Putin claims Ukraine is not a country — history begs to differ

Gangsters are overtaking the planet and where they aren’t they are trying to in varying forms. By gangsters, I mean wannabe Caesars. Single heads of State representing themselves and/or a small minority of interests. That form of power has been far easier to organize than a majority in support of its own protection and any Democracy.

Trump, not as bright as most, tried with the advice of Steve Bannon in the USA. Now the Republicans have taken his lead. He may have tripped and we’ve yet to see if he failed. Or, has a replacement already been cloned? We’ve seen the rise of these would-be kings in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and in even self-claimed Democracies like Israel, Turkey, Greece, Hungary, Italy Sweden and Russia all really being seduced by the siren’s call of religious Nationalism trumpeted by these gangsters.

Putin is seen as their hero despite being just another wannabe Ceasar too. He’s a role model of power, and toughness, in his own mind. Flaunting his ability to command the support of a nation while milking it for all its worth. His problem,he believes in his own propaganda and in less than 8 months has had to distance himself from even his inner circle of sycophants who he can no longer trust becoming more and more a Nero rather than a Caesar.

His truth America wants to crush him like a bug but do it by proxy

Vladimir Putin’s misguided views of Ukraine’s independence are inaccurate, as history reveals, writes Susan Bothmann.

Source: Putin claims Ukraine is not a country — history begs to differ