Elections in Europe — Amid Ukraine agony, Russia still finds support

Putin will prevail if good people do nothing

Russia find support in the hypocricy and political skullduggery of nations like Australia who are prepared to make noise about supporting Ukraine on one hand but then trading with nations supporting Russia  like India. The Morrison government wants to have it both ways and pretends they don’t. Morrison is typical of a misogynistic male liar who whispers “I’ll put it in a little bit if it hurts I’ll take it out, promise” and call that ok and consent.

Ideas of “folk” identity die hard, whether that is among a minority of “tradition-minded” French reviling Arab citizens there, ethnic-Serb nationalism, or even dreams from yesteryear of Magyar ethnic hegemony and empire in Hungary. The European Community before 1992 was a thoroughly democratic and prosperous Western European club, actually enacting ideals of justice, sharing and peace. It then acceded to urgent requests from the former communist states of Eastern Europe to be admitted to the new EU. NATO likewise agreed to admit those states to the alliance, as they were demanding greater assurance of protection from Russia. In light of the barbaric events of the last six weeks, they had reason to fear. Governments of the West, while united and determined in the present crisis, must rue that they had few alternatives during the ructions of the 1990s and made this rod for their own backs.

Source: Elections in Europe — Amid Ukraine agony, Russia still finds support

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