Scott Morrison’s Father’s Day hypocrisy

As many have pointed out, this is not the first time Morrison has shown a lack of empathy in tough times. Just months ago, Morrison snuck in a secret trip to Cornwall to find his ancestor’s gravestones (and visit local pubs) whilst in the UK for the G7 summit despite publicly arguing the UK was too risky for Australian travellers. And, of course, Morrison infamously took a family holiday to Hawaii during the height of the 2019 summer bushfires and was forced to cut that trip short in the face of a huge (and foreseeable) backlash. It’s arguable that Morrison’s Father’s Day trip might just be the most offensive of these blunders because not only does the current crisis affect more than half of Australia’s population, but it is also entirely of Morrison’s making. It’s like he lit the fires before jetting off to Hawaii this time.

Source: Scott Morrison’s Father’s Day hypocrisy