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Has anybody been to the psych ward of a public hospital? It’s not unusual to find people with severe mental health issues to be telling you they are Jesus or getting messages from god,being paranoind an a danger to themselves an others. We don’t instantly label them as ‘radicalized’ or even self-radicalised terrorist Christians. However if a Muslim has these mental issaues we don’t describe them as severely mentally ill. Why is it politician’s and the conservative right-wing media jump the gutter and immediately declare we are all in danger. The problem being is that we have buried the issue of menal health so that none of us recognize it and if we do we do nothing about it and often allow it to escallate and then excuse it for something else and that’s not a religious issue. Christians with severe mental illness exiist and have done extreme  criminal things that have take them to Thomas Embling the hospital for the criminally insane and even under the most strict supervision serious incidents have even occurred there. Our issus isn’t “Muslim radicalisation” our problem is we refuse to recognize the increasing mental health problems our youth are suffering. We refuse to recognize that our politicians and media politicize events for their opportunity disregarding experts who tell them they are wrong. Currently we see White Right-Wing Christian terrorists week after week in the USA killing more Americans than Muslims ever did since 9/11. In that case politicians readily look for the mental health issues and avoid the “radical right” narrative. Our politicians need to stop politicizing the division between religions and calling it a National Security issue when it’s clearly a mental health one. Ali like Garoulos both were criminally insane both terrorized but neither were terrorists. Not a word mentioned about mental health here


Terrorist created havoc on Bourke St and died after being shot by police

A 31-year-old man known to ASIO, was fatally shot by police after he set fire to a ute, stabbed three people killing one, and then turned on police.

Latest & Breaking News Melbourne, Victoria | The Age

Michelle Guthrie’s sudden ABC exit and the Morrison / Murdoch connection

It certainly doesn’t sound as though there had been discussions over several months which also included the managing director. Indeed, if a ‘long and detailed consideration of the matter’ had been underway, Guthrie being sacked without a succession plan already in place seems to back up her version of events. What was the ABC Board discussing – without the MD – if not who would replace her?

That her departure from the ABC was first “exclusively” reported by The Australian, apparently, before the ABC newsrooms had had their morning coffees, would also indicate that only the ABC Board (minus its MD), the Government and possibly News Corp were aware of the sudden need to fire Guthrie.

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Teen gang deportation plan a ‘death sentence’, Sudanese leaders warn

Community leader Richard Deng (right) wants the Turnbull government to stop playing politics.


Ever since the Cronulla riots, the conservatives in the Liberal Party have insisted on using and targeting ethnic minorities for political purposes. The Muslim Lebanese in Sydney and then the most obvious black Africans in Melbourne. Andrew Bolt proved just how confused these conservatives were. Totally confused they were calling Islanders Africans Christians Muslims all for the purpose of a political narrative a reality and pattern that didn’t exist. Facts ignored by MSM are being fed to a misinformed public as if they were a trend rather than a series of individual events and are being treated as if teenagers, kids as young as 13 and 14 are reigniting the gangs that walked the streets during the infamous drug wars in Melbourne. We have always had youth crime but it wasn’t always reported. We have always had kids running amok and it existed not just among migrants or the working class. Wake up Australia our Politicians and media are running a con and it’s a highly racist one all for the purpose of  diminishing and manipulating our democracy. Fearmongering of the Howard and Abbott kind is not new to the city the world regards as the most livable. How is it we have to suffer the pall of neo-conservative extreme right wing politicians and a lazy MSM media that gives them voice (Old Dog Thought)“While law and order have been a longstanding problem for the Andrews Government, the majority of perpetrators are Australian adults, and the overall rate of youth crime has been gradually declining over the past decade.”

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African youth crime fuels government spat, community fears – repeat offenders to blame

Malcolm Turnbull has resorted to the Cronulla tactics  mirroring Tony Abbott’s extreme conservative approach to political manouvering by singling out African youth crime in Melb and amplified by News Corp’s Herald Sun.

Failure to gain political traction in the polls or his own party Malcolm Turnbull is having a Dondale moment advocating Howards Intervention be applied to African Youth in Melbourne.

No need to listen to the advise of the Police, the African communities or even the Royal Commission forget the mistakes learned from examining our indigenous youth justice system and Dondale politics takes precedence when fear and scare-mongering are the tool most easily used to regain traction. Watch Turnbull as he swings to the Thatcherite Conservative method Abbott’s way of creating a bush fire in 2018. Create fear,division incite another Cronulla here in Melbourne and blame the Africans.

When your government turns to these divisive tactics telling the police, the African community and all other experts they are wrong who needs a Royal Commission into Indigenous Youth Justice and Dondale. All  you need is a return to the lies, of the past and use the media to yell the sky is falling in on what the rest of the world sees as the most livable city Melbourne. Something smells of  self-interested survival politics here and history repeating itself in the form of Abbott’s way with Turnbull moving to occupy that political right-wing space.
(old dog thought )

Richard Deng (left) and Ahmed Hassan believe repeat offenders are falling through the cracks.

“A series of unrelated high-profile crimes in Melbourne in the past fortnight which involved young African men have prompted Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to weigh-in, and forced police to defend their response.

South Sudanese and Somali community leaders believe many of those involved in serious crime are young men who have been released from prison or youth detention without support, and quickly pick up where they left off.”

African youth crime fuels government spat, community fears – repeat offenders to blame

Murdoch’s Trump support pays off


Rupert Murdoch, the 86-year-old conservative mogul who heads Fox News and The Wall Street Journal, is attempting to reshape his sprawling media empire in a way that could vastly expand his role in U.S. political life.

Murdoch’s greatest asset in that endeavor is President Donald Trump, whom Murdoch has cultivated by serving as his informal adviser and giving him fawning coverage through his news outlets. That effort now appears to be bearing fruit.

Yesterday, the White House publicly signed off on a deal that would allow Murdoch to refocus his holdings on news programming, while Trump’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) took a step that would allow Murdoch to dramatically expand those holdings.

Together, those steps could lead to a future where Fox’s pro-Trump commentary is piped into local broadcast news stations across the country.

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Meryl Streep, Trump’s Attack On A Reporter’s Disability, And Reality

On November 25, 2015, during a speech before thousands of supporters in South Carolina, Donald Trump mocked the disability of New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski.This is not a controversial statement, or one up for debate. It is a reflection of reality.Here’s the video. The despicable attack came as Trump was attempting to rebut K

Source: Meryl Streep, Trump’s Attack On A Reporter’s Disability, And Reality

The Atlantic Explains How Media Outlets Should Report On Blatantly Partisan Benghazi Committee | Blog | Media Matters for America

Source: The Atlantic Explains How Media Outlets Should Report On Blatantly Partisan Benghazi Committee | Blog | Media Matters for America

Forensic Analysis Shows the Real Planned Parenthood Scandal Is the Videos Themselves | The Nation

On Tuesday, the Center for Medical Progress—an anti-abortion group that has little to do with actual medicine—released the eighth in its series of undercover videos purporting to show that Planned Parenthood officials have profited from illegal sales of fetal tissue.

Source: Forensic Analysis Shows the Real Planned Parenthood Scandal Is the Videos Themselves | The Nation

Fairfax leading jihad to bring down Abbott Government, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says – News Corp their only friend

There is a huge move by Fairfax to try to bring the Government down and he has a fair idea which ministers are leaking.

Source: Fairfax leading jihad to bring down Abbott Government, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)