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Amid Scathing Accusations of War Crimes, UN Votes 120-8 to Condemn ‘Indiscriminate’ Israeli Violence Against Palestinians

“We cannot remain silent in the face of the most violent crimes and human rights violations being systematically perpetrated against our people,” said the Palestinian envoy to the United Nations

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Former spy chief heads new Defence inquiry into ‘war crimes’


One might well ask whether the third investigation commissioned too investigate the other two is intended to be a government whitewash given Irvine was Australia’s former spy chief. (ODT)

SASR sources claim the man with the prosthetic leg was machine-gunned by a soldier that, for legal reasons, Fairfax Media will call “Leonidas”.

Leonidas is also implicated in the killing of a detainee three years later in September 2012 during a SASR mission in the village of Darwan. Leonidas allegedly kicked handcuffed detainee Ali Jan off the edge of a small cliff, badly injuring his face, according to claims of two Defence Force insiders who witnessed the event.

As the detainee lay injured, hands still bound, the two witnesses say Leonidas was party to the decision among soldiers to “get him out of his misery”. The claims have been backed by the relatives of Ali Jan who were interviewed this week by an Afghan journalist on assignment with Fairfax Media.

Fairfax Media has confirmed the Irvine inquiry was commissioned by army chiefs earlier this year amid concerns raised in leaked defence reports of an entrenched culture of impunity within the nation’s Special Operations Task Group.

It is the third investigation into the special forces to be launched in two years.

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Gaza’s health sector near collapse | The Electronic Intifada

Israel claims it kills and wounds those supported by Hamas only but is full aware what is doing to the uninvolved citizens of Gaza ensuring their Hospitals and Health systems collapse. Basically they are intentionally killing the sick elderly and children and that is  their intent when they use dum dum bullets while pleading they have no other choice (ODT)

The number of injuries resulting from Israeli attacks against unarmed protesters on the eastern boundary of the Gaza Strip nearly broke the back of an overstretched and under-resourced sector, exacerbating the pressure on health professionals and straining provision.

Medics even found themselves in the crosshairs, and two – Razan al-Najjar on 1 June and Mousa Jaber Abu Hassanein on 14 May – were killed while carrying out their duties.

The highest casualty count of the Great March of Return came on 14 May, and was followed by more protests – and more wounded – on 15 May. Both days brought with them shocking scenes at Gaza Strip hospitals.

With a huge number of wounded – more than 3,100 over those two days alone – there were no available beds and people were being treated in hallways or even at hospital entry gates.

There was an acute shortage of medicine and supplies, according to Ashraf al-Qedra, a health ministry spokesperson, who said hospitals had used 80 percent of ministry stores during those days.

“This crisis caused a huge deficit in hospitals in the Gaza Strip. Patients who seek public hospitals for treatment, cannot find the medical care they need due to hospitals overwhelmed with injuries,” al-Qedra told The Electronic Intifada.

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Special forces rookie ‘blooded’ by executing an unarmed man


A Special Air Service Regiment trooper on his first deployment to Afghanistan was pressured to execute an elderly, unarmed detainee by fellow higher-ranking soldiers as part of a “blooding” ritual, according to defence insiders who were witnesses at the scene.

Special forces rookie ‘blooded’ by executing an unarmed man

Abdul’s brother went out to buy flour. He never came home

Behind closed doors, the words “war crimes” are being used. Not only specific incidents, but the entire culture and command structure of Australia’s most renowned and trusted fighting force is now under scrutiny in a manner unprecedented in Australian military history.

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Israel: Massacre of Palestinian Protesters in Gaza was a Calculated War Crime (HRW) | Informed Comment


Both before and after the confrontations, senior officials publicly said that soldiers stationed along the barrier that separates Gaza and Israel had orders to target “instigators” and those who approach the border. However, the Israeli government presented no evidence that rock-throwing and other violence by some demonstrators seriously threatened Israeli soldiers across the border fence. The high number of deaths and injuries was the foreseeable consequence of granting soldiers leeway to use lethal force outside of life-threatening situations in violation of international norms, coupled with the longstanding culture of impunity within the Israeli army for serious abuses.

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