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Teen gang deportation plan a ‘death sentence’, Sudanese leaders warn

Community leader Richard Deng (right) wants the Turnbull government to stop playing politics.


Ever since the Cronulla riots, the conservatives in the Liberal Party have insisted on using and targeting ethnic minorities for political purposes. The Muslim Lebanese in Sydney and then the most obvious black Africans in Melbourne. Andrew Bolt proved just how confused these conservatives were. Totally confused they were calling Islanders Africans Christians Muslims all for the purpose of a political narrative a reality and pattern that didn’t exist. Facts ignored by MSM are being fed to a misinformed public as if they were a trend rather than a series of individual events and are being treated as if teenagers, kids as young as 13 and 14 are reigniting the gangs that walked the streets during the infamous drug wars in Melbourne. We have always had youth crime but it wasn’t always reported. We have always had kids running amok and it existed not just among migrants or the working class. Wake up Australia our Politicians and media are running a con and it’s a highly racist one all for the purpose of  diminishing and manipulating our democracy. Fearmongering of the Howard and Abbott kind is not new to the city the world regards as the most livable. How is it we have to suffer the pall of neo-conservative extreme right wing politicians and a lazy MSM media that gives them voice (Old Dog Thought)“While law and order have been a longstanding problem for the Andrews Government, the majority of perpetrators are Australian adults, and the overall rate of youth crime has been gradually declining over the past decade.”

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Andrew Napolitano’s International Embarrassment Could Put Murdoch’s Sky Bid In Jeopardy

The reason Fox News benched senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano isn’t that he pushed a bogus conspiracy theory that the network was unable to confirm.Wild fantasies are Napolitano’s bread and butter. He regularly appears on Fox to fulminate over the alleged crimes of progressives. He has used his Fox platform to champion 9/11 trut

Source: Andrew Napolitano’s International Embarrassment Could Put Murdoch’s Sky Bid In Jeopardy

CPAC’s Chairman Just Condemned The “Alt-Right.” He Will Host Steve Bannon On Thursday.

Matt Schlapp, the chairman of the American Conservative Union, which runs the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, said today that he condemns the “alt-right,” a loose affiliation of white nationalists, misogynists, and other deplorables that have gained increasing influence in the conservative movement. But don’t be too quick

Source: CPAC’s Chairman Just Condemned The “Alt-Right.” He Will Host Steve Bannon On Thursday.

CPAC, Simon & Schuster Learn The Same Old Lesson: Breitbart Is A Sewer | Andrew Bolt’s Media Resource

With its former chief, Steve Bannon, now wielding power inside the Trump White House, Breitbart in recent days has been collecting a string of symbolic Beltway trophies.Last week, a reporter for the far-right site was seated in the front row, alongside Reuters and The Associated Press, for the White House press briefing with President

Source: CPAC, Simon & Schuster Learn The Same Old Lesson: Breitbart Is A Sewer

Conservative Newsmax Points Out Murdoch Corps’ Role In Clinton Cash Push: When even Conservatives disagree

Christopher Ruddy

Newsmax’s Christopher Ruddy detailed the entanglements between several media properties owned by Rupert Murdoch that are promoting the upcoming book Clinton Cash from conservative activist Peter Schweizer.

In an April 27 column headlined “In Defense of the Clinton Foundation,” Newsmax CEO and editor Christopher Ruddy — who is himself a donor to the Foundation — discussed the allegations made against the charity in Clinton Cash, which were recently hyped in a Fox News special. He writes that the claims in the book, which suggests the Clintons used donations to influence foreign policy, are “unsubstantiated, unconnected, and baseless,” and tells journalists to “follow the money” when discussing the book itself, warning that “where there’s smear, there’s not always fact.”

Ruddy notes, “The sister companies of News Corp and 21st Century Fox own HarperCollins, which published Peter Schweizer’s book; they own The Wall Street Journal, which first raised the issue of the foreign donations; they own the New York Post, which broke the details about the Schweizer book; and they own Fox News, which gave the story oxygen and legs.”

He adds, “With so much media mojo from one company, there is no doubt they will be doing some pretty good ‘cashing in’ from the many millions of dollars their new best-seller will generate.”

Both News Corp and 21st Century Fox are run by Rupert Murdoch.

Schweizer has a long history of errors and retractions, and the stories released from Clinton Cash fail to implicate former Secretary Clinton, President Clinton, or the Foundation in any wrongdoing. However, Murdoch properties have still promoted its claims.

Newsmax is a conservative publication, which has gone after the Clintons and other Democrats and progressives for years. But in the course of writing about the Clinton Cash allegations, Ruddy explains that he doesn’t want to go back to the 1990s, “when one allegation led to a daisy-chain effect, and the GOP ended up looking bad as the Democrats kept winning.”