African youth crime fuels government spat, community fears – repeat offenders to blame

Malcolm Turnbull has resorted to the Cronulla tactics  mirroring Tony Abbott’s extreme conservative approach to political manouvering by singling out African youth crime in Melb and amplified by News Corp’s Herald Sun.

Failure to gain political traction in the polls or his own party Malcolm Turnbull is having a Dondale moment advocating Howards Intervention be applied to African Youth in Melbourne.

No need to listen to the advise of the Police, the African communities or even the Royal Commission forget the mistakes learned from examining our indigenous youth justice system and Dondale politics takes precedence when fear and scare-mongering are the tool most easily used to regain traction. Watch Turnbull as he swings to the Thatcherite Conservative method Abbott’s way of creating a bush fire in 2018. Create fear,division incite another Cronulla here in Melbourne and blame the Africans.

When your government turns to these divisive tactics telling the police, the African community and all other experts they are wrong who needs a Royal Commission into Indigenous Youth Justice and Dondale. All  you need is a return to the lies, of the past and use the media to yell the sky is falling in on what the rest of the world sees as the most livable city Melbourne. Something smells of  self-interested survival politics here and history repeating itself in the form of Abbott’s way with Turnbull moving to occupy that political right-wing space.
(old dog thought )

Richard Deng (left) and Ahmed Hassan believe repeat offenders are falling through the cracks.

“A series of unrelated high-profile crimes in Melbourne in the past fortnight which involved young African men have prompted Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to weigh-in, and forced police to defend their response.

South Sudanese and Somali community leaders believe many of those involved in serious crime are young men who have been released from prison or youth detention without support, and quickly pick up where they left off.”

African youth crime fuels government spat, community fears – repeat offenders to blame