Teen gang deportation plan a ‘death sentence’, Sudanese leaders warn

Community leader Richard Deng (right) wants the Turnbull government to stop playing politics.


Ever since the Cronulla riots, the conservatives in the Liberal Party have insisted on using and targeting ethnic minorities for political purposes. The Muslim Lebanese in Sydney and then the most obvious black Africans in Melbourne. Andrew Bolt proved just how confused these conservatives were. Totally confused they were calling Islanders Africans Christians Muslims all for the purpose of a political narrative a reality and pattern that didn’t exist. Facts ignored by MSM are being fed to a misinformed public as if they were a trend rather than a series of individual events and are being treated as if teenagers, kids as young as 13 and 14 are reigniting the gangs that walked the streets during the infamous drug wars in Melbourne. We have always had youth crime but it wasn’t always reported. We have always had kids running amok and it existed not just among migrants or the working class. Wake up Australia our Politicians and media are running a con and it’s a highly racist one all for the purpose of  diminishing and manipulating our democracy. Fearmongering of the Howard and Abbott kind is not new to the city the world regards as the most livable. How is it we have to suffer the pall of neo-conservative extreme right wing politicians and a lazy MSM media that gives them voice (Old Dog Thought)“While law and order have been a longstanding problem for the Andrews Government, the majority of perpetrators are Australian adults, and the overall rate of youth crime has been gradually declining over the past decade.”

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