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Scott Morrison warns against rash response to banking royal commission


Banking Royal Commission report looms over the industry

Royal Commissions into Australian Financial Sector and the Murray Darling have shone a spotlight on Corporate Crime and political corruption.  Morrison is concerned not about the criminality referred to but the rash response to it. No such concerns for Indigenous Australians who are jailed for not paying their bills or any similar concern for Asylum Seekers or African Immigrants is there. Will anyone be charged over the fact that politics protects and is entrenched in the inherent corruption of a sick system? Who is going to be charged? (ODT)

Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission slams authority for ‘maladministration’

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the Australian economy faces “significant consequences” if the banking royal commission triggers a credit crunch, while warning an election contest over which party is tougher on the beleaguered financial services industry risks undermining the system.

Scott Morrison warns against rash response to banking royal commission

Morrison ‘Cried & Prayed’ For Asylum Seekers, Just Wished He Was In A Position To Do More – The Shovel

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told an event in Sydney that he ‘cried on his knees’ over the plight of children in Nauru, and just wished he was in a position to directly effect change.

“You think about these children and you pray, you cry, and you pray some more. But there’s only so much you can do. It’s frustrating because you feel so powerless,” Morrison said, asking the audience whether they knew anyone who worked in immigration.

“I can’t tell you the number of times I wished I had connections with a government minister or someone in the immigration department with some sort of influence over the situation’,” he said.

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The Demtel Man – » The Australian Independent Media Network

the lingering image of him hugging a lump of coal; his defence of advertising on the sails of the Opera House, wanting to see not just horse racing but also car racing; his mishandling of the issues of funding and independence of the ABC generated by the dismissal of chief executive Michelle Guthrie; his multiple positions on the treatment of gay students and teachers; the white supremacist/neo-Nazi parliamentary vote; announcing the possible shift of our embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (even after most devout Jews in the electorate would have already pre-voted, to avoid having to do so on the Sabbath); the possible rejuvenation of a New Zealand deal on refugee resettlement; and then, finally, the assertion that a Kerryn Phelps win meant “instability”, conveniently ignoring the instability in his own party that had resulted in the byelection in the first place.

Maybe we should go back to Demtel to see how this ends. Tim Shaw is now the breakfast announcer of Canberra’s ‘talk radio’ station (which also relays Alan Jones and Ray Hadley) while the (Demental) company owner spent nearly five years in jail for money laundering. ‘But wait- there’s more’ indeed.

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At $528,000 a year, Turnbull’s pay is highest of any leader in OECD

So the Independant Remuneration Tribunal thinks we have the most valuable PM on the planet. He deserves the sack just for that as does the IRT. Are the 7 million Australian the higest paid workers on the planet? (ODT)?

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is the highest-paid politician in the OECD, new figures show, earning up to 10 times the average wage – the second-highest disparity with the majority of workers in the developed world.

Mr Turnbull’s base pay rose to $527,854 a year after the independent Remuneration Tribunal ordered a 2 per cent pay rise for politicians last year, delivering the prime minister a $10,000 pay jump.

The analysis by market research firm IG puts Mr Turnbull above Swiss President Alain Berset, who will earn $483,000 this year, and US President Donald Trump, who has earned $400,000 in his first year in the White House.

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Malcolm’s Sensible Centre: Corporatisation, Concentration Camps And Climate Catastrophe – New Matilda

Say what you like about the Prime Minister, but at least when torturing refugees, cooking the planet, and accelerating the corporate takeover of our democracy, he’s sensible about it. Liam McLoughlin explains. Recently, Malcolm Turnbull called on parliamentarians to “meet us in the sensible centre. To act otherwise would badly misread the mood of theMore

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