temple that happened to be in the right place and a time when Murdoch decided that information had no place in his press.