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Has anybody been to the psych ward of a public hospital? It’s not unusual to find people with severe mental health issues to be telling you they are Jesus or getting messages from god,being paranoind an a danger to themselves an others. We don’t instantly label them as ‘radicalized’ or even self-radicalised terrorist Christians. However if a Muslim has these mental issaues we don’t describe them as severely mentally ill. Why is it politician’s and the conservative right-wing media jump the gutter and immediately declare we are all in danger. The problem being is that we have buried the issue of menal health so that none of us recognize it and if we do we do nothing about it and often allow it to escallate and then excuse it for something else and that’s not a religious issue. Christians with severe mental illness exiist and have done extreme  criminal things that have take them to Thomas Embling the hospital for the criminally insane and even under the most strict supervision serious incidents have even occurred there. Our issus isn’t “Muslim radicalisation” our problem is we refuse to recognize the increasing mental health problems our youth are suffering. We refuse to recognize that our politicians and media politicize events for their opportunity disregarding experts who tell them they are wrong. Currently we see White Right-Wing Christian terrorists week after week in the USA killing more Americans than Muslims ever did since 9/11. In that case politicians readily look for the mental health issues and avoid the “radical right” narrative. Our politicians need to stop politicizing the division between religions and calling it a National Security issue when it’s clearly a mental health one. Ali like Garoulos both were criminally insane both terrorized but neither were terrorists. Not a word mentioned about mental health here


Terrorist created havoc on Bourke St and died after being shot by police

A 31-year-old man known to ASIO, was fatally shot by police after he set fire to a ute, stabbed three people killing one, and then turned on police.

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