Putin will prevail if good people do nothing

Trump is treated same way. Why is it we continue to constatly talk and allow people like Putin ,Kim Jong Un and the other varieties of dictators to simply get away with harm in the expectation something will change? Insanity has been defined as repeating the same actions with the expectation of different outcomes,and we do just do it time and time again.

Putin’s evil has prevailed because good people have not been able to do anything. The list of Russian dissidents is long and the circumstances of their demise have always been chilling. The poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko, the assassination of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, the poisoning and gaoling of opposition leader Alexey Navalny and the assassination of Boris Nemtsov — former Deputy Prime Minister and liberal opposition figure, who had expressed his fears over Putin’s “plans to kill him” over his opposition to the war in Ukraine. Yet the West has continued to have dialogue with him. We have underwritten him. We have underwritten his corruption.

Source: Putin will prevail if good people do nothing

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