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Questions raised over government scheme that left foreign workers with just $100 take-home pay – ABC News

Two men walk through a field of farming land.

The Australian Government has done nothing and as such has been a coconspirator in a blatant act of wage theft. Any prosecution of participants in this criminal might lose them potential regional voters while the victims have no voice as they are ineligible to vote.

But it doesn’t appear to be a small cohort and it has been allowed to happen under the Australian government’s very own labour hire scheme. The government’s Seasonal Worker Program (SWP) sets no limit to the amount of money an employer can deduct from a worker’s pay for costs incurred as part of that employment.

Source: Questions raised over government scheme that left foreign workers with just $100 take-home pay – ABC News

Teachers can be sacked over sexuality under bill, A-G’s department confirms

Attorney-General Michaelia Cash’s department confirmed religious schools’ right to sack teachers for their views on sexuality under the government’s proposed religious discrimination bill.

This Bill is a denial by the AG  that the debate rages within the different religions themselves. This new law is constructed as if it doesn’t. It’s a return to the past. This Bill is merely reverses what the majority of Australians voted for during the Marriage Equality referendum. It’s constructed to placate some 4% of LNP ultra-religious right-wing supporters and runs counter to the wants of the Australian Majority. It returns the stick that was once taken from them.

The Attorney-General’s department has confirmed religious schools’ right to sack teachers for their views on sexuality under the federal government’s revised Religious Discrimination Bill and signalled protections for LGBTQI students will be delayed.

Source: Teachers can be sacked over sexuality under bill, A-G’s department confirms

Under cover of Christmas, Education Minister Stuart Robert overruled the experts

Stuart Robert took out the trash on Christmas Eve.May be an image of text that says 'Having researchers second guess whether their work will be rejected by the Minister of the day after passing a rigorous assessment process of their peers, is no way to support a research system in a liberal democracy. Christina Parolin Executive Director, Australian Academy of Humanities "'The Beagle Boys by Carl Barks | Beagle, Boys, Uncle scrooge

Like a Beagle Boy serial offender Stuart Robert strikes again

Once again, universities have suffered at the hands of political interference, this time from the acting Minister for Education Stuart Robert who decided to reject six approved research projects. The rejected grants, he said, “do not demonstrate value for taxpayers’ money nor contribute to the national interest”. All were in the humanities: two on climate, two on China, two more on literature. This is not the first time the minister has tried to take out the trash. Who could forget the time Robert was forced to refund $721 million to victims of Robodebt? That too was dropped late on a Friday. Here’s what happened this time.

Source: Under cover of Christmas, Education Minister Stuart Robert overruled the experts

Robo-revenue raising too tempting for greedy governments

Illustration: Simon Letch

But, as with so many things, new technology can be used for good or ill. The most egregious case of government misuse of technology was surely Centrelink’s “automated income compliance program” aka robo-debt. Here, a dodgy algorithm was used to accuse people on benefits of understating their income over many years and to demand repayment. Despite assurances by the two ministers responsible – Christian Porter and Alan Tudge – that all was fair and above board, huge anxiety was caused to many unjustly accused poor people. The Coalition government obfuscated for years before a court finally ruled the program unlawful and the government agreed to return $1.8 billion. For a scheme intended to cut costs, it was an immoral own goal.

Source: Robo-revenue raising too tempting for greedy governments

Coalition senator slammed for ‘anti-vax’ content funded by taxpayers

anti-vax Gerard Rennick

LNP using taxpayer money against Public Health

Coalition senator Gerard Rennick is being accused of undermining the nation’s vaccine rollout with “anti-vax content”, after setting up a taxpayer-funded website to publish unverified reports of alleged vaccine adverse events and claim a government “cover up” of side effects. The Queensland senator, who says he will withhold votes from his government’s legislation unless they back down on vaccine mandates for workers, has defended his actions as in “the taxpayer interest”. But Senator Rennick has been condemned by the federal Opposition and by Australian Medical Association vice president Dr Chris Moy, who called it “about as ant

Source: Coalition senator slammed for ‘anti-vax’ content funded by taxpayers

Billionaire Tuckshop: plutocrats don’t just steal the show. They steal our trust – Michael West Media

Larissa Waters, Budget, Parliament House

The Greens have written to new Senate President Slade Brockman to stop Australia’s Parliament House being used to gouge money from billionaires and corporations. Michael West reports on Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s gala fundraiser in the Great Hall.

Source: Billionaire Tuckshop: plutocrats don’t just steal the show. They steal our trust – Michael West Media

Landmark class action lawsuit sees frontline communities sue Australian Government for climate crisis – » The Australian Independent Media Network

In fact, leading climate scientists who form the Climate Targets Panel calculate that Australia’s greenhouse emissions need to be reduced by 74% by 2030 (from 2005 levels) and to net zero by 2035 to keep global heating to below 1.5C and avert the destruction of Torres Strait Islander communities.

