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Facebook is right to call the Australian Government bluff

Google was prepared to pay these “premiums” to make sure that its business model would still survive. It is the company’s advertising business model that it was keen to protect and for that reason, it was prepared to pay off the news companies. So nothing fundamental has been solved by the Australian Government through its media code. It is now simply waiting for the next battle and the regulator (ACCC) has also already foreshadowed that it will concentrate on that advertising business model. This will be a much tougher battle that Australia will not be able to win on its own. Google will use its full legal power with gigantic financial resources to defend their business.

Facebook is right to call the Australian Government bluff

Old Dog Thoughts – When advertising the leader becomes the priority. Morrison walks in the bosom of Trump.

Kevin Rudd has criticised Scott Morrison over the Liberal Party's ad.

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 5/1/20; PM walks in the shadow of TRUMP. Puts himself First & Fires Second; News Corp Attacks the ABC puts its interest first and fires on Page 3;

Trump campaign uses Facebook ads to amplify his ‘invasion’ claim

El Paso emergency personnel arrive at the scene of the Walmart shooting.

He’s now denying any of it on Twitter employing his two word slogan Fake News (ODT)

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign has harnessed Facebook advertising to push the idea of an “invasion” at the southern border, amplifying the fear-inducing language about immigrants that he has also voiced at campaign rallies and on Twitter.

“We don’t have a country right now,” he said in footage shown in one ad. “We have people pouring in, they’re pouring in, and they’re doing tremendous damage.”

He seized on the “invasion” imagery again in the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections, when he claimed without evidence that a caravan of migrants making its way north toward the border had been infiltrated by “criminals and unknown Middle Easterners.”

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Federal Election 2019: Liberal Party advertising bill hits $136m as Scott Morrison prepares to call election

A federal election is expected to be called within the week.

Morrison is an advertising man and is scaming the public to pay for it when the Liberal Party hasn’t the funds to. Let’s not forget Turnbull funded his own campaigns whe the party was broke. Now ALP voters are funding his. (ODT)

The Morrison government has ramped up its marketing and advertising campaigns to $136 million in contracts since the beginning of this year, according to tender documents that reveal the cost to taxpayers.The government advertising includes $16 million for Treasury to promote tax cuts and $6 million for the Department of Jobs and Small Business to tell voters about assistance for employers.Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has accused Prime Minister Scott Morrison of using taxpayer funds for political ends before calling the election, an announcement expected within a week.

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Wren’s week: Liberal use of taxpayers’ funds and Pell’s support group

Scamming your money to promote herself? (ODT)

Downer was rightly universally condemned for her actions, but think about what her action suggests. Firstly, she considered taxpayers’ funds her own to claim and present (the novelty cheque clearly said the Liberal Party on it and had her image printed on it as well). This betrays how the Liberals think about taxpayers’ funds — the funds belong to them, not the public. Which is why the Libs loathe welfare. Any welfare payment made is effectively less money in the pool for them to rort.

Secondly, under the media cover of wall-to-wall coverage of Cardinal Pell’s conviction of paedophilia charges, the Liberals quietly changed the rules around how sitting MPs can use their taxpayer-funded office expenses for political advertising in the lead-up to the election. Again, this rule change takes taxpayers’ funds and allows them to be used by the Liberal Party for political advertising, something in the past they’d have to pay for themselves. Given that in the Victoria State Election the Liberals ran much of their campaign claiming that the Victoria Labor Government was corrupt for accidentally using taxpayer-paid office staff for campaigning (the red shirts scandal), this is hypocritical in the extreme.

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Netanyahu Faces Another Possible Indictment for Bribe to Get Glowing Media Coverage

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's annual policy conference at the Washington Convention Center March 6, 2018 in Washington, DC.


News Corp did this for Tony Abbott and continues to do so in quid pro quo action against the ABC. Before the election it was “No Cuts” after it was $200 mill in cuts (ODT)

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Why is Bolt’s Blog advertizing more than a book?


Book in Bangkok

What Bolt is also selling


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The taxpayer’s billions spent on government advertising | The Saturday Paper

The government’s $70m budget for border protection propaganda is the latest in a long line of taxpayer-funded “messaging” exercises.

Source: The taxpayer’s billions spent on government advertising | The Saturday Paper