Source: Landmark class action lawsuit sees frontline communities sue Australian Government for climate crisis – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Conservatives like Tudge think they need history but not historians

For Tudge, the curriculum needs apositive, optimistic and forward-looking view of our history. These sentiments were later echoed by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott in an opinion piece in The Australian on 30 September. In other words, two of the leading Conservative voices in the country would prefer it if historians and history teachers stopped doing their jobs, in the name of patriotism.

Source: Conservatives like Tudge think they need history but not historians

Australia COVID: JobKeeper overpayments should be returned to taxpayers, voters say

JobKeeper helped keep many Australians off welfare support through last year’s lockdown, but some firms have used the program to boost profits and executive dividends.

Australians overwhelmingly believe companies that have used the federal government’s $98 billion JobKeeper program to boost their profits should be made to repay the cash.

Source: Australia COVID: JobKeeper overpayments should be returned to taxpayers, voters say

JobMaker scheme fails youth as super accounts drained and JobKeeper bypassed gig economy – Michael West

The Coalition government’s signature employment policy for young people JobMaker has created just 609 jobs. And thanks to the flawed design of JobKeeper, which shut out many young people from key financial support, superannuation accounts were emptied, for which the young will pay a heavy price down the track. Kathryn Daley, Belinda Johnson and Patrick O’Keefe report.

Source: JobMaker scheme fails youth as super accounts drained and JobKeeper bypassed gig economy – Michael West

Paul Bongiorno: Atrocious decisions all the way up the chain of command

If Newspoll is to be believed so far the Prime Minister is getting away with his evasions and obfuscations, but the two-point lead in the preferred party lead suggests the government hasn’t got a comforting buffer. Indeed, it is within the margin of error for a lineball result.

Paul Bongiorno: Atrocious decisions all the way up the chain of command

Tamed estate: Scott Morrison, the master magician – Michael West

mainstream media
Systemic Graft and Corruption revealed daily and Morrison reacts to AUS Post watches

Prime Minister Scott Morrison swung the spotlight away from the mounting evidence of the misuse of taxpayer funds and on to AusPost’s CEO Christine Holgate. The media was only too happy to oblige. Michael Tanner reports.

Tamed estate: Scott Morrison, the master magician – Michael West

Barnaby Joyce signed off $80m for Angus Taylor’s old company after zero was paid for same sort of water nearby – Michael West

Watergate Angus Taylor

Same water, same valuer, $80m and nought. The same type of water licences for irrigation properties near those for which the Coalition government paid $80 million in 2017 were valued at zero between 2008 and 2010, writes investigative reporter Kerry Brewster in this exclusive report.

Barnaby Joyce signed off $80m for Angus Taylor’s old company after zero was paid for same sort of water nearby – Michael West

No time for wusses – » The Australian Independent Media Network

44 years later, after six years of calamitous Tory incompetence and nastiness and following their campaign of lies and misinformation, there is no way I will accept this current claque as legitimate and I will not be nice to those who do

“She already told me that she doesn’t have to be nice, so why do I? Because my mother raised me right? That’s why wolves always win. Because the rest of us mind our manners and get devoured for our efforts.”
― Sheryl J. Anderson, Killer Cocktail

To reflect Ms Anderson’s sentiments – fuck you, Fauxmo; and the donkeys you rode in on!

For six years the L/NP dodged scrutiny with its “look, it’s Labor” dissembling and obfuscation – taking their behaviour as an Opposition into Government. A complacent and compliant media went along for the ride giving a free pass to a declining economy, corporate crime, a degraded environment and social disharmony.

The ABC was cowed into submission by constant attacks, becoming a timorous shadow of the once honourable organisation that held governments to account.

And in a truly ironic case of misplaced schadenfreude a journalist from the L/NP propaganda machine Newscorpse was raided by the Australian Federal Police Farce – the Gestapo of Spud’s private legion of spooks and door-breakers. The indignation of News’ L/NP groupies provided a level of grim lampoonery.

The goon squad trading as the AFP has all of the credibility of the Keystone Cops. A bought and paid for apparatus of the Lib surveillance state they somehow managed to lose the paperwork when “investigating” Michaelia Carcrash on the AWU raids tip-off. In raiding the ABC and a News journalists they are complying with standard practice – hounding sources of information that embarrass the conservative Government, intimidating potential whistle-blowers and keeping the L/NP free from scrutiny.

Dutton, ex-copper from Queensland, is resurrecting the Bjelke-Petersen-era police state cheered on by the Party nutters who’ve slipped through the crazy filter. Bullies are cowards and this platoon of poltroons is scared of accountability. Their incompetence and failures and their lack of courage is supplemented by their conviction that they have a right to rule and no obligation to serve.

A compliant and complicit mainstream media has gotten a loud wake-up call. Will they respond or will they hit the snooze button? Will a complacent public shrug this off? I’m betting they will and I will not be polite in calling out those of that kind of my acquaintance, and in less than courteous terms. This is a government for gormless dullards, the tremulous, the authoritarians, the weak of mind and dull of eye, the indifferent and the stupid.

It’s not my government. Fuck that!

 No time for wusses – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Coalition faces calls for inquiry into Murray-Darling deals signed by Barnaby Joyce | Australia news | The Guardian

Part of the Murray-Darling

$80,million Spent like water (ODT)

Guardian Australia reported this week on the mystery surrounding the reason Joyce chose the companies he did for the buybacks. On Friday, Labor raised specific questions about one of the purchases, worth $80m.

On Saturday, Hanson-Young said she would write to the auditor general requesting an urgent audit.

“The auditor has a responsibility to investigate how $80m of taxpayers money was paid for water that doesn’t exist,” she said in a tweet.

via Coalition faces calls for inquiry into Murray-Darling deals signed by Barnaby Joyce | Australia news | The Guardian

Stealing our children’s future


Comparing government debt to putting your groceries on the credit card, which your children will have to pay for after you die, is utterly ridiculous as John Kelly has pointed out.  It is also insulting, both for its duplicity and its inference that we are all ignorant fools.

It is a theme that is repeated constantly, with Hockey even summoning a tear as he refused to burden his children with our debt.  Mind you he seems quite happy to burden the taxpayer with his debt but that’s a whole other issue.

Apparently, the millions that the Abbott government is paying to private firms to monitor the media and online opinions and to people like the odious Mark Textor to come up with slogans, has come up with “Intergenerational debt” as a winner.  Our children and our grandchildren will be paying for our profligacy.

What a load of hogwash.

What we should be doing is investing in their future but, by his own admission, Tony Abbott isn’t looking sixteen years down the track.

The Abbott government’s deal with the Palmer United Party to freeze the minimum superannuation contribution rate at 9.5% until 2021 will not only cost retirees, it will also see future governments forced to bear the brunt of an increased reliance on the Age Pension which is likely to translate to many billions of dollars in increased pension payments over future years.

Prior to the Palmer deal, the guarantee was scheduled to increase to 10% on 1 July 2015 and reach 12% on 1 July 2019. The new policy therefore represents a six-year deferral of the increases.

The negative effects of the delay in the increase in the super guarantee rate will be magnified once the Age Pension age is raised to 70 and the pension is indexed to prices rather than wages with adverse effects largest for people currently under the age of 40.

The decision to deregulate university fees, cut the government contribution, and raise the interest rate, will also badly affect young people and particularly women.

According to research done by the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling for The Conversation and based on fees charged at the University of Canberra, pay-off times and total repayments would be significantly higher for science, nursing and teaching degrees, particularly for women.

Even without deregulation, if the university simply recouped the amount lost from the government’s reduction in funding, a female science graduate would take 5.5 years longer to pay off the cost of her degree. She would be paying it off for a total 13.9 years. Her total repayments would increase by an estimated $51,500, to $95,700.

If universities increase their fees by an extra 20 per cent, the same graduate would have the debt for 16.4 years. Her repayments would nearly triple from $44,200 to $123,000. The initial debt would double from $39,700 to $79,700.

The Greens have also done modelling on the impact of the changes that shows poorer students would be hardest hit.

A graduate with a $34,000 debt and a starting salary of $75,000 would take 20 years to pay off their debt, paying $20,000 in interest.

Other modelling has revealed that women would be further impacted because they generally take a year off to have children and work part-time for at least two years after that.

And it isn’t just the universities that are under attack.  The Government will cut $30 billion out of school funding over the next 10 years by increasing spending at a lower rate, abandoning the commitment to a properly funded needs-based aspirational system.

What they fail to understand is the importance of school education to individuals and to the productivity of our society.  It is an investment which will bring a far greater return than taking money out of circulation so you can say “look at me, I have a surplus”.

We have slashed funding for research which means the best and brightest of our children will have to go overseas to pursue careers in science and innovation with the fruits of their labours enjoyed by those with the foresight to support their endeavours.

Our children have been told they must “earn or learn” as youth unemployment rises, courses become more expensive, trades training centres are closed down, and 457 visa workers are imported.  If they find themselves unemployed they will be thrown to the wolves with no support for half of every year.

The only government strategy for dealing with youth unemployment seems to be renewed agitation for Workchoices II – strip away hard won entitlements, make them work for less, and they may find a job even if it IS “picking up garbage.”

Also under attack is the universal healthcare that we have enjoyed for over 40 years.

Not only will we have to pay more to see a doctor, increasingly, healthcare is being privatised where profit becomes the driving motive and unprofitable services become untenable.   The budget cut $50 billion from proposed hospital funding over the next ten years, ripping up the signed agreement with the states, just as they did for education funding.

Government policies allowing foreign investment and tax concessions for negative gearing and capital gains coupled with very low interest rates mean our children will struggle to buy a home.  Prices and rents have skyrocketed as investors buy up available properties.

But the biggest crime against our children is our inaction on climate change.  Worse than that, we are hugely increasing our mining and exports of fossil fuels, a move that our children and the world at large will pay dearly for.

As a parent, I had hoped that I would pass on a world in better shape than I found it.

We aren’t mortgaging our children’s future, we are stealing it.